Thursday, January 2, 2020

For the Slow Learners

Bad idea in 1212 A.D. Bad idea now.

1. Stop. Playing. In. The. Street.

2. For the illiterate, or those too stupid to follow that advice, we link to a few salient blasts from the past hereabouts, as fodder for further thought.

Rules For Radicals
Lessons From The First Battle Of Show Asses Pt. I
Lessons From The First battle Of Show Asses Pt. II
Because Common Sense, Isn't

For those too stupid to pay attention to Option 1 or Option 2: Suture Self.

I'm open-minded, though.

I'm sure someone is sure this won't be Malheur, or Charlottesville, or worse.
Just from the law of averages, it has to work out one time, right?

So prove me wrong, and over-pessimistic:

A) Tell me what a public rally is intended to accomplish.
B) Explain why and how it's not just the only way to accomplish that, but also the best way.
C) Recite to the class all the times rallies have worked like that in recorded human history.

Attempt, but fail, to accomplish A-C, inclusive, in comments, and expect to cheerfully and rhetorically have the ever-loving shit kicked out of you, until I get tired of the exercise.
No, really.

"Stay away from crowds." - Ol' Remus
"When bad things happen, be somewhere else." - Commander Zero
"When you play in the toilet bowl, expect to be treated like a turd." - Aesop


McChuck said...

India with Ghandi's plan. If you're got a few hundred (or thousand) willing martyrs, and you can get their martyrdom broadcast in the media, you humiliate the government and wake the masses. Part of insurgency is to provoke overreactions by government forces, to piss off the regular folks. The ones that survive, that is.

Also, silence is consent. You can do peaceful political rallies and build coalitions (and bunkers) at home.

Jack said...

Ghandi's plan only worked with a kinder much more gentle Empire. Ask yourself how well it worked with Hitler or Mao. The question that needs to be answered is when is the line crossed? When do we say no more? When do you do more than protest? Nobody has answered that. Majority of the pundits harp about complying and fighting in court. How well did that work for anyone in Stalin's courts? At some point you have to do more. Otherwise you'll be filing a complaint from the cattle car. How well you think writing strongly worded letters from the camp? I imagine the same people having their peaceful protest at the edge of the trench.

Anonymous said...

All very relevant points made. I hope the people planning on going need to read before proceeding full speed ahead.

I'm guessing the participants of this rally will be on the top of the list to receive a visit from friendly government officials who are looking out for you and your family.

Desert Rat said...

The people proposing and planning this should be given a long, hard look.

Anonymous said...

A) Tell me what a public rally is intended to accomplish.

An "environmental" rally is
1. a way to begin indoctrinating attendees into mob behavior by associating mass action with virtue
2. when authorities such as teachers who bring their students to rallies it is a test to reveal people unwilling to comply with, as well as
3. a good way for children to shame and/or indoctrinate their parents; it reinforces classroom lessons with the same goals
4. a way for associated more radical organizations to identify potential recruits and begin to test their loyalties

B) Explain why and how it's not just the only way to accomplish that, but also the best way.

1. it's neither, but it's a proven tactic
2. Maybe not the best but it's a good one; this is a a cumulative process and different subjects are more affected by different methods
3. ditto
4. ditto

C) Recite to the class all the times rallies have worked like that in recorded human history.

"Worked" depends on what the real goals are.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a walking INTO the Dragons Lair and kicking him in the teeth to *ahem* WARM things up a bit.

In case these wanna be Hero-Martyrs missed the Memo the Voters voted IN these socialist-democrats. THEY have the FORCE of LAW and currently Public Opinion ON THEIR SIDE.

The Deep State WANTS you to dress up in Tacti Cool and brandish your mighty Black Rifles before LIVE TV Coverage. Then a False Flag "Patriot" will show up to shoot up a bunch of Grandmothers protesting your Militia March WITH TV Cameras a waiting before the False Flag "Patriot" throws away his evil AR and flees into the crowds NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN (unless you count him jumping into a 3 letter agency unmarked vehicle BUT THAT WILL NEVER be seen on TV).

What an AMAZING way to totally DISCREDIT the Patriot-Militia Movement as a bunch of dangerous crazies AND get Joe 6 pack to DEMAND that Weapons of WAR should be Taken AWAY from Crazies...

LOOK Long and HARD at ANYBODY who is Advocating this action. Are you sure they are NOT PAID by 3 letter agencies to provoke such stupidity? Or they are simply that hot headed and stupid? Who vetted that person?

Face it friends, ANY group large enough to hold meetings has 3 letter agents with in it OR weak minded loud mouths BOTH are a disaster for our Republic.

IF you want a BIG lots of people EFFECTIVE Action effort get the Politicians where it hurts.

START a REAL PUBLIC Billboard and such RECALL Effort on Governor Blackface AND All that support him INCLUDING Judges and DA's. POINT OUT WHO Paid For all of their Elections. George Soros the Billionaire that currently has LARGE Stock Options for the COLLAPSE of the US Stock Market, WHO SOLD OUT THE JEWS in WW2 Hungary. When their gravy train is under threat they are going to THINK long and hard just how much they "support" this issue.

Our Republic is Politically ALREADY in ICU and our banking system staggering. Do you WANT a Greater Depression worse that the "Great Depression" AND a civil war destroying everything so the Globalists can eliminate America as a Nation?

Use your brains friends. As many smarter folks have said "The easy route is mined".

Anonymous said...

Aesop is right again. It's going to be a shitshow and they're probably fools for even trying at this point. They're going to be put through hell by the local authorities, the media, fed and non state actor provocateurs. They should cut their losses and stay home to avoid trouble. Alright, we all understand this.

"And then what?" We just keep complaining about things online? Wait til they kick in the door? Little Timmy comes home from school, minus the family jewels and plus a bottle of hormone pills? Our property is seized because we're too privileged?

"And then what?" is a pretty damn important question. If there is no rally, I imagine the answer is only going to be more complaining, shirking and blind-eye turning. I hope for the best outcome, a peaceful one, even. But that probably isn't going to happen. You can know TINVOWOOT in your head, but feeling it in your bones is something different. And then what? has no good answers until someone tells these bastards no more.

Anonymous said...

A public protest is just what the commies want; it's their natural habitat.
Things our side can count on:
1) some of "our" organizers will be employees of various alphabet agencies.
2) therefore, anyone who participates will be subject to increased scrutiny if identified by such.
3) the other side have nothing to lose by firing on a few of their own and blaming us for it.

There are better ways to win this.
Public opinion will not be swayed with "peaceful protest". That might have been the case in 1968, but times are different. People generally don't fucking care about what's going on in the world today; their transformation to tax slave and mental peasant is virtually complete.
You have to strike back where they feel it. Identify the leaders. Publish their home address, contact info. Pick the target at random and make them disappear. Put the fear into them. One at a time. Until they see what's happening. If ClintonInc can do it, so can we.

Matt Bracken said...

Post and comments are spot on. Richmond is going to be the Mother of Buffalo Jumps, C-ville X10.
I just wrote something for American Partisan called "The 2020 Virginia Showdown."
Part 2 of it will be called "On To Richmond," and it will crib from the comments above, especially from Anon at 5:34 AM.

George True said...

I reference an alternate history short story by Harry Turtledove titled 'The Last Article'. Although fiction, it is a realistic portrayal of just how different Gandhi's movement would have turned out against the occupying forces of Nazi Germany instead of the British. Or as another historian has pointed out, if Gandhi had tried that crap against the Japanese, his movement would have ended up in the Ganges River, along with his bayoneted, beheaded body.

