Monday, January 20, 2020

Thanks For Wasting Your Time

The bright red tactical woobie is a nice touch.

Well done, Tard Army.
With a total lack of planning, and a 25% chance, you had a "success".

IOW, you didn't kill yourselves or anybody else (and hey, sincere condolences to the wingnuts and "burn everything" jackhole keyboard commandos who were salivating for just that), or shoot yourselves in both feet.
While they were in your mouth.
If we set the bar that low, this was a "successful" rally.

And if you'd stayed home, how much of that could you have accomplished...?
That would be the same exact "success".
Wizard move there.

I mean, I hate to hurt your pwecious feeeeeewings, but we had guys in boot camp who managed to crank out three whole pull-ups in Week One, all by themselves, and I'm a little hazy, but I'm pretty sure no drill instructors gave them any awards for that.

But at least you didn't get anyone hurt, or rack up a body count, this time.
So there's that.

And so sorry for the Perennially Butthurt, but there was nothing "brave" about doing something this futile, pointless, and stupid. This was a live-action YouTube video of someone doing some jackassical stunt, and not doing the full monty faceplant. That's not brave, it's lucky. And foolish beyond description.

You yakked about how you needed to "face down" TPTB.
And how you had to exercise your First Amendment rights.
But it turns out they were never in any jeopardy, and the minions of TPTB were the souls of discretion and politeness. So if anything, you legitimized them more than yourselves. So now the questions for your organizers will be along the lines of "Why all the hyperbolic rhetoric and rifle-waving when the authorities showed you nothing but full respect and courtesy? Aren't you just a bunch of hysterical nitwits for blowing things all out of proportion?"

And then, you'll be standing there mouths agape, and nothing in your hands but your shortcomings.

Best after-action on the internet on this goatrope, bar none, per commenter riverrider over at Borepatch's blog:
"forgotten tomorrow and the dems will pass their agenda without a blink."

Zipper up, and pull your heads out.

So, what did you actually accomplish?

Did Gov. Blackface Babykiller "come to Jesus" and announce he's seen the light, and will abandon his plans to take your guns?
(The answer to that is "Fuck no!")
So that's a total fail.

Will the VA legislature stop passing gun restrictions in Old Dominion?
"Fuck no!"
Another fail.

No votes changed?
No bills pulled?
No gun grabbing stopped?

(REALITY) VA Democratic lawmakers— including House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn and Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw — told AP the rally wouldn’t impact their plans to pass gun control measures, including universal background checks and a one-handgun-purchase-a-month limit. Democrats say tightening Virginia’s gun laws will make communities safer and help prevent mass shootings

Well-played, Tards. So you accomplished absolutely nothing that would have advanced your cause, but you did wave your guns (and your dicks) around outdoors on a chilly winter's day on a three day weekend.

How much is that you accomplished?

We could stop there, but we're on a roll.

Did state and federal agencies hoover up license plates, cell phone metadata, pictures, and other metric fuck-tons of intelligence data concerning this rally?
"Oh hell yes!"
Epic Intelligence fail.

Did VCDL squander unknown resources pulling this off at the bare minimum level of "not shooting ourselves in the foot"?
"Oh hell yes!"
Logistics fail.

Did all concerned on the 2A side waste another month they could have been organizing at the local (local!local!) level, for what to do when TPTB actually  come for your guns?
"Oh hell yes!"
Training fail.

How many people will think this was your whole wad, and lose interest after your blazing "success"? Legions, who'll never show up for anything again.
Personnel fail.

How did any of this go according to your detailed plan, as opposed to just happening to work out because this time, you got lucky?
Command and leadership fail.

So, your command and leadership, personnel, intelligence, training, and logistics on the TardEx all got a "F". (These functions may ring a vague bell with some people.)
Take those grades together, and guess what the grade will be the next time you're evaluated by OPFOR, for keeps.

You're (still) a joke. A punchline. thought this was over today?
It hasn't even begun.
And the only club in your golf bag is "Winging it".

So it's another month later now, your war chest is emptier, and the legislative juggernaut is completely unaffected by anyone in VA stomping around outside a vacant governor's mansion and an empty capitol building, on a three-day holiday weekend.

" 'Murica! Fuck yeah!"

So to recap, no tea was thrown into the harbor.
No redcoats were fired upon.
But you want full credit, because this time, once in a row, since ever, no one got shot in the face for holding a snowball fight.

Walk tall.

Imagine the press release if this had been 1944.

