Wednesday, January 15, 2020

ALCON Re: VCDL Clownshow 1/20

“RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT-AP) – Fearing a repeat of the deadly violence that engulfed Charlottesville more than two years ago, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary emergency Wednesday banning all weapons, including guns, from Capitol Square ahead of a massive rally planned next week over gun rights. 
The governor, a Democrat, announced the plans at a news conference Wednesday afternoon because of credible threats of potential violence and extremism, one official said. 
“Let me be clear. These are considered credible threats by law enforcement agencies,” Gov. Ralph Northam said. 
Northam’s announcement comes days after Democratic leaders used a special rules committee to ban guns inside the Capitol and a legislative office building. That ban did not include Capitol grounds, which are under the governor’s control and are where thousands of gun-rights advocates are expected to rally Monday.
Northam decided to ban all guns from the grounds of Capitol Square after receiving reports for weeks about inflammatory online postings by out-of-state pro-gun and militia groups* who are promising to attend Monday’s rally. 
“No weapons will be allowed on capitol grounds. This includes everything from sticks and bats to chains and projectiles,” Northam said. 
Police are already placing fencing around Capitol grounds and it will close down Friday afternoon at five.

Officials say there will be one way onto Capitol Square Monday morning. 
Northam’s declaration will also ban items like helmets and shields, items that some white nationalists carried in Charlottesville. The ban will stay in effect until Tuesday evening."

*Emphasis mine. - A.
Well-played, Team Fucktard.
Shoot yourself in the foot. Check.
While it's in your mouth. Check.
No guns. Check.
No weapons whatsoever. Check.
No protective equipment whatsoever. Check.

So, apparently, all that's missing for this soiree will be the boxcars.

GENIUS planning there.

You set the table, delivered the idiots, spotted the iceberg dead ahead, and ordered flank speed forward.

If anyone knows the actual event planners for this party, would somebody please tell Gilligan and Inspector Clouseau that bringing bail money, IFAK blowout kits, and having a signed will and power of attorney would probably be a good first step for all attendees? Tying a dogtag into each shoelace, and writing your blood type on both forearms with a Sharpie would also be a prudent measure.

O, if only someone had expressed some slight reservations about the wisdom of bringing all your flying monkeys to fornicate with this football.

Now, their only play is to wear your Sunday best, show up peacefully (contrary to all the internet blowhard provocateur chest-thumping), and say "Boo!" to the VA legislators. On a holiday weekend, when they aren't even there. That will sure show them!

And hopefully they're the only ones there, and the police are circumspect, polite, and restrained.
And I want a pony, and world peace, while you're up.

The scripts write themselves, kids.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right maestro.
Let's hope and pray nothing bad happens, but if it does the organizers of this debacle should be held accountable. By us. It's as if they're working for the Governor himself.

Aesop said...

I hope nothing happens at all, they cancel this goatrope, and focus on brighter and better ideas.

But at least now, with the Tard Army's active help, they've guaranteed that if anything violent happens, the only victims will be the pro-2A people who show up as sacrificial lambs.

What a country!

Desert Rat said...

So the narrative is being solidly set in place and all that is necessary is for well edited video backed up by the pronouncements of "responsible officials" to seal the deal. It doesn't really matter what actually happens the frame is assembled and just awaits the placement of a well-crafted picture to fill it out.

I am hoping with Aesop that no one shows up and the thing just fizzles out. That would limit the damage though even that eventuality could be used to "prove" that there "really" isn't any significant opposition to the "will of the people".

stormsailor1981 said...

i bet the gun ban, helmet, shield and baseball bat ban are only for the 2a people and they can only enter and exit from one small area.rhey are erecting concrete and tubular steel barriers around the entire outer perimeter. antifa however will have entrance anywhere northam wants them.

the rally should be wheverever that ratfuck is. i'm sure he will be skiing somewhere over his long weekend. why not demonstrate there, burn 2a into his forehead rather like the scarlet letter.

T-Rav said...

I for one look forward to all the Anonymous posters showing up to announce how they will be showing up armed to the teeth on Monday because it's their right, and nobody's going to tell them no, and we gotta do SOMETHING, darn it!!!

T-Rav said...

Dang, I was just kidding. (sort of)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"the only victims will be the pro-2A people "
Victims as in physical casualties, but also victims as in scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

The Ewok at Ace of Spades HQ agrees with you.