It is of paramount importance to realize that the domestic enemies who are attempting to disarm Americans are COMMUNISTS. In their hearts, they are no different from the Nazis or Stalin or the Imperial Japanese of WWII. In short, they are sociopaths. There is no atrocity they would not commit and no genocide too large for them if it gets them what they want, which is absolute rule over the likes of Deplorables like you. "By Any Means Necessary" is the title of their playbook.

You can absolutely bank on the fact that the Commies WILL turn any rally or demonstration by Patriots to their own advantage. It is in their playbook. By using planted informants, or provocateurs disguised as Patriots, or by using the police to drive peaceful demonstrators into the waiting arms of Antifa a la Charlottesville, they WILL sabotage the rally from within and without. And with the Commie MFM using misinformation and disinformation, they WILL make Patriots look like dangerous kooks to Mr & Mrs Joe Normal sitting at home watching it all on TV.

I remember the Cover Revolutions that took place in the Eastern Bloc countries in the early nineties. There were literally hundreds of thousands of people marching in the streets almost daily for weeks and months, demonstrating against their Communist governments. The main reason they were susuccessful was simply sheer force of numbers. Unfortunately we do not have that here, not now and maybe not ever. And until we do, any rally or demonstration of a few hundred or even a few thousand is doomed to failure before it even starts.

Claire Wolfe was prescient some 15 or 20 years ago when she said we are in that uncomfortable stage where it is too late to change anything but too soon to shoot the bastards. Until the dynamic or the flashpoint arrives where we DO have hundreds of thousands or even millions of people marching on DC with torches, pitchforks, ropes, and rifles, do yourself a favor and stay home. Your job at this stage is to speak the truth to as many normal people as possible. That, more than anything else, is what will eventually bring about the flashpoint.

Anonymous said...

Rallies, protests, passive resistance movements, etc CAN (to some extent) be effective IF two contingencies exist. These are:
1. There is a significant percentage of the target audience willing to view your opponents as wrong/evil; AND, more importantly,
2. The media/press (however comprised) is 90% to 100% VIGOROUSLY and unrelentingly on your side.

Are either of these conditions met in the extant case?

Anonymous said...

Well a guy with an AR killed 20 elementary school kids, and no one changed their minds concerning MSRs, a couple of dead grannies from a false flag in Richmond isn’t going to sway people one way or the other either.

When you attend the sanctuary meetings in this state, everyone is armed. Everyone. Richmond is not going to be a peaceful protest, it is going to be an armed protest. We’ve lost the ballot box, we will lose at the jury box, and all that’s left are the soap box and the cartridge box. If Richmond devolves from the soap box to the cartridge box, then at least we’ve moved the ball. The alternative you propose is to stay home, waiting until they come into our communities (and history shows that they WILL come). I’d much rather this blow up in Richmond and away from my family, rather than at my doorstep. If 20 or 50 people die in Richmond on the 20th, then the mask will be fully off. No one can claim that if we just stay quiet and work within the system, they won’t try and kill us.
Lexington and Concord were public rallies as well. Until they weren’t. Your advice to the minutemen would be “What did you not learn from the Boston Massacre?”
But I’ll add one more quote to your list; “Don’t fear the storm. Be the storm.”-Aesop.

Michael said...

I'm going to honor Aesop's home and not say what I really think about this comment Anonymous @8:09 AM.

Lexington was a last ditch effort to SAVE a critical ammo dump-armory of the Rebellion. The British had a Traitor that reported it and they were heading there to DISARM the Rebellion. The Losses to the entire Rebel blocking force was nearly total with the bayonet being deployed. BUT they allowed enough TIME for the Rebels to move ENOUGH of their powder supply for later use. Concord was another POORLY thought out situation were the British managed to get the Rebels to make a "Stand" and we also had our heads handed to us. The Minuteman DID Learn an Important Lesson from the Boston Massacre. Don't march into the Enemies STRONGHOLD, use Indian tactics, hit and run until they are exhausted from many tiny attacks.

A General Patton said so well "Let the OTHER Bastards DIE for their Country".

The 20 kids story was just that tiny little bit of the Camel sneaking his nose into the tent. Most on this list know the story of the Camel so... If anything the Deep State and the Socialist-Democrats who are their FACE People play a excellent long game. But in any long Chess Game there IS the CHECKMATE.

So why are you walking into their Lair again? OH your NOT, your just advocating others do it?

Yeah we will "Move the Ball" alright right into Game Match Point and we LOSE.

Matt Bracken said...

Unknown 8:29, you are correct. 8:09 is the kind of idjit who thinks C-ville was a victory.

Anonymous said...

Decades of words/posts never seem to translate to action on our side. Only the communists get anything accomplished. Why is that?

Wyomarine said...

Still amazed at the ignorance shown here, the National Socialists were Anti-Communists. The only ones they took firearms away from were the Bolshevik Jews, not German citizens.
Instead of learning history, you just ingest more brainwashing, from the Bolsheviks. Smart move.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and will be in Richmond on Jan. 20th I was there this morning with some friends doing some sightseeing around the area.
I have no ill will towards those who think VCDL Lobby Day is a mistake. We will have to carry on without you. Bracken and Aesop have some valid points. Even so, our resolve is firm. We will make a last peaceful overture to our "elites".
The brave Virginians I have had the honor to know and train with are not fat bubba militia types. Rather they are serious minded folks who have seen the elephant , and have many talents across the spectrum. They have resolved to attend. If you cannot or will not go, then perhaps say a kind word to the good Lord in our favor.
Best Regards to all in the coming days.
Red in OleVirginny

Aesop said...

@Anonymous Troll 8:09,

I'm pretty sure a couple of dead grannies is going to change those grannies minds rather permanently, while driving everyone on the fence into the arms of the people you would protest.

Genius, right there.
"When you attend the sanctuary meetings in this state, everyone is armed. Everyone. Richmond is not going to be a peaceful protest, it is going to be an armed protest. We’ve lost the ballot box, we will lose at the jury box, and all that’s left are the soap box and the cartridge box. If Richmond devolves from the soap box to the cartridge box, then at least we’ve moved the ball."

So you're cheering on the exact clusterfuck I suspect will occur.
Mensa much?

" The alternative you propose is to stay home, waiting until they come into our communities (and history shows that they WILL come). I’d much rather this blow up in Richmond and away from my family, rather than at my doorstep."

Because what happens in Richmond will STAY in Richmond?
Sh'yeah, when monkeys fly outta your butt, Einstein.

You're the rat arguing that the cheese on the trap looks so tasty, you just can't help yourself.
And you vote.
There's your problem.

Lexington and Concord weren't "rallies", they were militia musters for armed resistance.
If you're so hot to trot, shit or get off the pot.
Stop half-assing things.
If you have just cause, publish articles, muster a militia, and open the ball.
If you don't, you're just chicken-hawking, and hoping someone else will give you bloodsport you can cheer, at no personal cost.
That merely makes you exactly the unbalanced sociopath I described in the OP.


Thanks for making my point, and underlining it in Some Other Guy's blood.

Aesop said...


The National Socialists were anti-INTERNATIONAL Socialists.

This is like telling me the Shia hate the Sunni, and that some Muslims are "moderate".
On 9/12/2001.

Instead of knowing anything, you spout neo-Nazi rhetoric.
Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Maybe unlike Communists and those that take their 30 pieces of Silver FROM them we don't want to burn down EVERYTHING in order to create that Perfect Socialist Paradise (like Venezuela).

