Friday, January 17, 2020

Oops. Another Reality Check.

h/t 19th Ward Chicago

We had heard elsewhere on good authority that the NRA-MIA event this week in VA was a raging success.
Apparently, someone forgot to tell that to the VA Senate.
"Virginia Democrats took an important step toward passing several gun control bills they have prioritized during this year's General Assembly session.

The majority-Democrat state Senate passed legislation that would restrict monthly gun purchases, expand background checks on firearms, and allow localities to ban guns in certain designated areas.

Senate Bill 69 amends Virginia law to restrict citizens' ability to purchase more than one handgun per month, Senate Bill 70 requires mandatory background checks for all private sales of guns, and Senate Bill 35 requires localities to ban guns at public events."

So, it seems all the NRA accomplished was to get one bill set aside in one house, while three more were rammed home in the other. And these were the sensible, non-gun-waving pro-2A people, who simply showed up to testify to a legislature that is tilted the other way.

If this is a war, fight it like a war. Holding a parade on your enemy's quarterdeck isn't going to get you anything you want, but it'll get you a lot of what you don't want. Oh, and in about 97 ways, you're not ready for a war yet. So maybe start working on that first.

And if it's not quite a war yet, you've damned sure got better things to do than grabbing your crotch and waving your shortcomings in the enemy's face. So maybe start working on doing operations-other-than-war a helluva lot better too.

Which leaves no time for childish tantrums. Stop playing in the street, pull your heads out of your asses, and start doing serious things in a serious way, like this was serious business, and not a grade school food fight.

We have it on good authority that in a war, second place is a body bag.


Anonymous said...

While trying to analyze the psychology of these people is a tall order without directly talking to them, I can imagine reasons behind the idée fixe of the rally.

The biggest one is likely a refusal to admit to themselves that they aren't living in a constitutional republic any more, rather like the Roman Empire which formally retained its SPQR, the Senate and People of Rome, when the Senate had lost pretty much all of its power, and the people's position had been radically changed much earlier by the post-3rd Punic War period. Admitting that your semi-comfortable life has a fixed and perhaps short shelf life, that as Orwell put it in Nineteen Eighty Four:

We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

That we're in the "Who, Whom?" stage, where people on our side will have to fundamentally change their attitudes and outlook on life, it a step too far for many. History suggests many will never be able to surmount this, "If only Stalin knew!".

So the "new thing" of creating real local structures at the county and independent city levels (Virginia, as the oldest settled state in the nation, has oddities like cities that aren't part of counties), going beyond the purely symbolic political statements to date, is something they literally can't do.

If they can, this may be the leadership issue; we know becoming a real, truly effective leader at this point is likely to result in a squalid fate, so for now the buffalo are following the existing leader (who we know is senile at best), clearly many out of extreme frustration. I've broken contact with more than a few I who I thought were level headed who are so tired of losing they insist we must do something, anything, like this likely debacle.

Maybe they think local action today is fruitless? There's much to argue for that.

I think all of us who aren't Fedposters agree it's not time to go kinetic. But maybe some of these people are hoping for a bloodbath, which would then give them the moral authority to reply in kind??? That's wild speculation, I'm trying to understand a phenomena that makes absolutely no sense to me.

Some of it will be people who are literally stupid, with the average IQ defined to be 100, we're going to have plenty of genuine pro-gunners who are far on the wrong side of the bell curve.

And obviously we've got disruptive people pushing the debacle, because they want to burn it all down, because they're Fedposters, whatever. I can appreciate the former a bit, I've been fighting gun control for five decades. But metaphorically losing your head stands a good chance of it become literal.

Any other thoughts about the causes?

Bee Ess said...

Anyone have a good link for ideas to harden a house against small arms / .223 fire? Preferably ideas that won't make my wife think i'm crazy. Rather, any more crazy that she already thinks i am for putting away food and water.

June J said...