(NORMANDY - June 6) Today, a massive armada of 4000 ships and 100,000 men sailed up and down the French coast, taunting the Nazis on shore, dropping their trousers, and slapping their bottoms, without actually landing. Asked how this was helpful to the Allied cause, Gen. Eisenhower said, "This shows the resolve of our side to fearlessly taunt the enemy when he was really not paying attention anyways. And, as a bonus, although we squandered hundreds of tons of fuel oil for our ships, we point out that none of them sunk, ran aground, nor crashed into each other, so we're declaring victory for the day."
Fooking tactical genius level videogame skillz there, boys and girls.
Pin medals on yourselves.

A run right up the middle, for 0 yards gained. 2nd down and 10. Woohoo.
But but but...we didn't fumble and cough up the ball!!!

So hey, thanks for doing nothing, and courting disaster unsuccessfully, while providing hundreds of photo ops for the media to use for the next year or two, giving the fusion centers an extra Christmas load of intel to chew on, while hindering what you're supposedly against not one fucking whit, nor organizing seriously to oppose it exactly 0% over where you were in December. You wasted a month you can't spare on a pointless stunt.

This is how baboons fight: everyone hoots and hollers, and some shit gets flung, but no one actually accomplishes anything.

And the Feebs successfully tagged you for white supremacy and trying to bring machineguns to the rally four days in advance, totally justifying - in the eyes of the media, the opposition, and no small number of uncommitted Normies you're theoretically interested in swaying to your side - the "whackjobs with guns" state of emergency.

A few more pyrhhic "victories" like this, and the war's over, right guys?


One day, someone on the 2A side may realize this isn't a game, and note that neither time nor resources are infinite, and actually start behaving as if they ought to do something more effective than emulating the lamester hippies of the 1960s, and actually, y'know, accomplish something more constructive than having a gun love-in.

But the overwhelming likelihood at that point, is he'll also realize he's dealing with retards nominally on his side, give up, and just roll over and play dead. Or head for the hills, and live in a bunker.

On a state level, all you could organize was "Hey, everybody, show up on Monday in three weeks and don't step on your dicks or act like jerks." Probably 90% of them managed that. Don't pat yourselves on the back too hard. Millions of people manage that every day, when they show up for movies or go to the mall, with no supervision whatsoever, and no lead time.

To date, your only real forte is at the local/county level.
Focus on building that.
If Gov. Babykiller comes (or, more realistically, sends his minions) to get your guns, they aren't going to give you three weeks' notice beforehand.

Based on this morning, and everything to date, you'll do f**k-all NOTHING, because doing anything on that day is far beyond your barest capabilities.

That penny will drop for you, but probably only when it's too late, and they're already kicking down your front door.

You didn't win anything today, because you were once again playing in the street.
And nothing you want will be won there, least of all by holding clusterf**k circle-jerks.
No matter how many of them you do.


Jethro said... that it's over, time to move on to next stage. Start deputizing within the 2A sanctuary counties. Get ready for the long siege.

Fred ∆ said...

I'm glad you got something out of it. And at least this particular TardEx is freaking over.

Anonymous said...

Time to leverage the sanctuary movement to its full potential and frame the argument within failures of the VA legislature to engage all of its constituents.

Deathray said...

There are better ways to say it my friend. Like it or not I was one that did the same thing in D. C for the Tea party rally. Even ended up running for public office and scored 2 wins. Yes, found out the hard way that the dice are most definitely loaded. We all know what's going to happen down the road. When? Who knows. The folks there today are our allies, and they were brave to show up with all the dire predictions.
Brother, I understand what you're saying. I just don't think now is the time for us to alienate anyone who believes in this struggle.
Thanks for your blog. Love it and look forward to reading it. Hope you're not offended and if you are sorry for doing that to you.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Antifa didn't come out to play.
That was where 90% of the trouble was going to come from.
Maybe the VCDL was able to reason with their public leaders?
Knowing that you face thousands of armed people would make any opposition think there were better opportunities with less chance of waking up dead.

The Progressive Establishment Saboteurs, excuse me, the appointed Senior Law Enforcement Officials couldn't cause mayhem when Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the other crazy progressive street punks stay away. They had no chance to force problems by pushing antagonist groups together like they did in Charlottesville in 2017. They had no abilty to stir up trouble by placing agent provocateurs into opposing groups.

The only remaining problems were the crazy and the tactards, which the responsible gun owning protesers were able to control without law enforcement management AKA interference.