A peaceful demonstration will be SO Effective. Lets HAVE that Boston Massacre to show that they are evil... Get that BALL ROLLING eh? If you learned NOTHING form C-ville then WHAT SIDE are you on Sir?

Those that will really be effective DO NOT POST their thoughts on a public board. They don't need to "Show Up" at a public suicide pact under the watchful eyes of the Deep State AND CNN.

If this is "Hey Lets GO INTO the Dragons Mouth" Idea is what "Defends" what is left of our Republic then the Socialist-Democratic Maggots are truly chewing on the corpse.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 9:30

"Decades of words/posts never seem to translate to action on our side. Only the communists get anything accomplished. Why is that?"

Granted you're pretty much an idiot, but I'll humor your infantile crybabying.

Define "action".
Define "get anything accomplished".
90% of VA has told the statehouse to go fuck itself.
This has happened when and where else before "decades of words/posts"?

So (knowing the answer here) did you fucking sleep through American history, or did you not notice that it took "decades of words and posts" to get thirteen measly colonies to finally step up in 1776?

Casey Stengel's ghost called.
He said "You could look it up."

George True said...

Perhaps the Nazis were a bad example. I agree that the real history of what happened and why in Germany prior to and during WWII is far different than the misleading history we have been fed since then.

My main point still applies. No rally is going to change the minds of those who want to strip us of our 2nd Amendment rights. It will only give the Commie MFM (mother****ing media) a new opportunity to present Patriots as kooks to their audience of low information voters.

Aesop said...


My prayer is that anyone with a brain rethinks the stupidity of something that hasn't worked, ever, and won't now.

Take the energy and effort and put it into something worthwhile, that doesn't have a 75+% chance of exploding in your faces, and racking up a body count.

If folks there aren't smart enough to figure it out their ownself, prayers are wasted breath, on behalf of willfully stupid and foolish people, and contrary to the exact commandments of the Christian god:

"5 Then the devil *took Him into the holy city and had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple, 6 and *said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it is written,

‘He will command His angels concerning You’;


‘On their hands they will bear You up,
So that You will not strike Your foot against a stone.’”

7 Jesus said to him, “[b]On the other hand, it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’
” - Gospel of Matthew 4:5-7

"He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed." - Proverbs 13:20

Watch your step, Red.

Anonymous said...

As the old Russian proverb has it: When three sit down to talk revolution, two are fools and the third is a spy for the (Okhrana, Cheka, NVD, NKVD, KGB, FSB...)

June J said...

“ or did you not notice that it took "decades of words and posts" to get thirteen measly colonies to finally step up in 1776?”

And even then, a great number of the oppressed subjects of King George opposed the actions of the patriots.

Seems there are way too many anxious to set off “Bosnia times Rwanda.” Have to wonder how many of them work for lettered agencies?

Anonymous said...


Been in VA since 97, member of VCDL since 02. The original group of 10-15 folks managed to get the carry law changed from 'may' to 'shall' back in the mid nineties.

Since, they have had, at MOST, 1000(?) folks show up for their Jan 20 LOBBY event. Where they lobby each attendees rep of the pro-gun position in person, in the reps office. Calm. Cool. Respectful...etc. At noon they hit a local diner to compare notes then roll out, home for dinner. I used to work the table at gunshows for them in the early 00s and every single volunteer i was joined by was a solid.

This is not a new thing, they do it every year.

I would hope the leadership at VCDL is grokking all your comments and thinking long and hard about them.

Anonymous said...

Public demonstrations are a display of power.

Civil rights protests, 60s anti-war protests, etc. were displays of power, supported by powerful people, not underdogs, regardless of how the media portrayed them.

I'm not saying not to go to the Virginia event, but rather that you have to have it together, and it could get spicy. Maybe that's good, maybe not. Either way, understand what it is before getting yourself into something you don't understand.

Minimalmed said...

Socialists, communists, nazis,even the Japanese in WW2, all statists of one stripe or another. I love the intellectual and moral superiority of keyboard geniuses

Anonymous said...


"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

The National Socialists in Germany started with a wrecked economy and built it up by rearming. When they couldn't keep that up without more cash, they invaded in all directions and promptly began plundering both on both a wholesale and retail scale (from handing out the apartments and clothing of "relocated" members of the class enemies (in this case, largely but not entirely Jews) to members of the class favored by the regime down to soldiers bringing or sending French hams back to their families.) They also sent their central bankers to the occupied countries with the plan of keeping up the purchasing power of the Reichsmark back at home.

In contrast Soviet Communism first plundered the aristocracy, what there was of the urban/industrial middle class, and then the "kulaks;" all of which groups also became hereditary class enemies. But prerevolutionary Russia didn't have the industrial base or as well educated and trained work force as Germany. Solzhenitsyn tells us that infrastructure projects like railway construction actually contracted (and often became even more inefficient and brutal than they had been under the Tsars) for a couple of decades after the revolution.

So while the Bolsheviks had about a 15 year lead over the Nazis in international espionage and propaganda, they had to delay sending their armies out to loot and pillage until about the same time as the Nazis did.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:06...

"Public demonstrations are a display of power" the effectiveness of which are completely dependent on the willingness of the authorities to be accountable, at least to some degree, to liberal Western norms.*


*As @Jack 03:47 and others have noted about Ghandi, etc. Ask yourself where things are in this regard in the USA.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1102.
Those were my experiences with VCDL as well. I have reasonable confidence in those folks to suss out the plants and expect that there are contingencies in place.
Argue the wisdom of not cancelling Lobby Day or not; I'll wish Phil and the rest of my Brothers and Sisters bon chance.
And that's all I have to say about that...
Boat Guy
As for this numbskull above combining two words that mean something to me; fuck off.

Anonymous said...


Yep. Hope Phil and team see the potential here and play the game to our advantage.

It ain't always 'go big or go home.'

(In a bag)


Aesop said...

False dichotomy.

There are 87 ways for this to go sideways in flames.
There is almost no way anything productive happens.
And dozens of better ways to spend the time, energy, and work, for a much richer payoff.

"I'll take foolish longshots for $500, Alex..."

Anonymous said...

JC Dodge had an interesting piece at:

He wrote the piece I'm going to summarize with an eye toward non-VA folks showing up at the rally, but it's relevant for all attendees. If you don't do a map AND site recon beforehand, show up with a PACE commo plan, infil/exfil/movement/collection routes and points pre-determined, have transportation away from the demonstration area lined up, establish link-up procedures for yourself and any fellow attendees, assign overwatch, identify fall back positions, and have casualty recovery procedures and sites established, you're not prepared enough to walk armed into a hostile capitol city. I'd also add that the organizers should have expressly forbid open carry at this rally, and made it known far and wide that anyone openly carrying so much as a single shot .22 derringer would be called out as a letter agency plant loudly and by all attendees until they were shamed into packing up and going home. Folks, OPEN CARRY IS FOR AMATEURS. Barely concealed carry is just as bad. Guys with actual carry belts, kydex holsters, a spare mag and first aid, and TRAINING (beyond CCW qualification. Qualification does not equal actual training) are the only ones who should even bother coming to the capitol with their CCW piece, and that would still be asking for trouble. Even if the organizers and attendees had done all of the above, it still has a 90%+ chance of turning into a shit-show, and will definitely be used by TPTB to get facial recognition scans to start a list. Ghandi, the Founding Fathers, and the various anti-Soviet demonstrations didn't happen in today's surveillance states. Would I attend? Hell no. Save the money, time and energy preparing for what comes afterward in whatever manner you see fit, even if it's just stocking up on Bourbon and cigars.