For the millionth time: NRA = Negotiating Rights Away in order to solicit more contributions to enrich the officers, the board and their attorneys.

Neither the Republicans nor SCOTUS is going to save what remains of the republic, at least not without some strain on ropes and lampposts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say aside from the few older homes built of stone and those built with BRICK NOT Brick Veneer you have no real way to "harden" it from center fire bullets.

Sand bags are suggested by some BUT your floor joists are not strong enough to support enough to make a difference as incoming fire is apt to be from 360 degrees.

BTW Vinyl Siding burns way too well. Generates nasty gasses also.

Don't put your family in a Kill Zone is the best I can suggest. Listen to the Lyrics of Mike and the Mechanics "Silent Running" good advice in there.

Wish I had better news but I tell the truth as I see it.

Civil War is not civil. But some folks "GOT TO DO SOMETHING" even if only to guarantee every average Joe KNOWS from the MEDIA reports from our "Doing Something" that we are crazy-dangerous gun nuts that NEED to be Disarmed...

THANKS VCDL your doing what the NRA failed to complete.

Charles in VA said...

Any credit due goes to the citizens of VA and their grass roots Constitutional support through the sanctuary declarations.

As an NRA member even I know this. The NRA might have it's victory in the SCOTUS IF it's allowed to progress that far, but useless idiots of VCDL and GoA and others are doing everything in their power to prevent that from happening.

And for what? Pissing contests over membership dues? How Patriotic!

The greedy and the corrupt have attained full infiltration saturation at this point.

We can only look to our neighbors and our County officials now, and I'll be looking with a suspicious eye on all of them.

The Gray Man said...

Protests do not work for our side. Rallies do not work for our side. The whole purpose of these events is to gain support and effect change in favor of your cause, but for our side, these events do not have that type of effect at all. So then why do we still do it? I guess to make ourselves feel better. I don’t know.

Jack said...

Bee EssJanuary 17, 2020 at 7:28 AM
Anyone have a good link for ideas to harden a house against small arms / .223 fire? Preferably ideas that won't make my wife think i'm crazy. Rather, any more crazy that she already thinks i am for putting away food and water."

Pretty sure the response to hardening a dwelling will result in "my wife won't approve." However I suggest taking an interest in raised bed gardening. It's great if you've got bad knees and back. Especially if the top of the soil is at waist height. Why have them close to the house? Easier to step out and check on them. Suppose your gardening will depend on your budget.

AaMcavoy said...

Gray Man, I think rallies have worked. I'm told rallies in NJ were effective at preventing anti-homeschool legislation, on two occasions. Maybe that's not exactly our side, so I can still see what you mean. Also, why was the VA assault weapons ban scrapped after the NRA rally? Or am I mistaken and another version could go through?

Virginia Granny said...

The House version of the "assault weapons" bill is worse. I don't think the NRA rally had much to do with the withdrawal of the Senate bill. The Sanctuary actions might have. The Dems threw us a bone while still roasting the whole pig in the leaf-covered pit. Media coverage is definitely (and intentionally) missing the point.

Charles in VA said...

To Anonymous' first comment "...While trying to analyze the psychology of these people is a tall order without directly talking to them,"

I actually DID talk to one directly. A main most "one". A "True believer". The conclusion I came to was that they fall into that most dreaded of categories..."BUDDY FUCKERS".

This is what we're up against! When SHTF, we're going to have to eliminate half of "our own" before we can even begin to address "the boogaloo"...if Northam doesn't do it for us first.

This is what it's come to. Maximum saturation of infiltration. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Let the Angel of The Lord pass His scythe upon this land. As Pharaoh had to learn the hard way, let the buddy fuckers learn the same lesson.

Charles in VA said...

To Virginia Granny,

Way to keep your eye on the ball, gal!

I'm likin' your style.

Charles in VA said...

Responding to Jack,

LOL! Kudos.

Raised bed gardens are trench warfare with benefits!

