Friday, May 4, 2018

First Aid - Orthopedic Injuries and Splinting

Hour 10 and 11

Bonus Reviews:

Warrior Skills Level 1 , pp. 3-72 through 3-75
First Aid, pp. 4-1 through 4-21

Splinting Basics:
* Immobilize the joint above and below the injury
* Splint, Padding (always!), and Ties
* Nerve, Movement, and Circulation checks Before and After
(Can you feel it? Can you wiggle it? Is there a good pulse?)
* Immobilize extremities after splinting
(Slings and swathe, buddy taping digits, good leg/bad leg, etc.)
* High index of suspicion for spinal fracture/spinal injury

There are literally dozens of YouTube videos on spinal immobilization; these two work for me to get the points and principles across:

Until you've done this with training materials, a manikin or willing victim, and assistance, you haven't learned this. Practice, practice, practice.

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