Haxo Angmark said...

Ghandi's "plan" didn't work at all: it was the Jap's easy 1942 rout of the White Asian Empires that led to the quick collapse of the Raj after WW2. Gandhi also tried to prevent a Muslim-Hindu CW during partition; here too he failed.

Neil S. said...

A. In this case, the rally is intended to get all Republicans + a couple of Democrats to vote against the various gun control bills this session. This is supposed to be a lobbying session, not a protest, and has been well run in the past.

B. The objective is to try and keep at least some of these bills from becoming law by making it clear to the legislature that the natives are restless, to be indicated via crowd size outside the state house and via polite converstation with individual legislatures within.

C. ....I got nothing. Based on recent voting trends in the VA legislature, there is every indication that the Democrats will vote in lockstep on these bills, regardless of any public opinion. (After all, Bloomberg expects a return on his investment). Additionally, I don't think the Democrats are concerned about how we're going to vote next election because they control the redistricting this year; on election night they telegraphed that districts will be gerrymandered to hell and gone to permanently lock the Republicans out of power.

I'm sympathetic but pessimistic on this one. I don't think this will be a true "buffalo jump" like C-ville. (Malheur I wasn't paying much attention to, so I will refrain from drawing conclusions there.) Charlottesville was very different from what is proposed on the 20th, in that there were multiple buildups to the main event: first the neo-Nazis held a vigil, then the KKK protested a couple of times, followed by the actual shitshow. Charlottesville is Virginia's version of Berkeley, and the appearance of Nazis + the KKK got a lot of media attention and provided the impetus for local organization from the Left. Lobby Day is receiving almost no coverage here, so I think it's unlikely Antifa will show up. I'm more concerned about a bunch of out-of-state hotheads (or plants) showing up with long guns and FDE attire and giving the media their photo ops.

I hope it works...but hope is not a course of action.

Anonymous said...

Try not to build poisonous disdain for the people that go. Their heart is in the right place. If you see them as detestable fools then you will be less likely to use what happens to them as motivation to dish out cumuppins. If you see them as naive yet well meaning brothers then their mistreatment will spur you to action.

Anonymous said...

As anonymous troll at 8:09 (which might be my new nickname) let me just say that I spoke before my board of supervisors, advocating for sanctuary. I will be at rally day. I'm a member of the VCDL. I'm here on the front lines with my neighbors. I'm an old man, but having spent a significant part of my life training to kill guys with little red stars on their uniforms, I can transition that to guys with shiny badges. And if war must come, let it come in my time so that my 3 year old grandson may know peace, and liberty.

The cowards of California rolled over and showed their underbelly when infringement came. As did the citizens of CT and NY. Now that Virginians may be prepared to say NO, and do so violently, you want to call us fools. You are so frightened that the optics will look bad, you don't realize the optics no longer matter.

If not here, then where?

T-Rav said...

I don't have anything against the people who are going to attend the Richmond rally; freedom of assembly is a right worth having and exercising. At the same time, discretion is sometimes the better part of valor, and given past drama in Virginia, I'd be inclined to apply that principle here.

Anonymous said...

Whilst Gandhi was being all pacifist other Indian nationalists weren't and were actually killing colonialists. The British handed over power to Gandhi to slight the guys who actually won their nations independence. Additionally the elite love Gandhi's example because they point to it and convince people to undertake action that is easily ignored. Try ignoring patriots putting a .308 through the chests of the tyrants

Jim Horn said...

Back in the '70s or '80s, there was a large rally in Washington D.C. of patriotic Americans. After, many visited their representatives. Those who visited Dr. Lawrence McDonald of Georgia, perhaps the most constitutionally oriented member there, were startled when he described the attendees of the rally as "fools". Why? Because, to attend, each had spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort. Yet if they had spent even a portion of that time, money and effort educating their neighbors and supporting right-minded candidates to Congress, the issues would become moot. The rally may give a nice feeling to those there, but it is the House of Representatives (which, historically, is decided by an average of 11 votes per precinct) that originates all spending bills and votes on all laws.

If you are in a Congressional district which is solidly anti-2nd amendment, put your money, time and effort into a nearby district where a pro-2nd amendment candidate stands a chance. If your representative votes the wrong way but is too entrenched to remove, make him a political minority by getting others to outnumber him.

There's a reason the House of Representatives must all face election every two years. Make use of that! VCDL is doing that - are you?

PS: Thank you, Aesop and Matt - I *really* appreciate your insight! Have been at this for over 50 years now...

Stealth Spaniel said...

Someone let Claire Wolfe know that the time has arrived, and we don't need a parade to start the show. I realize that our frustrations at the knee deep BS is great, but why play by their rules? This will be a CF of epic proportions. Stay home, dig in, and get ready.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous Troll (if you like your nickname, you can keep your nickname) 7:40

Whoop de doo, you served in the military.
It's a shrinking club, I'll grant you, but far from a small one. 1 point extra credit.
You advocated for sanctuary. Well and good.

So you're going to kill the guys with shiny badges?
Which ones? Or did you mean all of them?
I had thought the guys with shiny badges in VA were the ones telling you they wouldn't enforce anti-2A laws? So why would you be killing them?
I mean, wouldn't you rather attack the problem, instead of talking on all law enforcement statewide?

Shouldn't you be transitioning to kill state representatives, senators, and your governor, who voted the unconstitutional laws you loathe into being?

Doesn't that sort of plan have a name?

Are there no other options left you?

You're also pretty damned free and loose with the word "coward", Mr. Chickenhawk.
The National Firearms Act was passed in 1934.
Where the hell have you been for the last 85 years?

The Gun Control Act passed in 1968.
So you've been cowering about that infringement too, apparently, for most of your life.

FOPA was passed in 1986.
You haven't seen fit to do anything about that infringment either.

But now, when you're an old man, with grandchildren, you've finally decided it's enough?!?

The time for Virginians to say NO violently is when they come to actually take your guns.
(At least, that's how it worked in 1775, if we're talking precedent.)

So, where have the Redcoats marched?
How many have you (and I'm talking all y'all, not just you personally) killed?

Wait...that hasn't happened?
So you've stopped nothing?!?
Your entire state's total Redcoat bodycount is zero, since 1783???
(Or, we can be sporting, and spot you since 1865.)


Aesop said...

So let's be clear here: you're planning to hold an ill-advised and likely futile (with a side-order of jackassically foolish) public non-violent unarmed rally, but we should treat you like the conquering heroes after the British retreat from Concord to Boston?

Sh'yeah...not so much.

I call you fools because you don't know what you're about, but you're happy to chase your tails in a herd, having made no provision for when it blows up in your face, and want to claim moral high ground for things you haven't yet shown any willingness or inclination to actually do.

We get it: it's Virginia.
You're yappy malcontents.
There's some history of that there pretty much since Jamestown.
Some of it good, and some not so much.

So I repeat:
WTH do you think you'll accomplish with a peaceful unarmed non-violent rally, that you haven't been able to do the last 20 times, and while actually simultaneously losing control of your entire state government?

When have peaceful unarmed non-violent rallies changed anything?

How many of them did it take to drive the Army of the Potomac out of Old Dominion?
Which one of them established republics in Texas or California?
How many of them overthrew the Kaiser?
Tell us how they pushed the German Army out of The Bulge, or back across the Rhine, or convinced Emperor Hirohito to throw in the towel?