Anonymous said...

So here's a thought; s'pose they have a jump and nobody jumped? Spose there are tens of thousands of orderly and armed people hanging outside of the fenceline? Don't need to go in, "jus hanging out here, mindin my own business guv'nor". Enjoying the day so to speak.
Just a thought.
Boat Guy

TB said...

I didn't see masks or bandanas on the list of scary banned things. Almost like the rules are written against one set of people and for a different set of people. HMmmmmmmmmm

15Fixer said...

I'd like to see a HUGE press announcement from VCDL..... "Due to extremely partisan and dangerous statements from the governor's office concerning the Lobby Day scheduled for January 20th, the leadership at VCDL has cancelled any and all participation, sponsorship, and interest in continuing the Lobby Day activities. The Legislature has shown themselves to be thoroughly corrupt and unlawful tyrants by their actions, especially by denying their constituents the Right To Peacefully Assemble, To Petition For Redress Of Grievances, To Communicate With The Elected Representatives, and to Keep And Bear Arms as is our Natural and God-ordained Right. Everyone who planned on traveling to Richmond to participate in Lobby Day is advised to stay home, stay away from Richmond, and to try to make the best of the long weekend by being with family and friends. Do NOT come to Richmond."

Mightybison said...

At this point it probably doesn't even mattter if VCDL cancels. The agent provacateurs and actors are all assembled, well rehearsed, and swasticas and klan hoods meted out. VCDL could cry to the heavens that not one solitary gun rights supporter attended and it would mean NOTHING to the optics the left will show endlessly on all the networks. The prior public chest thumping will be shown, the desired video and still shots collected and edited for maximum effect, and the well practiced hand wringing and calls for action will ensue.
Great job folks. Nothing like walking into a designated, posted, and completely forseeable kill box to really make your point.

Robin Datta said...

Every ejumacated citizen of that place should write (with pen and ink and dead trees) letters protesting the encroachment on one's rights to ALL of one's representatives from the White House to the $#|+ house, and snail mail them. They carry a lot more weight than emails or circle-jerks in the street.

Anonymous said...

And just watch the brave patriots in blue follow the orders.

The aren't and were never on the people's or freedom's side.

Aesop said...

VCDL should announce that it's been cancelled as designed, and that their people will be showing up in blackface instead.

Then this becomes all about Gov. Babykiller, not guns.

But if they were that bright, they never would have announced this goatrope to begin with.
It was never going to accomplish anything useful, and was designed for maximum stupidity and blowback in their own faces from the get-go.

This is what happens when amateurs think they know what they're doing. They let their early local successes go to their heads, and thought they were ready for prime time downtown.

Clearly that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

The blackface would be a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

A concerning thought given that Governor Blackface has done all he can to disarm the LAW ABIDING Gun Supporters as well as herd their transports into a designated and WELL Known location.

Would Team Antifa be permitted to await the disarmed cattle at the unloading dock? Instead of proceeding into the fenced off kill zone?

How to tell your already deep into a Socialist-Media Trap:

#1 You SEE Media Vans already set up to broadcast your situation.

#2 You notice a rather large group of Young People in dark (Not always Black) clothing. As it is going to be cold on the 20th probably with long coats on. The better to conceal weapons eh?

#3 few if any police around.

Just remember your defending yourself WILL be broadcast with a few minutes delay as to allow needed EDITING to PROVE YOU Started it.

Sigh, even if nothing happens AS we are WALKING INTO A Hostile MEDIA TRAP we are still going to provide PROOF that we are a bunch of crazy-dangerous-gun nuts that MUST Be disarmed....

The British LOST the American Revolution because the REBELS Controlled the News Papers (the MEDIA of the day) NOT Because we had superior military skills.

That lesson was LEARNED by the Deep State and it's Disposable Face People the Socialist-Democrats.

But, But, But WE Must DO SOMETHING so WE march like the Redcoats into an MEDIA Ambush....

So could someone tell me how this will "Feed the Tree of Liberty" as so many chant?

Anonymous said...

Disagree ref the British loss. The populace was pretty evenly split with the largest number ambivalent.
Do NOT disagree that the biased media poses a threat.
Again, t'were me, I come armed and prepped; nicely but casually dressed and stay OUTSIDE the barrier with a camera, a group of friends and a blackface mask
Boat Guy

Matt Bracken said...