5.56 ain't gonna make it through 3 feet of dirt berms. Fifty cal, MAYBE.

So regroup in the "garden"!

I love it, my brother!

Unknownsailor said...

Bee Ess,

If you have to rely on passive defenses against bullets at the homestead, you have waited far too long.

You should not be there to worry about it. You should be out of your house, already working on your accountability list.

You have an accountability list, right? Do you know who your local Democratic party county head is? Who their staff are? The local commie college professor? The local megadonor to the DNC? The local Everytown funded activist? The local "reporter" AKA DNC mouthpiece?

The clocks ticking, and you just might have only two days left to find out that information...

Charles in VA said...

To "unknown sailor"

Defense in depth only APPEARS to be "passive"...until you set foot in the kill zone, my friend.

You are correct in that we will have to sacrifice our "single family dwelling" in order to survive. Accepting that in advance provides a powerful advantage, wouldn't you agree?

And...those who DO survive will be well motivated for retaliation, won't they?


That rule is inviolable, my friends. You can take THAT to the grave with a smile on your face.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in that we will have to sacrifice our "single family dwelling" in order to survive.

Our having so many stick built wooden homes is an artifact of our nation being so peaceful for so long, I've read its uncommon elsewhere because other peoples have learned the hard way they need more solid construction. At the extreme, completely walled off, giving those sheltered time to respond to an attack, be it from unofficial brigands, or some unit of the government. As we continue to slide into anarcho-tyranny, there won't be much distinguishing the two.

Charles in VA: it's fortunately been some time since I knew a buddy fucker, he played a major role in killing the small company I was working for. Our century and a half of good times as these things go has allowed us luxuries like the common type of homes described above, and has made us into soft men, too tolerant of the pathological people in our lives. "Bad times make hard men", something of a theme of WRSA, "You don’t have enough armed, trained, provisioned friends with hard hearts."

Adino said...

What exactly are we trying to accomplish?

Is an expression of anger the goal?

A willingness to play by rules outside Trad America's control the goal?

A blind rage against the machine the goal?

Is retaining a semblance of the republic we were supposed to have inherited the goal?

Can we agree on a goal and then figure out the best way to achieve that and have that be a constructive goal?

Anonymous said...

Let's see that Statement on the 21st!!! I was there with about 30,000+ fine Patriots. No nuts. Lots of very concerned People. No Boogaloo. No Buffalo Jump. You WERE WRONG!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Congrats at your lucky day sir! I personally am DELIGHTED that nobody got hurt AND that Antifa SAW the VA Police was NOT going to "Stand Down" like they did in Portland OR. OUR Folks made me proud all of them staying reasonable was awesome SO awesome that MSM didn't even post anything about this event.

Was Aesop wrong? I recall he was pretty concerned that this event would become an intelligence trap. All those pretty HIGH Definition Pictures of those proud gun owners showing off their "toys".

I wonder how many of those "toys" were *ahhhh* unknown to the Feds? You know sold to so and so sold to so an so for cash...

YOU KNOW of course that they have computer programs to MATCH up public pictures WITH your Drivers License and such? Maybe your so smart your Drivers License has a fake address and name maybe?

ALSO all those newly ID'ed Active Gun Owners CELL PHONES OFF or ON were now linked to those pictures.... You know your CALL RECORDS for the last year or worse? Your BILLING ADDRESS and Names? Now they have TARGETING Information to AIM their Surveillance devices.

I knew an FBI agent that was part of Drug Gang Busting and he told me Cell Phone Networks were a PRIME TOOL of theirs. Seems "Important Folks" tend to be in the middle of those net works.

Nothing like TARGETING Leadership when you want to cripple a Militia eh? Ask that Iranian General about being ID'ed by a Cell Phone Network for a "visit" of in his case a Missile, you? Maybe a SWAT Team?.

Before you smoke that Blunt maybe you should Wonder if the NSA's supercomputers have some WORK to do???