Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pure Genius

h/t WRSA

Ever notice how the people who want to kill babies are always also the exact same ones who want to take your guns away and put you on boxcars, just like Gov. Blackface Babykiller?

Almost like there was a script or something.

" History doesn't repeat itself; but it rhymes."

And they left out "Red Flag" Laws.
Anybody thinking you might want an abortion can get you locked up for evaluation for 72 hours for mandatory psych exam.

Give them their own back. Sauce for the goose is good for the gander too.

And when we do it, it'll be funnier.


Charles in VA said...

One other point I saw bubble up recently in regard to Richmond was how quickly Democrats went from hating fences (on the border)to loving them when it was for enclosing the kill box on their opponents.

The irrational hypocrisy of the institutional Left is absolutely stunning.

This ,to me, illustrates the state of war we are already in. These are the thoughts and actions of a group at war. All morals, even pretended ones, are the first casualties of any be ripped off like a mask no longer needed, only being an impediment to future actions.

George True said...

If it saves JUST ONE LIFE it's worth it, right? Right?

Anonymous said...

Also seem to be 'no kill' animal shelter advocates. Just can't see how two such diametrically opposing viewpoints reconcile.

Chip Anderson said...

I am reposting that, of course.

McChuck said...

Charles in VA -
Welcome to the war, brother. It's been going on for a long, long time.

When you enemies say they mean to kill you and eradicate your culture, believe them.

LiberTarHeel said...

Clever meme jiu-jitsu, yes - very much so, in fact.

Unfortunately, I perceive a fundamental difference between abortion and gun ownership, and I personally would just as soon not see restrictions on one equated to restrictions on the other ... even ironically or in jest.

Just my own opinion.

bearcub7250 said...

The dissociative train of thought of the typical liberal is satanically inspired.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

It just blows me away that the primary argument they use for gun control save the children!! Yep, If the poor babes run the gauntlet, are born and are allowed to survive attempts to off them in the delivery room, we must give up firearms to save them.. Will the hypocracy ever end?