Tuesday, January 14, 2020

"Cities Will Burn..."

From Project Veritas.

Bernie campaign staffer talks about burning cities and loading the opposition into boxcars. Like good socialist commies do, every time they win. True for national socialists. True for international socialists.
"We're willing to go above and beyond what the law says is acceptable..."

Yeah, asshole, we noticed. That's why we have guns, and you'll only be getting them from us one way: bullets first. We're ready and willing to re-educate you too.

Project Veritas.
Doing the real journalism that FakeNews at ABCNNBCBS won't do.


Anonymous said...

No surprise there. Stiil, God bless Brother O'Keefe and company. There might be a few folks swayed by such who didn't recognize the enemy before this, but the operative word is few. Many of us saw the nature of the enemy long ago.
Stacking is good, but be sure to be expending your training allowance too. Scoped rifles dope confirmed last week; this week is IA drills with carbine and sidearms.
Boat Guy

John Wilder said...

Very nice that they're saying what they really mean. I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. America (and all the ships at see) will take notice before they start lining people up against the wall?

Thankfully gulags pay a living wage.

Aesop said...

@John Wilder,

Like another certain group, 98% of Dems give the other 2% a bad name.

gwalchmai munn said...

Leftists threats to burn northern Democratic strongholds doesn't exactly make me quiver...

Jethro said...

What's really hilarious and sad is that he has all this vitriol for Trump Supporters but that's not who cheated Bernie in 2016. It was Hitlery and her minion Debbie Ramen Schultz (aka give me Imran's laptop back or there will be consequences).

June J said...

The only difference between Sanders’ campaign worker and the other candidates is that he vocalized his intentions. All of them want the same things but just aren’t as open about stating it.

Anonymous said...

Gun control, because people will not willingly get in he boxcars.

Anonymous said...

You know, if I were talking to this dude, and thought he was halfway serious, I'd probably drag him out back an club him like a baby seal.

It's really astonishing how little history these nobs know. Dudes like this are the very first thrown up against the wall by their heroes.

Anonymous said...

While it maybe kind of funny to say

" their Leftists threats to burn northern Democratic strongholds doesn't exactly make me quiver..."

Do you think of the side effects? For every hard core leftist in Milwaukee there are at least 20 + fairly decent good neighbor types living there. Trump did VERY WELL THERE.

Aside from that trouble always has litters of flaming kittens that run around starting trouble elsewhere. Like maybe YOUR Area?

Like Electricity? First thing LOST when things get spicy. THEN you can Kiss-Hug-whatever your Diabetic Friends and any older members of your family living on medical support, old folks home, hospital as they pass with in days. Insulin needs electricity or it goes bad. Easily a 10+% loss of population in the first few days here.

THEN IT GET BAD... like in NO Truckers BAD.... TOO Dangerous for them to work let alone Leave their Family's to work.... No FOOD to your area, maybe be plenty a sate over there BUT your eating whatever YOU HAVE ON HAND Right NOW.

OH Did I mention WATER? Maybe SEWER Issues? Every town and city needs weekly or biweekly DELIVERIES of Water Purification Chemicals. Every town and cities sewage system NEEDS Power AND Chemicals. CAN you say UNTREATED Poop everywhere especially Down stream from these places.

Maybe your PLAN to go fishing and drink from the rivers might not be healthy? Think the Deer and such that DRINK from these rivers will be safe to eat?

Civil War IS NOT CIVIL and the women and children take the worst of the Hammering from it.

Make REALISTIC Plans on how to PROTECT your family during the spicy times a coming.

Monty James said...

Next one has dropped:


Leonard Jones said...

I'm not sure it has been verified, but the photo of the general shooting the
VC is supposed to have a backstory. I was told the VC terrorist wiped out
the generals whole family in a raid.

Goose said...

