Friday, January 31, 2020

Point Of Order

(GOMORRAH) Fox Network won't show abortion survivors' Super Bowl ad...
So what?!?

1) Why are you wasting your money by putting it into the coffers of Fox and the National Felony League?

2) Why are you even still paying attention to the National Felony League? Didn't the Crapperdick take-a-knee fiasco teach you anything??

3) When has a commercial ever convinced you, or anyone with an IQ above that of plant life, to do anything? (Or do you still smoke because you believe "doctors recommend it"?)

4) Have you ever considered that politicizing sports is exactly what's pissed off more people than anything else, and cost the National Felony League BILLION$ OF DOLLAR$ already?
How'd that last campaign work out for Jillette: Razors For Little Bitches™?

If your group is still that butthurt about it despite those four solid reason to STFU, convince people at the game to wear t-shirts in the crowd that say "Abortion Survivor", with coathangers appearing to be sticking out of their heads.
That will accomplish far more than any silly-ass ad ever would, get covered for days, and it would be Sabo-funny to boot.

It will also cost you $0.00, unless you spring for the t-shirts and faux coat hanger headgear.
I'm just spitballing, but I'm pretty sure the price of 30 seconds of airtime during the Toiletbowl would pay for you to be able to hand that gear out for free to every member of the crowd in attendance, if they'd take them.

And if you're not savvy enough to run a guerrilla media war in the first place, but can only whine and whinge that your philosophical enemies won't play by your imaginary Marquess of Queensbury Rules, and they're being mean to you, you're probably not big enough for this ride to begin with.

And your diapers are lumpy, and issuing a distinct odor.


kurt9 said...

Very good point!

I stopped watching football about 5-6 years ago, mainly because I decided the concussion issue made it an "unethical" sport in my estimation. I binned my TV service when I moved four years ago (I have a Roku device). Now I can't watch even if i wanted to, which I don't.

Anonymous said...

On Target. Target destroyed. Fire for effect not necessary.


Jack said...

Never took an interest in watching grown men play a children's game. If I want to watch a sport it'll be a sport derived from a martial activity. Even better if I can participate in such a activity. Going out and doing it (even if you're mediocre) is way better than sitting in your lazy boy never giving it a shot.

Angantyr said...

We need to revive jousting and gladiatorial combat. And it might not hurt to start a new sport based on an earlier Roman tradition, but instead of Christians, we shall throw SJWs to hungry lions...

Now THAT'S entertainment, as Vlad Tepes would say!

Cynyr said...

Ah, King Vlad. Show respect, or he'll nail on yer hat!

I don't own a TV. From what I see at work, it's just endless Diversity Indoctrination.

RandyGC said...

A reality show I would watch:

Cache of food and water in the center of the Nevada Nuclear Test range.

Drop a crew of Bloods 10 miles to west

Drop a crew of Crips 10 miles to east.

Give them melee weapons

50 mile perimeter around the play area filled with land mines and booby traps, plus natures own Darwin selectors. Patrolled by AC-130s on Weapons Free status.

Survivors play MS-13 the following week.

Heck, I might even spring for Pay Per View for that!

Tom Dean said...

Aesop, don't you think that just maybe they've already achieved all the publicity and exposure they were hoping to achieve by approaching Fox with the ad in the first place?

Think about it - everyone is talking about Fox's rejection of their ad. And they didn't have to spend a cent in order to do so.

Sounds downright brilliant to me. Maybe consider giving them more credit.


Aesop said...

I give them full marks for getting publicity for themselves as a bunch of whiny crybabies.

If that's what they were going for, mad props.
Also crazy skill points for being deceitful connivers to boot.
That's really the rep you want to go with to impress the pro-life crowd.
Maybe next week they could bomb a few abortion clinics too, for more street cred.