Show your work.

And when this one fails too, do you plan on saddling up and hanging the bastards oppressing you right away?
Or did you think - just maybe, for the helluvit - that perhaps some planning, strategy, and logistics work might be in order first?
Or are you guys going to have this whole sedition and armed revolution problem licked by breakfast?

The population of 49 other states are hanging on your every word in that regard, and with the vast experience of Virginia, and your historical .500 batting average, we're on tiptoe to see how you plan to pull all of this off this time around.

Mind you, getting 90% of your counties to tell Richmond entirely to go to hell is no small feat.
Kudos for that.

So why do something as pointless as the upcoming rally, instead of planning and organizing for what comes next in the real world, instead of trying a Hail Mary grandstand play that only exposes you to ridicule and disaster, 3 chances out of 4, at minimum?

Shouldn't you be organizing both political and military power structures to either unseat the idiots who passed these laws and right the ship of state, or take over from them once they've been overthrown? Did nobody there think one whole step beyond sanctuary rallies yet???

Or are you all happier being the dogs running full tilt at the car, and giving no thought to what to do with it if you catch hold of the bumper?

If you're any example, you guys sound hell-bent on snatching defeat right out of the mouth of victory, because you can.

That's why I want to call you fools.
Not because you're willing to "do something".
Not because of the optics.
But because of the foolishness.
And because you can't differentiate between "doing something" and "doing something smart and effective".

Anonymous said...

So when an arsonist runs about attempting to set my area afire I'm supposed to look to see that His Heart is in the Right Place BEFORE I enact the Darwin Award on Him AND His Friends?

The companions of fools will suffer and SADLY so will the REST OF US because of their arsonist ways?

HEY Anonymous 7:40 (because if you were a vet I'll not label you a troll in respect for other vets like myself) Did you READ your Mission Statement? Armed Rebellion 20th January 2020 in the Heart of the Dragons Lair. Did you read the subset about the Crazies like the KKK and Neo-Nazi's that will attempt to be there also for the BIG SHOW (tm).

How do I know this? Currently under the rule of Law I don't Darwin people for their extreme statements. I have listened to them politely trying to recruit ME to join them at the BIG SHOW (tm) on the 20th. I am sure they have distain for my declining their kind offer but I'll live.

Your good name and Service to OUR Country will be MIXED with the swamp scum of Neo-Nazi's like *hit mixed into a Chocolate Cake. BUT Hey! It's all Brown RIGHT? TASTY!

Wake UP Sir, I'd like to respect you on the 21st of January 2020.

Anonymous said...

87 ways to go sideways, true. It could end as a massacre, with protesters and security forces fighting for the Virginia capitol grounds. First thing I think everyone is missing is that this affair isn't about 2A and gun rights, it is a crisis involving the loss of faith in the concept of government itself. The commonwealth is no longer protecting or defending our rights, it has announced it shall be taking them away. Second, and more important, is the Governor's position on what can only be called "post-birth abortion". I will not recap that here, but urge anyone interested to read about it. A public display of defiance to Virginia, instead of humbly petitioning for the redress of grievance, may give heart to those who are horrified by recent events.

Anonymous said...

Well, well.
I see that the divide and conquer strategy is working well.
I agree that a march on Richmond is not the most effective strategy. It's highly risky, and Anon @ 2:57 has it right in terms of organizational requirements.
But perhaps we can learn from the Left's refusal to punch Left.

To my eyes, a much more pointed message would be sent if the VCDL did something, like, oh:
1. find the county that "organized the militia", volunteer to help with the logistics, and make sure a Mosby or equivalent is hired to run the militia. Give them a budget, and then don't ask questions about whatever weird stuff they do in Pineland.
2. Find the sheriff that stated he would deputize "thousands" and volunteer to work through the logistics of actually doing that. This would include a lot of pesky details. How do you pick the deputies? Background checks? Do we pay them? How much? Do they become part of and protected by the police union? Do we certify them as police officers so that they can go to {training school X} and get training normally reserved for LEOs and active duty? What kinds of things should we use them for? Or is this all symbolic? If we do use them, how do we train them? Crowd control for big events? General medical skills and triage? Do we give them arrest privileges? Etc etc. Once that has been worked out, then VCDL should take that as a model to the other Sheriffs and say--hey, isn't this a cool plan?

I'm sure others with more experience and insight could add to the list of things more useful than walking unarmed and (probably) underprepared into the most hostile area in the entire state. Instead of "you are an idiot/traitor/coward/whatever", any chance we can turn this comment thread into a list of great ideas?

And for all the Alphabet Soup Bois, this is a theoretical exercise only. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well I notice NOBODY seems to have noticed the Spend some of your cash and time getting a RECALL On Governor Blackface and his minions mentioned several comments up from here.

Naaah lets just puff out our chests and head off to Richmond and "get that ball rolling"....

Matt Bracken said...

"I'm an old man, but having spent a significant part of my life training to kill guys with little red stars on their uniforms, I can transition that to guys with shiny badges."

You are either a 3-letter troll/plant/provocateur, or the biggest idiot God ever dropped on Virginia. Folks, read what Anon 9:09 wrote, and consider how many morons like him are stampeding to the Richmond Buffalo Jump, ready to transition to shooting guys with shiny badges.


Virginia Granny said...

It was noted somewhere on this site that the people who actually are/can do something "productive" don't talk about it. I would be surprised if many of those do-ers are headed for Richmond.

Aesop et al, I love your blog and I respect your opinion and insight, and I agree with many of your observations. But (ain't there always a "but"?) there's a couple of things out-of-staters probably don't know.

First: The Democrats won the legislature because the population changed, not the voting. Republicans are still here - it's the proximity to the Swamp that attracted so many Democrat voters to our northern counties, where (IMHO) the biggest impact came. I don't remember the exact count, but somewhere around 9-12 seats were won by UNOPPOSED Democrats. There simply were not enough Republicans in the districts to mount a candidate. When I first moved to "the country" in 1977, our district was unopposed Republican for years. There are now enough Democrats that they put up a candidate, but a Republican WRITE IN candidate beat her about 2:1. That would not be possible in the big cities and NOVA.

Every new subdivision brings more Democrats moving out of the DC area. And a lot of it has to do with ridiculous housing prices and our Conservative old people selling off their farms in order to retire to Tahiti for their Golden Years. Their children can make enough money to move to The Redoubt where they will have to fight West Coast Liberals for the rest of their lives.

Secondly, the issue of how to Deputize thousands in a county (not a town, he's the County Sheriff) already has a precedent. In the 60's, when I was a young whippersnapper, there was widespread opposition to forced Federal integration. Without debating that kettle of worms, suffice it to say, some counties deputized a lot of citizens and apparently had no trouble doing so. Manassas comes to mind, but I'm sure she wasn't the only one. Times have changed, of course, so now we'll use computers.

I hope that the Richmond thing goes well, that the PTB are sufficiently scared/impressed/motivated to actually pay attention to the will of the people, and that nothing awful happens on the 20th. But I don't have a warm, fuzzy feeling - the 21st could be really exciting.

Anonymous said...

should be done in every state.

Carry on.

DAN III said...


The solution to the Sedition and Treason of the ruling, elected, communist elites across the Fruited Plain, is simply Hemp & Lead. Voting is not the solution !

Refer to our history:

1. Lexington Green, 19 April 1775
2. Concord Bridge, 19 April 1775
3. The rout and decimation of British regulars attempting to return to Boston by armed, American colonial citizens, 19 April 1775.