As a Boomer I remember the riots of '68. This semi-neo-quasi idiot is a child or grandchild of the rioters or their supporters. They never went away just repackaged like stale dog sh*t on the sidewalk. They never did anything but support every MURDERING commie for all of their lives and nothing has changed. The normies do not believe anyone could behave like that just as those stuffed into the cattle cars in '38-'45 did not believe. Ho Chi Min was a freedom fighter and the boat people were deluded ask any graduate of the reeducation camps. Pot Pol was also a freedom fighter and some number (5 million or so) of the residents got their freedom via the long sleep. THIS GUY GOT CAUGHT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR FUTURE PLANS. BELIEVE HIM

Aesop said...

@Leonard Jones

Gen. Loan was head of the RVN National Police.
The recipient of street justice, Lem, was the head of a VC "Revenge Squad" that had been busily roaming Hue, executing police officers in the province capitol, and/or family members, and was found over bodies of several civilians in one of many mass graves filled by such VC death squads during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

Lem, being an un-uniformed illegal combatant, was summarily executed for those killings, not of Loan's family, but of many of his men and their families. (The VC killed hundreds to thousands of civilians in Hue before they were defeated, something Walter CrankHype forgot to mention to America when he announced that we had lost the war on the evening news. The graves were found as each section of the besieged and overrun city was liberated, concluding approximately a month later.)

Lem's graduation photo as his mind was opened remains the archtypical poster child photo of a truly Good Communist, and we will meme it every chance that presents itself, until Hell freezes over, and ideally, until Lem has a few million new neighbors with similarly freshly opened minds.

Dulce et decorum est.

15Fixer said...

The demon-rats in the Virginia legislature remind me of the Sam Adams quote...
"If ye love wealth better than liberty,
the tranquility of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or your arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

T-Rav said...

Not to go off-topic, but Northam has now (illegally) banned guns from Monday's demonstration in Richmond, claiming there are credible reports of his operatives...I mean, white nationalists and militia fringe types planning to attend and incite an incident.

Remind me again why going to this protest is a good idea?

Unknown said...

The pro 2nd Amendment group will not take any actions of armed resistance to the leftist/communists until that first group of conservatives/pro 2nd Amendment folks are put against the wall so to speak or sacrificed by some other communist method. Then and only then will the real action begin.

Aesop said...


It's worse than just banning weapons:


Anonymous said...

Anon at 1335 reminded me of a little piece of trivia post Super Storm Sandy. It was reported during the fun that the average family had 3 days worth of food on hand when the storm hit. Yep.. 3 days. This must be a key factor in any calculations and a good reason to live as far away as possible from a city of any size.

A.B. Prosper said...

1:35 Anon

Its going to be hard to get anyone thinking about posterity or the long term as US fertility is at the lowest point ever in its history and the TFR is below replacement, nearly at doomsday level (below 1.6 for Whites) Essentially as a society all races have given up on America and only inertia and the looting hold it together

As for the situation at hand, the #1 job of the Dissident Right isn't prepping or organizing war bands or anything else like that. That is the "whelp we are so doomed" approach. Its job is in essence to do what President Trump's slogan claims to do. Make America Great Again or more properly a great place to raise a family . Its policy all day long and working to get that policy

Be the opposite of Antifa basically, they have goals its just the ones they espouse would make things worse.

MAGA properly means taking away some freedom (easy divorce for one) and building an economy where people can easily afford to live in the 80% of the nation that is urban. If you don't? You get what we've seen for a tad under half a century, below replacement fertility

Problem is that so many of the rebel right basically want the 1776 minrachist Constitution which is unfit for purpose. Its poorly written, inadequate for the real population (not homogeneous, religious or moral) and put together in time with more in common with the times of King Arthur than the Cyberpunk work we live in.

The long and short, no one wants this. Most people want a State that benefits them and can work to protect people to a degree . Now few people other than these violent dregs wants Communism either but Social Democracy which is what we have now sort of is what people want.

All the Founding Fathers Quotes in the world aren't going to help , your boot or theirs, choose wisely.