I am very glad that none of the dire problems I was concerned with actually happened.

T-Rav said...

I'm with the others. It was a waste of time, but let's be thankful that's *all* it was, and get on with the local organizing end of things.

15Fixer said...

It would be nice to harness all that energy and enthusiasm into....
1. Start collecting signatures for Recall petitions.
2. Start recruiting viable, realistic candidates to run against the unopposed demonrats in the entrenched bureaucracy
3. Kick the shit out of the dead elephants to fund said candidates
4. Keep the energy and enthusiasm going into campaigning for said real candidates

The Democrats want you dead and gone, and your culture not just destroyed but forgotten. To finish the job, they need to take your guns from you. They have already stolen your votes by importing millions of foreigners and federal government drones. They silence your voices from the media. They hide the crimes commit against you in the news. Their corrupt judges rule from the bench with an iron fist in a black robe. They bankrupt you with inflation and debt.

When the soap box has been burned,
When the ballot box has been stolen,
When the jury box has been corrupted,
That only leaves Pandora's box.

May God have mercy upon their souls, for we must have none.
God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but more in your professional wheelhouse,

What do you think about the new Chinese Coronavirus outbreak?
It doesn't seem to be a high fatality or crippling disease from reports so far?
But it has spread from Central China to other Asian countries already.

Anonymous said...

People need to do more pushups and less typing. Thousands of lives would be better if that would happen.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey, Aesop! You BETTER post ALL my mouth-breathing curse-filled comments, or else I'll act like an even bigger jackass moron, and then I'll get my own blog and rant and rave to the four winds, because you're being a big meanie! Anyone with a keyboard can do this, and I'll prove it!!!
- A. Fucktard

Aesop said...

You win. Knock yourself out, slick.
Blogs are free on Blogger, but if I was you, I wouldn't quit my day job.

ACY said...

Was curious if you would address any of your warnings that were off the mark, but I suppose that's not happening. Just more "See, I was right, everyone else is an idiot."

No neo-Nazi presence at all in all the photos i have seen. Why is that?

No violence incited by Antifa or any other leftist group. Why is that?

No agent provocateurs who were able to get anyone arrested or derail the rally. Why is that?

There are actual intel lessons to be learned from today.

We need folks to put out more light and less heat.

Have a good day.

Aesop said...

My warnings weren't off the mark.

If you want to take the lesson that if you can cobble up 22,000 people, 3/4s of them heavily armed, to avoid Antifa and the skinheads showing up, go on ahead and learn that lesson. But you'll also have to learn the lesson that it also took a highly-publicized FBI arrest, a complete abrogation of the Second Amendment, a police presence in the hundreds, fenced in enclosures, metal detectors, closing the airspace, and a massive subsurface deployment of local, state, and federal assets to get that, including soaking up metric fucktons of personal data on innocent Americans which FedGov will do Buddha-knows-what with, thus justifying the entire hysterical emergency declaration the governor did beforehand.

So, was that what you wanted to get on the record, and chat about?
Did you want to note that a total police state makes the trains run on time?
Is that the light you've been missing in this discussion?

And no, "everyone else" is not an idiot.

Just the people who thought this was a good idea, and/or showed up for it.
Hope is not a plan.

Some guy won the MegaMillions lotto last month too.
The lesson is not, therefore, that you should plunge your life savings into lottery tickets because someone got lucky once.

Beans said...

Well, Mr. Aesop, sir.

The people who showed up in Virginia did more for their cause than any of y'all did in California.

And they did it peacefully, cleanly, and across all races, sexes, and whatevers.

Showing the media that the people of the gun aren't gangbanging asshats, Illinois Nazis, Klansmen, IIIfudders and whatnot.

Seriously. What has to go right for you to say something nice without getting all mean and snarly and unhappy?

So far, let's see the big events that everyone would say would end in bloodshed...

Glen Beck's 9/12 rally on the Mall. For once the Mall was cleaner after than before the rally.

Any Trump political rally (well, violence caused by leftists most assuredly.)

Trump's Inauguration - that was supposed to end with most of Washington DC on fire (yet only the asshats on the left caused any issues that day and the following days)

Any Florida Carry-sponsored fishing with guns thingy.

Any gun-show...

Any rancher stand-off with the federales.

And, of course, the Virginia Gun-Rights rally.

So many dead bodies... So many rounds fired... so much blood...