"The shot heard 'round the world."

It is said history repeats itself.

Sometimes, violence IS the answer.

Anonymous said...

Do not go, please do not go.
Let VCDL send a couple three reps as they have in the past. The state reps know they have stirred up a hornets' nest. The absolute last thing needed is a bunch of guys with their tacticool clothing and some fools carrying to absolutely sway those few fence-sitters against you. Gang bangers and violent looking rednecks scare the hell out of the average suburbanite. Do not go out and present yourself as exactly the illiterate hillbillies the media says that you are.
For the love of God, next time show up on election day. Fifty two House seats and 20 Senate seats were lost to Democrats with less than 40% turn out.
Things may very well go kinetic, be prepared but do not wish for it

Anonymous said...

Aesop - I used to enjoy your blog. Now I just see you as a mouthy insulting little prick. You have no idea what we Virginians are planning or intend to do. Your insults to several people add nothing to the conversation.
Perhaps the anon you insulted earlier has done all his planning and training and ALSO wants to attend VCDL Lobby Day in Richmond. You really have no idea who is who and what they have done.
Something makes you smarter than thousands of Virginians? No.
I've played this tyranny game before around the world with more dangerous people than the current crop of democrats. Serious people who were trying to find and kill me for organizing resistance to their regime.
Just stay in California or wherever the hell you are.
It's your blog so go ahead and call me lots of names with colorful language. I won't be back - I'm sure you're glad to be rid of an idiot like me.
Best Regards to everyone else
Red in OleVirginny

DAN III said...

The voting booth is NOT the answer !

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before a Fall. So Red does a Hit and RUN away from discourse.

For those heading out there Jan 20th let me give you some idea what CAN REALLY HAPPEN.

First Virginia has those lovely license plate readers EVERYWHERE. They routinely check on patterns of use and thus for the data surfers they can easily pick up on the Thousands of extra license plates coming into the Trouble Area BOTH coming IN and Leaving IN REAL TIME. As I suspect most of you are NOT walking into Richmond with your battle rattle that means those license plates will give names and addresses of the OWNERS. Oh Yeah Rental Car... You have to give ID for that too friend.

Second everybody cell phone gives GPS data to the various Cell phone towers as well as the Police-NSA towers. The microphone you call with can and likely BE turned ON remotely if your in the Trouble Area. Oh but that much data... Nonsense the NSA supercomputers are quite capable of processing it all. That PLUS I suspect it's YOUR Cellphone that means that they will have your name and billing address.

Third if things stay REAL Nice and Polite DESPITE the Agents Provoking everything and the KKK as well as the Neo-Nazi's showing up to rant and rave (Good Luck with that) they will simply do some basic Facial ID (Like cross reference to your Oh.. Drivers License? Retired Military ID?) and Directional Microphone work to ID the leadership IF ANY. Those will get "Special Attention" LATER after the event cools off.

Fourth IF they decide your real trouble as in Kinetic trouble those little red dots OR NOT from the many police snipers will occur. But then again some folks really want to get "That Ball Rolling" AKA Boston Massacre 2.0 Virginia Edition. As a Trauma Specialist I wonder how many of you will end up on my surgical tables. I guess it's not a bad thing I will still be legally allowed to work UNLIKE the ones they ID as real trouble and find their bank accounts-credit cards-Retirement checks-drivers license and professional licenses frozen until you surrender to the Courts for processing.

Armed Insurrection is a whole NEW Level Lawfare (Not a Typo). The Feds WILL get involved and real time trouble for you AND your Family WILL occur.

For those that slept through the American Revolution classes THEY NEVER Marched UP to the British Governors House Armed Demanding anything. Yet somehow your comments make that seem like such a Good Idea?

I would LOOK HARD AND LONG AT ANYBODY advocating showing up Armed in a "Protest" Jan 20th 2020. It's a Fed Agents WET DREAM come true....

Anonymous said...

Telling people NOT to attend a rally because they "don't accomplish anything" is ridiculous advice. It's part of our rights as US citizens... to peaceably assemble to address our grievances with the government. Our 1st Amendment rights our our FIRST defense of our 2nd Amendment rights.... just as our 2nd Amendment rights are our LAST defense of our 1st Amendment rights. We are free citizens who should not fear exercising any of our rights. I'm in Texas not VA so I won't be attending. My brother will be attending since he lives outside of Richmond. Everyone is worried about the optics if it goes badly. What about the optics of not showing up? at the end of the day, too many of us sat on our hands and let immigrants over-run our country... now we complain that we can't win at the ballot box. Would we have all taken heed of this type of advice, Hillary Clinton would be POTUS.... The first rule of anything is that if you want to be heard, you have to show up.

It may do nothing more than reinforce to likeminded folks that there are others like us... but to me, that is sufficient. The VA legislature and Governor may not change their tune, but they cannot say that they didn't understand that there was any dissent for their decisions.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately you may very well be right, However 60-70 % turnout voting traditional values is a very powerful message t

Anonymous said...

Where in the real world is going to a 1 Amendment right to assemble PEACEFULLY to address our grievances to the Government Include carrying GUNS?

Let alone the foolishness of Neo-Nazi's and KKK smearing the Good Peaceable Folks Assembly with their toxic noise? Seems we cannot even Prevent them from adding to the show after all they have 1st AD rights too eh?

If you wonder where I'm getting this Anonymous 10:16 look at the some 50 other postings. A LOT of Guns and chatter about "progressing from shooting at little red stars to Shiny Badges..."

A well groomed "Normal Respectable Looking" group of people with the training NOT to respond to provoking attempts of Antifa and Neo-Nazis etc. With a single news spokesperson as not to give CNN even more trash to stir up YOUR Assembly would generate some real results.

BUT who can keep out the guns in this assembly? They would serve no real purpose aside from GIVING JUSTIFICATION for the Police Snipers efforts.

CNN byline the crazed Militiamen fired upon the police FORCING them to retreat with casualties, Marine Helicopters and Snipers were called in to subdue them before they fled...

Otherwise as I posted before your going to give the Feds-Deep State their wettest dreams of stomping a rebellion before it gets going. I BET somebody is LOOKING at this "event" as a TICKET to His-Her-It's PROMOTION just like Waco TX.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous troll back again, and apparently I'm now also the biggest idiot God ever dropped on Virginia. High praise indeed. You assume I'm just now starting to react to gun control measures. You know what happens when you assume. I've done at least as much as you, if not more, to resist state and federal infringements over the last 30 years. This ain't my first rodeo.

But you are telling us to give up our right to peacefully assemble and ask for our grievances to be address. And you are tell us to give up our right to self defense when we assemble. And giving up these rights, which ensures the prohibition legislation, you are advocating for our right to keep and bear arms to be legislated against. What will you advocate next, that troops be quartered in our homes?

You don't know me, you don't know my neighbors, you don't know our NPT, you don't know our experience, you don't know our education, you don't know our training, you don't know our fitness levels, and you don't know our resources. You want to assume (there's that word again) we are the lowest common denominator so that you feel better about your lack of action when infringement cane to CA.

Aesop said...

1. I don't know all the idiots in Virginia. But you sound like you could at least make the playoffs.

2. I assumed nothing.
You said you're ready to do something now. So if you lied, exaggerated, or misspoke earlier, that's on you.
If you've done anything prior, I must have missed the press release about the graveyards you've filled, and the body count of "shiny badges" you've racked up.
Anything else you've allegedly done is no more and no less than what's been done by the "cowards" you tried to call out in multiple other states have also done, in many cases much better and harder than you, and for longer. Oh, and that'll be a ten yard penalty and loss of down for moving the goalposts. Nice try.

