Wednesday, January 22, 2020


h/t Peter

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.


beau said...

that's not a pic of a woman. that's a pic of insanity.

Aesop said...

Exactly my point.

Badger said...

"Gender based outcomes don't matter if gender doesn't."
(Hayes, at Natural News)

Survivormann99 said...

Aesop, while unrelated to the meme, I thought that I would take this opportunity to say that I'm a die-hard 2nd Amendment supporter who, like you, lives behind enemy lines in Southern California. I read your blog daily and always enjoy doing so.

With the recent shitstorm surrounding the Richmond protests, your concerns prior to the event were spot on. I was holding my breath, concerned about whether some retard would do something that turned the effort into "Charlottesville II," and if so, setting back pro-2nd Amendment efforts for years. (If we're entirely honest with ourselves, we know that there are some idiots in our ranks.)

Had the Nazi flags carried at Charlottesville been present, it would have been the photo op of the day for the media, one carried by the news services and photo-archived for years when the 2nd Amendment was discussed. I didn't even see one Confederate battle flag, an honorable flag that has, unfortunately, been hijacked by the Klan. By the grace of God, we "dodged the bullet." The Left and the mainstream media were probably at the point of tears at the end of the day, their hopes of bad behavior at the event on which they could capitalize dashed.

I think that most people who read your blog are familiar with David Grossman's "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs" in which he describes the three broad classifications of the population. I believe that a large percentage of the pro-Second Amendment population likes to think of itself as being one of the sheepdogs. (I certainly do.) One thing that Grossman does not address in his essay is that the sheep, given their large numbers, can actually turn on the sheepdog and trample it if they ever decided to do so.

In a similar vein, one spark that got out of hand at the protest on Monday could have resulted in the "sheep" turning against 2nd Amendment supporters with more vengeance than was seen in the aftermath of Columbine, Parkland, and Sandy Hook combined. "By the mercy of an ever kind Providence" this didn't happen, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Nevertheless, your concerns ahead of the event were well-founded, given the Charlottesville example, and, although we will never know for sure, it is possible that your warning had a beneficial effect on the outcome because the organizers redoubled their efforts.

Keep up the good work!

roadgeek said...

Nice tits, however.

Anonymous said...

That's not a woman, that's a travesty; a lie and a deviant in need of serious psychiatric care.
Range time was good. Course the second-worst day on the range is better than most other days.
Boat Guy

Brewmasterbob said...

Next door neighbor went from female to "male". On so many drugs now to maintain "maleness". Prior to that, was part of a lesbian couple with two male children. "He" has the children. And they are exhibiting behavior problems.

I don't know how much longer this country will last.

Linda Fox said...

And, yet...the idiots that coddle that delusional person call themselves (snicker...wait for it) - the Science-Based Party!


I actually taught science, and I know they are dunderheads.

I actually know real women, and they are not the fluttering, oh-so mannered ninnies these Tranzis are. In a mixed (real and Trans) group, you can always tell the Tranzis - they're the most stereotypically 'feminine' ones. The ONLY ones with dresses on, accessorized to the hilt, and with full makeup and nails at 8 am.

Deathray said...

You did wonderful today sir. Its good to have the word wizard back. You kept the heat on the ones that need the heat.

Lots of good people out there starting to think and come out of the haze.

Going to be slow.

Going to be painful.

Some will be strong and others will fallout.

Thanks for your work and your words.

We are all finding our place in this fight.

One final thing......... AND THEN 🤷‍♂️

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a post from you on Coronavirus. Anything in the hopper? or, IV bag?

Sendarius said...

My wife and I were looking at a cruise - Shanghai , around Japan, to Shanghai.

The price went down over $1000 overnight.

Coronavirus - is there nothing it cannot do?

Aesop said...

Re: Coronavirus

1) Its family includes SARS
2) Treat it like FluBola and you'll do fine.
3) It's got about a 5% fatality rate (compared to 66-80% for Ebola virus).
4) It's about ten times easier to catch than Ebola.
5) Wash your hands, and if it gets nearby, disposable gloves and a N95 mask should suffice.
6) If it becomes a transplanted epidemic, stay home if you can, and minimize contact if you can't.
7) Wash your hands before you eat or drink, and don't touch your face.
8) Wash your hands.

That concludes your coronavirus briefing.

James M Dakin said...

Roadgeek-thank you. I thought I was the only one. And if they are real...LOL Lighten up folks. Might as enjoy the collapse, it's baked in the cake.

Monty James said...

Thanks for the coronavirus briefing, Aesop. Have you seen this?:

CDC Confirms First U.S. Case Of Coronavirus From China

And a little cultural oddity:

Some Chinese men like to eat baby rat alive

Charles in VA said...

No. That is a pederast. And quite possibly an animal molester.