Gee, it's almost like, you know, people who have guns are... (shhhh, don't tell anyone...) safe to be around. Even if they are stupid gun-larpers.

Do you think... maybe... you have a tad bit of Stockholm syndrome going on with you in California not being able to openly be a person of the gun?

Aesop said...

And accomplished what for it, Beans?
(BTW, I was addressing you, not answering the question.)

The Democrat anti-gun legislation will be passed, signed, and law anyways.
Just like here.
Just like NJ.
Just like MAssholia.
Just like NFY.

So then what?
Moar, harder?
Two rallies?

That will sure show them!

I am massively impressed with the circle-jerking powers of law-abiding citizens who own guns.

Accomplishing anything constructive or effective, not so much.
Their final grade is still a zero, so far.

Aesop said...

Also, "everyone" didn't say it would end in bloodshed.
But prove me wrong.
Link that imaginary quote.

Was the likelihood of it high?
Hell, yes.

So, just like ACY, all they did was "prove" that Gov. Blackface babykiller's hysterical emergency declaration, and calling out hundreds of police, and a dozen other draconian steps, were exactly the way to solve the violence problem.

Those brilliant Tards just made the gun-grabbers' case for them in spades.

"So if we only had more fenced in protest areas, and metal detectors, and gun bans, and cops, and no-fly zones, and cops, Cops, COPS out the yazoo, everything will be just peachy."

Well-played, Tard Army.

Liberals Against Reality didn't have to show up, VCDL carried a supertanker of their water for them!

ADS said...

Any political movement will have to enlist the normies. Normies are lemmings. 25k protesters signals the normies that this is an ok thing to be part of, especially considering the likely ratio of attendees to non attending supporters. If the protest drives normies to participate in more targeted political actions (ie recall drives/ 2A sanctuary organizing) then it will have been a success.
The protesters demonstrated that gun rights supporters are relatable normies and not fringe fashy whackjobs, who kept things orderly and peaceful despite buffalo jump ground prep.
Lefty/media predictions of violence and disorder shown to be outright fabrications, further eroding their credibility. They couldn't even find a single klan hood or swastika.
Anti-gunners put on notice that pro-gun side can grassroots mobilize two divisions of armed men with resources and motivation.
Was this the most effective action possible for the preservation of liberty? No, but morale + momentum + legitimacy is important and the protest helped those with no harm done.

Anonymous said...

"Those brilliant Tards just made the gun-grabbers' case for them in spades."
Ah... No, no they didn't. Proof is in the fact that follow-up stories, if you can find one, will be on page 17 of the newspaper next to the used car ads and the sale flier for the local hardware store. The reason the stories are lost to view is the MSM didn't have anything to spin. ADS has it right. The VCDL in spite of dire predictions, pulled it off. The "Tards" you are so quick to condemn are better than you think. They even picked up the trash. They had the courage to show up. They are motivated. Hopefully they can make a difference next election. Now, if in the next six months, there are 4000 raids on the homes of the people who's cell phones were pinged by the spooks... I will buy into your view. As for the Governor of VA. " Man, given brief authority, would do such tricks as would make the angles weep."

Anonymous said...

One defends their soil from their own soil. Period. Force Governor Buckwheat's or Orange Man's mercenaries to come to our soil. Do NOT be the aggressor.

Nullify and defy. Pray for partition. Prepare for war. If they start a war we fight like Matt Bracken advised. We fight like Mosby, NOT Pickett.

Montana Guy

Bad Dancer said...

Seriously who peed in your cheerios fella?

Is it not possible that some of these people will ride this high off their participation into local activity and support. Either searching out and joining local groups or starting their own?

We have a demonstrated positive relationship and experience between normal cops and heavily armed citizens along with reports of local cops and sheriffs getting mighty miffed at Capitol Police and Highway Patrol doing roll ups in their areas thanks to a video of them pestering an older gentleman.

There was a rainbow coalition of second amendment supporters there and even if the news won't run it you can't stop the signal and it will be out by word of mouth. People of all persuasions and make ups on camera and more importantly able to say "nah bro I was there and it didn't go down like that here's what I saw and did."

I understand that Northam didn't immediately remove the bills beg forgiveness and enter a monastery under a vow of silence and I understand that even more poisonous ones were put in but couldn't there be a faintest possibility that people will carry the momentum and work on them? I suppose you tell your sports teams not to bother with all those warm up games and bracket matches and that unless they win the championship from a cold start they're garbage too.