There is no stopping this train now, it left the station with all those signed bus contracts.

Anonymous said...

What if the rumored 30,000 that are coming on Monday do NOT actually enter into the little Capitol Playground AT ALL.

WHAT IF we all surround the barricades?

Have the VCDL speakers take a section of fencing from inside and then speak to that group?
Right now, Blackface has the NARRATIVE. What a coup he did. All the media is talking about is the “credible threat” and making us all look like gun nuts. NO one is talking about the Draconian laws. No one is talking about WHY we are coming.

What would the narrative be if we all just surrounded their little fencing and no one goes in?

Wouldn’t it look like the Capitol put up a “wall” to keep us out. “Walls Work”. Huh!?

Would you be on board with that?

Imagine 10,000 people surrounding the fences with AR’s.

30,000. The entire block.

Matt Bracken said...

01/16/2020 - VA-ALERT: Governor Northam's Lobby Day Gun Ban (VCDL) | January 16, 2020 | Philip Van Cleave

I'm sure that everyone has now heard that Governor Northam has declared a state of emergency and banned the carrying & possession of weapons on Capitol Square in Richmond from 5:00 pm Friday, January 17 to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, January 21.

VCDL believes that this gun ban is illegal. Our legal team is looking at our options and we will keep you advised as soon as we have a definitive plan. As it stands now, you can carry on 9th Street, or other nearby streets, as long as you don't go into the fenced-in Capitol grounds area (or into any of the government buildings). There will be 17 magnetometers to speed up security for those wishing to be on the Capitol grounds, which puts you near the stage. You CAN have a knife with a blade LESS THAN 3 inches. Again, wait for final word on the Capitol grounds gun-ban situation over the weekend.
[rest at link]

Matt Bracken said...

{More from the Head Buffalo}
The Governor claimed in his Executive Order that there has been credible intelligence gathered suggesting that the purpose of many of the participants in VCDL's Lobby Day is not to peacefully assemble but instead is to foment "violence, rioting, and insurrection." Yet, neither the Governor nor any of his law enforcement has informed VCDL of any of these alleged threats.

The inflammatory rhetoric from Democrats (including the Governor, Attorney General, Congressman McEachin, Delegate Levine, and many others) regarding the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and VCDL's Lobby Day leads us to wonder if they really want Lobby Day to go peacefully.

The Democrats are afraid of the voters and want to portray this peaceful assembly of law-abiding gun owners in the worst possible way. They would love for it to degenerate to "violence, rioting, and insurrection" in order to smear gun owners. Has the Democrat leadership actually invited violent groups to attend for the purpose of disrupting our peaceful assembly?

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: There have been many rumors, videos, and articles flying around the internet. We cannot stress enough that this is a peaceful day to assemble and address our Legislature about protecting our right to keep and bear arms. Lobby Day is NOT about statues, flags, racism, sexism, or anything other than protecting the right to keep and bear arms for ALL law-abiding citizens.

Yes, we hold a rally, but the point of the day is communication with our legislators. (Note that a rally is not the same thing as a protest.)

To our knowledge there are no credible threats of violence. That being said, please practice appropriate situational awareness. IF YOU SEE A BAD ACTOR flag down a police officer and point it out. If someone tries to provoke you, smile and walk away. There is probably someone secretly recording the interaction, with the intent of capturing some kind of inappropriate reaction on your part. Don't take the bait. It's not worth the bad press. Again, you might want to notify law enforcement of such bad actors.

The eyes of the nation and the world are on Virginia and VCDL right now and we must show them that gun owners are not the problem. Lead by example. We have been, and continue to be, in close contact with several law enforcement agencies and will keep them informed of all potential threats that we become aware of. Law enforcement will be in abundance at the event, both uniformed and plain clothes, to provide security and we are sincerely appreciative of their efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Aesop said...

Thanks for the update, Matt.

VCDL will be observing Marquess of Queensbury Rules.

What they're apparently too stupid (imagine that) to figure out is that "bad actors" will be identified with them, not by them.
And they think their people are going to smile at provocation?

What happens when both sides of an altercation are "crisis actors", getting paid to make the VCDL people look like the exact goons the media and Gov. Blackface Babykiller is expecting?

If anyone is running an event, and is this naïve and flat-out retarded, run the other way from anything they do, as fast as your legs can carry you!

Anonymous said...

