Friday, January 3, 2020

Sauce For The Goose


McChuck said...

Thus proving that the only rule for the Left is power, their only standard victory.

Any tool or tactic that my enemy uses against me is meet and proper for me to use against them.

Anonymous said...

Long's the definitions of "No one" and "everyone" are MSM, Hollywood and the left. Which is to say the enemies of my country.
"Sauce for the goose" Aye.
Boat Guy

Bnbw said...

OK, I understand this is reference to the Blackface/Kill babies, but I'd really like you to expand for all of us that can't read your mind while by looking at your ass. Just asking for some clarity from you.

Bnbw said...

PS. I agree with a majority of your post, but think you're way too Calicentric. You're still there fighting against unlimited illegal aliens and zombies. Be safe

Aesop said...

The entire Leftardian complex has been holding a coup against the elected president, but when VA declares 2A sanctuaries, suddenly that tactic is treason.
I didn't think the concept was that inside-baseball.

a) not unlimited. There are only so many billions of people on the planet.
b) no zombies. They're your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk, in 95% of cases that aren't illegal aliens. I can take the heat for the 5% who're our homegrown idiot Leftards.

A Texan said...

I would be extremely happy if Trump would Tweet something like this:

"So the Democrats and Leftists are getting all upset about how most counties in Virginia are declaring themselves to be gun-rights sanctuaries. Well people, if you can do that all across the country with immigration sanctuaries, then other people can do it for other reasons. Either it ALL stops 100%, or any town, county or state can do it for whatever reason that they want - choose! I personally prefer that no one does it, and that we fight our political battles in the legislatures and Congress, but people still have to choose - you can eat your cake and have it, too.

Besides, this smells an awful lot like what's been happening since about November of 2016, which is one side ignoring the results of an election. How does it feel? #nosympathyforwhiningdemocrats

A Texan said...

Correction: "You CAN'T eat your cake and have it, too."