As a class let us go over lessons learned. What went wrong and why. You rightly have concerns over data gathering alright how do we go about combating that and the whys for those actions.

Maybe next time they'll pick you for team captain and you can show us all how its done.

Cynyr said...

I agree that much bad could have resulted. And I agree that much good was displayed. The fact remains, here at the end of the day, that you can't stop the steamroller of government, once It makes up It's mind.

Draconian affronts to rights WILL be imposed in Virginia. What are we going to do now?

Anonymous said...

I was expecting just a little humble pie from you Aesop, but you seem to have doubled down.
Nothing bad happened, and the media along with Gov Blackface were made to look like idiots.
The march won the day, no arrests, plenty of uniformed LEO's marching. You've by now seen the footage and can't dispute this.
You have some good ideas about combating the dicks in charge, but once in a while we all have to admit we were wrong.

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

I myself was convinced and in agreement with those like Aesop and Matt Bracken that this was certainly looking to be a disaster in the making.

Certainly all the apparent indicators were there that this could be another Charlottesville type disaster - fenced in kill box area for the 2A people, possible ANTIFA (some in MAGA and NRA attire) violence, violence against the 2A people and police maybe not protecting the 2A people and doing instead mass arrests of 2A people, a possible false flag operation where many 2A leaders and people on our side are killed, etc.

In my humble opinion it took a lot of courage to show up for the Richmond VA rally in the face of all that.

I was watching the Breitbart and Ruptly live streaming of the VA rally on and off from before 9 am to about 1 pm. Was delighted that nothing bad that was predicted happened.

Also yesterday there was a gun rights rally at the state capitol in Lansing, MI that was hastily put together in support of the gun rights rally in Richmond, VA rally.

There is a lot of value being around other people who are willing to show up at a rally. Looking around these are your brothers and sisters who are your side.

As to the massive police response, any time Traditional Americans protest anything the Progressive Leftists want it is going to result in a massive police response (Google "Police Snipers defend drag queen story time in Spokane Washington"). Citing fear of violence and crying to be protected by retraining orders, police response and the arrest for the most minor perceived affronts are the tactics of cry-babys, vindictive exes and progressives.

Please don't make fun of, demean, insult or criticize the sincere efforts and hard word and dedication of others who are on our side. Calling people Tards (short for retards) is childish.

Get back to us on the tactic of eschewing public rallies (aka playing in the streets) in favor of local politics when California flips back red - or at least we get the 51st State of Jefferson to separate from California

At this point I would like to insert the cute girl "Why not Both?" meme:

In my opinion I think the best response to this situation of no matter what we do oppose the progressives' increasingly insane demands, we are portrayed to be dangerous armed nut cases who deserve to be disarmed and locked up for the protection of others is as CA says at WRSA:

"Get and stay dangerous. There will be war. And not just in Virginia.".

Anonymous said...

Glad things turned out OK. Hope folks use the energy to accomplish something substantial now rather than fall back having "had their say". It was gratifying to see local cops ( Deputies mostly) and a broad spectrum of folks outside the wire.
Now folks need to get behind "Virginia 1-13" and get set up locally.
yeah it was a potential trove of Intel, sometimes you have to accept that. Even Matt Bracken goes in true name. I'd posit that TPTB are not omnipotent and for every face/license plate/ whatever they acquired there are still multiples they haven't
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

If this was such a great idea, why do anything else?

If this wasn't, why do it at all?

No one has yet come up with anything to justify doing it, period.

And if anyone is so bereft of basic common sense not to try any twenty better ideas instead, and thinks this was a roaring success because somehow it wasn't a total abortion, they still haven't got any idea of what they're doing, nor of what they should be doing.

That's why people will cheer failure and avoid hard work until disaster swims up and bites them in the ass.

Then it will be too late.

agadfly Jr. said...

“When the soap box has been burned,
When the ballot box has been stolen,
When the jury box has been corrupted,
That only leaves Pandora's box.” leaves us with only the cartridge box
to redress our grievances.

Virginia Granny said...

I know a lot of the people who went to Richmond and I am truly relieved that, despite the Governor's clear desire for instigation and confrontation, nobody was hurt. Aesop, the people are not "tards" or "stupid" or unimaginative. Everyone of the many I know personally are intelligent, law-abiding, country- and Constitution-loving people who felt that, before the Dems force a shooting war, they had to at least make the significant effort to be heard. The colonists did the same thing. Many times.

