Friday, May 11, 2018

First Aid: Nuke-Chem-Bio

Hour 10

Warrior Skills Level 1 ,  pp. 3-101 through 3-153
First Aid, pp. 7-1 through 7-27

The military teaches every swinging Richard how to deal with combat and survival, even amidst nuclear, chemical, and biological agents. Formerly NBC (nuke/bio/chem) and currently CBRN (chem/bio/radiological/nuclear); two ways to tell you the same thing. The terms are interchangeable.

They do so with a logistical tail, down to the individual soldier, that comprises, per doctrine, a maximum time in contact with said agents of 72 hours, at the maximum, because after that, and probably long before, per standing doctrine, they run out of logistical supplies for garment and NBC/CBRN protective mask filter change-outs.

In short, on Day Four, everyone in the military is effectively FUBAR.

Secondly, per standing US war-fighting doctrine, any use of one form of WMD against us, will be responded to with another WMD.

Nuclear, chemical, and biological agents are all considered WMDs by the US.
The only WMDs in the US arsenal for counter-response are Minuteman nuclear ICBMs, Trident nuclear SLBMs, and Tomahawk missiles with "special" (i.e. W-80 Nuclear) warheads.
Oh, and a small catalog of "special" (i.e. "nuclear") smart and dumb aircraft-dropped bombs.

IOW, you drop nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons of any type on us, civilian or military, and we'll respond by delivering you one order of Hiroshima Pizza, repeated until we think you've learned that lesson.

You should, by all means, go over the information on all of the above types of weapons from the listed references. You can (and should) read widely and deeply on the subject, since "dirty" bombs (a conventional IED with nuclear waste and by-products wrapped around it to create a radiation hazard), chemical weapons (Tokyo subway Sarin attack), and bio weapons (2001 anthrax attacks) have been used as the "poor man's nukes" by terrorists/NGO entities, and will likely be used again.

Lacking, however, anything like the US military's (severely abbreviated) logistical tail for coping with NBC/CBRN warfare, as you will, nor having your own personal nuclear deterrent response, I will summarize everything you need to know about NBC/CBRN warfare and response:

Nuclear weapons are bad, and radiation will kill you. Stay away from it.
Chemical weapons are bad, and chemical agents will kill you. Stay away from them.
Biological weapons are bad, and biological agents will kill you. Stay away from them.

It should also be noted, a chemical mask would be useful in any environment in which TPTB decide to use CN/CS /OC irritants, such as a riot (or any event similar to the Waco siege).
Wearing a visible chemical mask, esp. during a riot, will make you a special target for TPTB to target and come after specifically, and unmask, usually by careful and thoughtful application of a PR-24 shampoo, or the one-yard oak riot baton equivalent. They will frequently perform a "cup check" of your groin with rubber bullets, or the equivalent, because they can, and they like to make the point that failure to respect their authority and chemical weapons, by taking protective measures, really pisses them off.

Don't play in riots.
Don't play in riots in a chemical mask, unless you want that sort of attention from TPTB.
Their sense of humor will be severely limited, and they will visit same on you.

Read the homework, and possibly acquire and learn how to don a standard military field protective mask (and/or protective overgarments), to get past/through/out of, ASAP, any location where NBC/CBRN use/contamination is a factor.

Failing to heed the above:
Grasp both knees firmly, wrapping your head between them.
Kiss your ass goodbye.

That concludes your NBC/CBRN first aid briefing.


RandyGC said...

For the younger folks in the crowd, another equivalent term is "ABC": Atomic/Biological/Chemical.

When I did my first timed donning of an M-17A1 gas mask the official term was NBC, but a lot of the training materials in the Reserve unit I frequented still used ABC.

RandyGC said...

Oh, and if you are going to acquire a mask to Clear the Datum in a chemical/biological/Hazmat situational, don't forget other protective clothing to keep the crap off your skin.

It should be non-permeable such as old style rubberized rain gear("breathable" clothing is NOT your friend in this situation).

TYVEK suits are cheap and easily available.

These will not offer the same level of protection as .mil CBRNE gear, but it's better than nothing and may be good enough for evac or short shelter in place.

And your mission in such a situation is to get the hell out of dodge (upwind) with minimal contamination and exposure, not stand and fight off the godless hordes in a NBC environment.