3. No one's told you to "give up" anything, soopergenius. Scroll up and re-read.
Learning comprehension: still a thing.
I did suggest rather pointedly that doing the stupidest thing you could do, and clearly the most futile, asinine, and borderline deranged, is probably a really bad idea. Thanks, yet again, for justifying the exact dedication in my title to this post. Stop trying to justify your deliberate stupidity and pig-headedness by wrapping it in the Constitution and the flag. Another 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

4. "you are advocating for our right to keep and bear arms to be legislated against. What will you advocate next, that troops be quartered in our homes?"
No, I'm doing no such thing. Only a Johnny-come-lately to this blog would even suggest it. Straw Man Fallacy: Another 10 yard penalty.

Aesop said...

5. You don't know me
I know you're an idiot, but that's only from three responses.
you don't know my neighbors
I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, unless they think like you, in which case they're idiots too.
you don't know our NPT
Your Non-Proliferation Treaty? National Pipe Thread? Nitwit Planned Tactics? Be more specific.
you don't know our experience
Your experience at stopping this from happening, and instead getting your ass handed to you by the legislature that you lost to is public record. Your experience in armed insurrection is nil. Yet somehow you think you're going to progress to that on a weekend afternoon, flawlessly, and prevail.
you don't know our education
Well, you can spell, but that's about it so far.
you don't know our training
You're training for what? What sort of a goatrope did you have in mind?
You don't know our fitness levels
Based on what can be observed, not fit to pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel would seem to cover it.
and you don't know our resources
Rest assured, I know you well enough to tell that you're all clearly just about smart enough to turn this into the mother of all clusterfucks, and march right into the Little Big Horn with your 7th Cavalry pennants snapping in the wind. Three cheers!
You want to assume (there's that word again) we are the lowest common denominator
Everything you've written thus far shouts "lowest common denominator" from the rooftops. After that, no assumption of your status is necessary, whatsoever.
so that you feel better about your lack of action when infringement cane[sic] to CA.
They are multiple lawsuits progressing through the federal courts against pretty much every aspect of infringement in Califrutopia. We've won most of them, and they're liable to end up at SCOTUS, because like your state idiots, ours won't take no for an answer either. Two or three more Trump appointments to the Ninth Circus, and that may not even be necessary, for the next thirty years.
So tell the class who's spearheading your legal drive to get your infringements halted before they start? Anyone? Beuller?? Ferris Beuller...? Thought so. You've got nothing.
But noting your typo, above, I can see I was wrong. You can't spell, either.
So, did you really want to talk about the weather, or just make chit-chat?

Aesop said...


To quote no less eminent authorities than Eric Stratton and John Blutarsky,
"It's time for a truly meaningless and futile gesture,...and you're just the guys to do it."

If you're really an idiot, yes, you're right, I'm glad to be rid of you.

I'm sorry you feel it necessary to skip straight to ad hominem without any attempt to justify the upcoming foolishness, and live up to my worst expectations about the idiots flocking to this nonsense, but perhaps you really can't think of anything smarter to do.
The last refuge of stupid people is always digging in their heels when shown they're wrong. Which always pays such handsome dividends when they go through with that.

Most - probably 60-80% - of them turn out to just be chickenhawks, egging other people on with shittalk they have no intention of actually carrying out, and 97% of the rest may mob up at first, but turn to chickenshits when the pain starts.
Only the bottom 3% triple down, and ride the train right over the cliff.

But 100% of them wish they had been someplace else when it's all said and done.
Too soon foolish and too late wise is always a piss-poor prognosis.


Anonymous said...

Well I can't be THAT big an idiot, Aesop, I've been reading your blog for years.
You want so much for us in VA to be unsuccessful, that I have to ask, why? Why are you so desperate for us to stay home? Why are you so worried that we go to Richmond armed (as we've done every year for Lobby Day)? What are you so afraid of?

You continue to call me an idiot and disparage my neighbors. Why? Your fear that we may be successful is palatable.

Bracken calling me the biggest idiot God dropped on Virginia is certainly a high point of my efforts to preserve Liberty in this state. I'm humbled considering that others have worked much harder than I, and they too will be at Lobby Day. I'm sure he holds them in higher disdain.

Anonymous said...

Odd Anonymous 2:30 AKA maybe Red? I did not notice anybody armed at the Lobby Day I was at? Were they carrying concealed so well?

I am not Aesop but I am pretty sure that both of us would be overjoyed if somehow the Democrats came to Jesus and with drew all their evil anti-gun legislation because well for ANY REASON.

Aesop could correct me for speaking out of turn AND I am Man enough to admit when I am wrong unlike it seems yourself...

But He doesn't want you to FAIL, I have reread all the posts and He has never Said a single word that even suggested it.

He is just pointing out why your Armed "Peaceful" (what an Oxymoron) assembly to "get the Ball Rolling" (your words Sir)with a potential of a Boston Massacre (again your words)event seems to be a REALLY BAD IDEA. Adding to that the comments about shooting shiny badges well how clever is that?

Every policeman I know would treat you as a Mad Dog for those PUBLIC comments. They are a tad sensitive about getting shot doing their job.

If perchance your Not Red please forgive me BUT your GOING to an Armed "Peaceful" event with folks that THINK LIKE THAT. Is that a good idea to be associated with folks that aim to act out? Just ONE Moron Brandishing let alone accidently firing their weapon COULD generate a Fire Storm of 5.56 and 7.62 (depending what weapons the police snipers use). Got any Grand Kids or such that will miss you?

I personally don't want a bunch of Armed hotheads in battle rattle mixed with maybe uninvited KKK and Neo-Nazi's showing the world that the Militia is a dangerous bunch of racist-crazies. Nothing like guaranteeing that Modern Sporting Rifles and Militia would be banned wholesale ALL over this country due to your "event".

You seem incapable of thinking you might be simply wrongheaded about your Armed Resistance event you spent so much internet time promoting.

Or maybe you are a 3 letter employee trying to get a bunch of currently law abiding folks to walk into the Dragons Lair for a good solid drubbing?

Who vetted you? Your area is awfully close to DC and the recruitment stations for the 3 letter agencies.

All that said I REALLY Don't Need all the Over Time I'm going to get patching up those that survive this Armed "Peaceful" event inside the Dragons Mouth.

asIMust said...

Hey, have any of you guys in VA thought about usurping them? How about marching a blackface dude and a hooded dude together wearing a sing for for 2A signs? How about a bunch of guys/gals/it's gas lighting as homos with "protect my rights" signs? How about a bunch of 'teachers' with "I want to protect myself against school shooters" signs. When you already know the other side has infiltrated ours, why not gaslight them? Why not just take their freakshow, mind blow them with freaks supporting our guys, and parade them? It is what they do. Rules for radicals right?

Aesop said...

Anybody dropping in here can certainly be that big an idiot.
There's no MENSA test to click on the site, nor to comment, as recent days have shown.

But to think I want VCDL to fail is moronic Opposite Day bullshit in the extreme.

What I'd love for them to do is succeed wildly.
I'd like to see Gov. Blackface and the coterie of idiot minions that took over the VA legislature kicked right the fuck out next election, so hard they have permanent sole-tread marks on their fat asses.

Of course, that would require careful thought, not grandstanding jackassery.

