Monday, May 7, 2018

PT - Day Two

Hours 1 and 2

As this would be Tuesday of your notional training week, today you should do the same Daily Seven for warm-ups, with the same number of reps, and then spend the rest of the time working on upper body.

Pull-ups, push-ups, bicep dips, arm curls with weights. Fill an ammo can with sand and do lifts and curls with it. Alternate standing and sitting. You're mainly working out your arms, chest, and upper back muscles, or should be. People walk around all day long, but most folks who don't work at it don't pick up anything heavier than a pencil or their car keys all day, so upper body strength is always the least-developed set of muscles in anyone's body.

Pick a given number of reps. Say ten. Do that many of one exercise.

Do moderate cardio for 1 minute in between each exercise. Anything from running in place to an easy jog. Shake out the arms while you do it. Then hit the next set.

The next set will be a different exercise. Do ten of those. And so on. Shake it off/jog/exercise. Work your way through 4-6 different exercises. Start with the first one again. Repeat until you can't finish a full set of ten.

See how many sets you can do. One, three, six, whatever.
Next time (next Tuesday) you do upper body work, aim for one more rep per set, and one more set of each.

Cool down afterwards, clean up, hydrate, and get ready for the rest of Day Two.

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