There isn't anyone in charge of this show. VCDL put out a date and everyone is just latching on to that date to go impotently rage at Richmond and pretend it will change anything. The facebook group that put forward Staffords 2a resolution seems to have no interest in ordering up the militia or putting out an ordinance with some teeth. Folks seem more interested in being outraged than trying to find effective methods to stop the gun grabbing.

Sabre22 said...

Notice there is NO MENTION of the ANTIFA IDIOTS in Governor Blackface/ Klan Hood's Declaration. There is a law on the books in Virginia that BANS masks at protests (From the Klan Days). So watch and see how many ANTIFA Idiots show up masked and brawling. and nothing will be done to them.

T-Rav said...

Well, maybe we'll get lucky and there won't actually be any violence on Monday. But if there is, I REALLY, REALLY hope a stray bullet doesn't clip one of the media goons breathlessly reporting the event. Because that would be super super bad.

Borepatch said...

T-Rav, that would be the Express Lane to "Assault Rifle" confiscation. The Press would make the media goons into martyrs and we'll hear about this for decades ("Brave journalists shot down by gun nuts").

You're not helping with this sort of talk.

Anonymous said...

ANON at 6:39am has the answer. Don't enter the goat fencing. Surround it. 30,000 outside will be better optics for 2A side than you can imagine. And it solves Aesop's problem as well. They are changing the rules. It's time to stop playing the game. Refuse to be a part of their little fenced in playground.

Anonymous said...

4 days and a Wake up until the Media Butchery of every LAW Abiding Gun Owner in America at Richmond VA. I wonder how many Federal Agents WILL get Promotions from this successful PIG Trap.

As many mentioned already We don't have to do anything more stupid but SHOW UP, the Feds already have the False Flag "Patriot" his AR to be dropped as he goes LIMP and surrenders and his racist manifest ready for the Media AFTER HE SHOOTS up a group of Grandmothers protesting against "Evil Black Guns".

If your of the Pickett's Charge crew ignore the rest of this note.

If your of the Mosby's Raiders crew you need to LOOK hard at your Logistics Water, shelter, food, etc. and as it is VERY LIKELY your Cell Phone Number WILL be noticed with in the Cell Phones of the Pickett's Charge Cattle heading to this Media Slaughter. YOU MIGHT get a Red Flag visit at O Dark 30. One armed man Vs. a TEAM is a bad idea especially if you happen to have your family in the kill zone.

So decide if your a Die in Place with your family OR if LIKE many of Mosby's men Hide the weapons route. YES Even the Mighty Mosby had to hide his weapons and lie a bed as a "Very Sick Man" when a Union Patrol visited a home in his area.

Then maybe you will still be free and armed to resolve this situation.

Anonymous said...

What [the VCDL is] apparently too stupid (imagine that)

Beg pardon for the repeat, but I don't find it at all difficult to imagine that Philip Van Cleave is stupid.

Charles in VA said...

I agree with Ned2. These retards supporting VCDL should be held personally responsible for any mayhem resulting from the buffalo jump.

The only way we keep this contained to Virginia is through the courts with injunctions and a rocket docket to the SCOTUS. Otherwise these asshats are going to burn our country to the ground around all of us.

Do they REALLY think I'm NOT going to remember that when the lead starts flying like it was free? You force me into the game and you won't like how that turns out, I promise.

A.B. Prosper said...

Stay away is good advice as this is clearly a trap.

A quibble though, Charles. Its not your country, Communists own most institutions and half the child population is from anywhere else but here where none of them share our values.

You lost Virginia simply because of immigration and those institutions. How you get it back for our people is up in the air but it sure as hell doesn't have anything to do with as our host puts it, this buffalo jump.

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

In my opinion with Viginia Governor Northam's executive order declaring a state of emergency over this, it is definitely time to pull the plug on the Planned VCDL rally for the safety of anyone and everyone on our side who might show up.

At this point, distributed rallies in pro 2A counties and protests at the home offices of the supporting politicians would make a lot more sense than walking into that kill-box area with the official narrative already being set that anything bad that happens will be because of the VCDL rally.

In other news, it appears that West Virginia has invited the Virginia 2A Sanctuary Counties To join West Virginia.

Don't know how practical this is (to redraw state boundary lines), but maybe it is an idea worth looking into to see exactly what would be required in order to make this happen. Even if such a thing would not be allowed at the present, future events may make such a thing more possible.