But that success isn't going to happen if, based purely on every other demonstration in VA in recent memory, you hold a Moron Posse Goatrope and Clusterfuck, and a halftime show of twenty monkeys trying to fornicate with a football, with weapons, in the state capitol, after thoughtfully announcing it to all comers, so that the people who want you fail spectacularly - attention whores, lunatics, open racists, and the entire other side of the political spectrum that currently outvotes you in your own home state - can monkeywrench your whole rodeo a hundred different ways.

You want you to fail, and you're charging full steam ahead for that iceberg.

You've got maybe one chance in four (I'm being optimistic) not to shoot your eye out, three chances in four to conduct an epic clusterfuck, ranging from bad to horrible, and a razor-thin shot, from pure random chance, of anything even slightly good coming of it.

This is like fundraising by buying a powerball ticket.
VCDL managed a grassroots effort at the county level, none of which included hootin' and hollerin' jackholes toting their bangsticks and threatening cops with execution, and it worked. Huzzah. MOAR.

Now you want to try an Open Carry Retard-Fest in Richmond, because state legislatures are so well-known to laugh off people bringing their rifles to discuss politics thereabouts.

For the last month, the entire country has watched your elected nitwits bringing in cases of dynamite and barrels of racing fuel to this party, and now your side has thoughtfully volunteered to show up to that with lit torches.
And that penny has yet to drop with you or any number of like-minded nitwits.


The only thing I'm afraid of is that you'll cement the flipping of VA into a permanent state of affairs, convince any number of people sitting on the fence that every gun owner in the country is the exact jackholes they've been quietly worried about, and you'll set 2A efforts back nationwide about 20 years.

"Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

grey said...

great post Red in OleVirginny. You and the others are resolved to try this, nothing wrong with that. I hope it works. I don't know the future no one does.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh it looks like Red changed his name to Grey to salute himself? Same writing style, same bland message. Fed Chat 101.

"I hope it works"???

Hope and Change WHERE DID I hear that before? Oh yeah Obama....

"You and the others are resolved to try this, nothing wrong with that."???

Hey 3 letter agent your post even sounds like a sweet nothing as in "I'll respect you in the Morning Dear" nonsense.

Nothing wrong with sending other folks into harms way eh?

Friends TAKE PICTURES of the folks telling you to "Do Something". That way WHEN they flee the scene leaving you holding your GUT Shot Buddy your family can find them for a "discussion". YOU however if you survive the Boston Massacre 2.0 Richmond VA you and yours will be up to your neck in legal issues, and prison time.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not red, I'm sure he is a better man than I am. And yeah, you don't see arms because concealed is concealed, and we don't wear camo, open carry long guns, nor wave confederate flags. But we do show up. And you say you want us to succeed, but are begging us to stay home. How do you propose we be successful if we don't even show up?

You've called me a troll and you've called me an idiot, for no reason other than we are going to show up, and not be Charlottesville (or Berkeley or Portland), and you are worried about the optics, like they still matter.

So should I just wait until I'm the 90 year old vet in Bracken's "Virginia Checkpoint", or worse, the family man that refused to allow the illegal search of his vehicle with his family with him? Those might be your choice for your future, but they ain't mine.

So no, we are going to Richmond, and it may be a shit show, but again, at least we've done something to move the ball. You, on the other hand think we should wait until we have bullet buttons on our ARs and background checks on our ammo purchases. I'll sA this about California; if you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning.

Anonymous said...

Anon what's the matter with sticking with Grey?

If your not a troll then I am mildly surprised. It IS non-troll like to at least man up and respond so I should give you the benefit of the doubt here. I am LOOKING forward to you answering clearly my next few thoughts.

When I showed up at an earlier Lobby day there were only a few WELL Dressed Professional looking people to talk about Gun issues. No guns to be seen. And if I remember correctly THEY have been successful in getting gun laws more towards the Constitution. There was no KKK or Neo-Nazi's around to smear the good name of ordinary Law Abiding Gun owners.

SO PLEASE Explain to this old retired medical soldier HOW your Grandstanding ARMED "Peaceful" (Still a Oxymoron) event WITH KKK and Neo-Nazi's PLANNING to get to the "BIG SHOW (tm) going to do better than the quiet Professional efforts before them?

Why do I know they are coming? Some have asked me to be there for the "Big Show"(tm). I politely declined and no doubt they will disrespect me for that but I'll live. Those extremists are LOOKING FORWARD (their own words) to shoot up those....

So HOW do you PLAN on preventing even ONE IDIOT from brandishing their Gun? Let alone shooting off a shot in this "Move the ball" event? You cannot even prevent unannounced KKK and Neo-Nazi's from arriving in full flags and goose stepping pride...

OR is it YOUR INTENT to set the fires of Liberty free BY doing just that sort of thing?

Your not a troll so as an old retired soldier I ask you to explain your Mission Statement.

Aesop said...

Got it.

You know who 100% of "we" is.
There will be no racist @$$holes in "we".
There will be no attention whores in "we".
There will be no feds in "we".
There will be no agent provacateurs in "we".
There will be no long guns getting waved around by "we".
There will be no camo amongst "we".
There will be nothing but sunshine and lemon gum drops and church moms in "we".
No protesters will have a green light to rough up "we".
The cops will do their duty and protect "we".

Because Richmond is different than Charlottesville.
(And communism would work too, if only they had the right people doing it.)

And you know this because VCDL, with no planning for adversity, or even bare contingency, no vetting, nothing pro-active, nor the slightest fucking clue about what they're walking into eyes wide shut, has thrown what was a minimally effective small event open to the entire fucking universe, with the call to everyone with legs and an agenda, to come join this year's rally.


The miracle with that sort of idiocy will be if it it's not a total shit show, and you don't end up with a casualty count, if not an actual body count.

But yes, you'll show up, and you'll "move the ball".

That's known in soccer as an own goal, and in football as a safety.

It scores two points to the other team, and then they get the ball.

Best of luck with that plan.
The enemedia is salivating for the chance to hand the microphone to any 10 anti-gun groups and spokesholes five minutes after this becomes a debacle.

If there were two functioning brain cells at VCDL, they'd cancel the planned Shit Show, throttle it back to what they've done before, and change the date of the smaller event to screw up the opposition. Ideally, a couple of days earlier, to catch the opposition flat-footed, and wring out anything you're liable to get, besides polite nods and a pat on the head from the reps who have no reason to listen to you at all.

Just because you've organized the Little Big Horn, you all aren't obligated to ride right into it. But that would require admitting you got in over your heads, and doing your thinking with your dicks.

But I think no such horseshit about what Virginia should settle for. In reality, the VA legislature is going to skip bullet buttons and dopey pretzel stocks, and skip right back to outright bans. Well-played!

And California, despite its multitudinous flaws, never racked up a casualty count for this kind of stupidity, and we never regarded sacrificing our own people to accomplish nothing as the cost of doing business. Anybody itching for that, on either side, is a thorough-going jackass who should be dick punched, regardless of how small that target is.

Wear those ears and tail with pride, genius.

And tell us you've already made plans for flowers for anyone injured or killed when the frothing moonbats on both sides turn this into the exact shit show you're all aiming at holding.

'Cuz that'll show those poor boobs in 49 other states what this is all about, won't it?

God forbid you think of any twenty smarter activities you could do instead of beating your heads against a wall that would actually make your efforts more effective, harden it, and give it some longevity, now and going forward, when you have the chance to pour gasoline on yourselves and strike a match.

Just to make total ashes of yourselves.