Anonymous said...

Not to quibble with "Anon @ 6:39am" today but the suggestion had been made last night at 7:54pm.

Anonymous said...

In response to Charles in VA there are other methods than relying on the courts. I have just found no one is terribly interested in doing anything other than virtue signaling. I brought up ordinances to the VA 2nd Amendment Alliance and the only response I got was we are a dillon state so lets just roll over and show our bellies. Bringing up secession got a similar response. What I won't do is trust the courts to suddenly start respecting the constitution.

Anonymous said...

And the GOA has joined the buffalo jump:

Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) are filing an Emergency Injunction against the governor’s actions.

And in reply to A.B. Prosper:

A quibble though, Charles. Its not your country, Communists own most institutions and half the child population is from anywhere else but here where none of them share our values.

You lost Virginia simply because of immigration and those institutions.

One of those institutions is the Federal courts, 2 Obama judges ordered that a political scientist at U. of California at Irvine, Bernard Grofman, gerrymander the statehouse's legislative districts. To make sure this sticks, the new Democratic majority is going to consider a number of bills that will for example end voter ID in the state.

Anonymous said...

The Dillon state argument is a canard. That does not apply to inherent rights enumerated in the constitution and bill or rights. Its the difference between enforcement of speed limits and murder.

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth at 17th January (Tomorrow) 0900 Pacific Time in Olympia WA there will be a Gun Rights rally.

Will be interesting to see how that works out given Seattle is LA North.

If Antifa visits try to catch their faces as they MAY be flown out for the Richmond event.

May you live in interesting times Old Chinese curse.

lineman said...

That's the thing they don't control the battlespace and they are to fucking arrogant or stupid to see it...They are using past practice for a war that has changed speed and they are going to have their ass handed to them because they thought it was last year...We have no unity and no leaders and for all you stupid fucks out there touting leaderless resistance this is what that looks like...

MTHead said...

I'd stay home. What the Bernie bro's don't burn down after the primaries. (When he loses again). The left will finish off after Trump wins 2020! Go long popcorn futures.

Anonymous said...

We've seen examples over the past years of the 'impassioned' responses by - for lack of a better term - 'our side'. (shudder) And,'they' have seen it as well. I have a rather different idea, that may just mess 'them' up; as they haven't seen it yet. How about a well thought out, reasonable, and intelligent response; especially one that doesn't involve 'our' participating in playing an away game, using their ball, their rules,their referees, and their home crowd? It is as I have told the folks I work with - as well as my children... "if you want to make yourself look like an idiot;even though I'd rather you didn't - that is entirely up to you. If you want to make ME look like an idiot; that's another thing entirely,and I am not ok with it, and I won't go along".
So much of this is avoidable - and should be. Difference between the recent goatfucks, and;say,Bunkerville - was sorta 'home field advantage.
'They' had to go out into the country, where you find 'us'. Wasn't anywhere near perfect; but it sure would have been different if played out in Vegas or St.George. But it wasn't. It was in the middle of the desert,and the media/.gov/BLM knew it...
The rifles you saw in the media pics of that event, only represented a very few of the rifles in the desert then - and the fuckers knew that, too.
- Grandpa

Anonymous said...

If these counties decided to secede from Virginia and align themselves with West Virginia. How would/could that be accomplished? How do you dissolve the association from one state to join another? The only recent succession movement that I can think of talked about just leaving a state not join with another. I think that the ramifications of that would be enormous. There are so many places in the country that this could happen. Eastern Oregon and Washington to Idaho, South Georgia to Alabama etc. etc Again I think the ramification could be huge and would need to be well thought out, the electoral college for example.

Anonymous said...

”The suspected white supremacists were believed to be on their way to a gun rights rally planned in Richmond for Monday, according to several national media outlets“

RTHT at:

I am sure these three Basetards aren’t the only morons already heading for Richmond, just an example of some of the provocateurs and assorted ass hats preparing to start the buffalo stampede toward the cliff

K9 Operator

Anonymous said...

“A person is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he: 1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder”

RTHT at:

More news from the Progtard army in Blackface Abortum’s politburo: SB64 once again is glaring proof that there is no limit to stupid ideas a good communist can dream up.

If you get the impression that the minions of Chairmen Mao are doing everything possible to get the juice flowing towards the Boogaloo, I think you are on to something.

K9 Operator