The extensive coverage showing perfectly normal, perfectly average people, armed and unarmed, protesting the fact that their God-given rights were being usurped by a power-mad government will IMO remain long after the Media lies fade away. When the Gov violated his authority to declare gun-free zones, called out massive police presence, and put up barriers to control what were clearly peaceful demonstrators, he showed how afraid they are and how desperate they are to physically control their own voters. I truly do not understand how any man born in this country, can justify depriving his fellow citizens of their Constitutionally protected rights just because a bunch of other people say it's OK.

That he took a victory lap and said the peace was due to his preventive actions was reprehensible. Some of the "normies" have got to have seen that. What is stopping him and his hencemen from treating EVERYONE that way? Nothing.

As I've said before, I seriously doubt if anyone believed that the unConstitutional legislation will be stopped by a rally. It will take many trips to the courts for that. I believe, ultimately, and prayerfully, that with Trump adding another 2A Supreme to the Court, the left will get exactly what they don't want - a clear reading of the 2A's "shall not be infringed," and a complete reversal of the anti-gun legislation. It has already started with the magazine legislation from California. I believe that that is one reason the proposed bill was pulled. Northam really wants to avoid going before the Supreme Court.

There is a proposed bill that would change the Gov's term of office from 4 to 8 years. That bill is extremely dangerous, maybe more so than any others being considered. I'm thinking that the Dems might let Northam slip away at the end of his term because he is so unpopular and carries so much baggage. They would then push the bill thru to affect their expected incoming replacement. This is something that has to be stopped.

I know that the people attending the rally took heart in seeing so many who would risk so much to stand with their brothers. If you think for one second that the people who went, INCLUDING POLICITIANS AND LEOs, did not know that they were personally at risk, both physically and from an INTEL standpoint, you are woefully naïve. Of course they knew. And yet they went anyway.

The failure of the Dems to respect their citizens WILL result in continued efforts to stop them at the local levels. The attention their "confiscation" rhetoric attracted (thank you, Beto O'Rourke) may very well have slowed down that bus. At least for now.

If they pass the registration bill and see statewide refusal to comply (which they will), while the legislation is challenged in the courts, they will have to rethink a lot of their strategy. The Dems may have million$ from Gun-grabbers, but grass roots money will come in.

I also think that after Trump's re-election, he will take on the anti-2A contingent and other unConstitutionalists. While I would like to see more and stronger tweets from him now, I understand that he's a bit busy.

So, meanwhile, we keep stacking.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Aesop. You're a top-notch storyteller, a truly solid analyst, and if I were in need of emergency medical care I'd want to be in your ER.

Seeing the future, though, seems to be a bit beyond your truly impressive sphere of expertise. Such is the lot of mere mortals. But I admire your willingness to do so nonetheless, and thank you for always being entertaining, informative, and even inspiring.

And you've got genuinely excellent taste in music.

Anonymous White Male said...

One of the problems with "protesting" in this day and age is that it always follows the play book set down by the protests of the 60's. ALWAYS! "What do we want? Fill-in-the-blank! When do we want it? Now!" "Hell no, we won't go!" The mindless lemming-like chants. The burning of bras. The airing of grievances by 3rd rate orators trying to grab their 15 minutes of fame. The obtaining of the permits. The cheaply made signs that are provided by unknown deep pockets. The March. Oh, we must have a March. The presence of law enforcement personnel, provided at chump's, I mean, taxpayer's expense. The posturing for narratives for face time on the Pravda channel. This is the way we must protest because it is the respectable way to protest. Plus, it saves us having to think up new, actually effective ways to protest. The only real question that remains is will the totalitarian synthesis be fascist/communist or communist/facist?

Anonymous said...

I say this with all the love in my heart, we need to wise up. If we continue to let our emotion and sense of “let’s show them” publicly to drive our decisions…we are going to lose, bigly.

Aesop and Matt are right. Perhaps things were said in a way that wasn’t conducive to herding this group of cats but right nonetheless.

Ask yourself if you object to the nuts and bolts of what these 2 men said, or the manner in which they said it. Take a day or two.

Do you also object to Remus? “Stay away from crowds”. Or Dodge, or others who warn of allowing the enemy to dictate the space and the time?

Is herding thousands of men into an enclosed space, unarmed and at the mercy of whatever whim of government or other opposing group very wise? On their ground, with their rules and with their armed security… isn’t tactically sound.

All these men saying “shall not comply” actually complied, at least the ones in the fence. What if the governor had declared all of Richmond gun free for that day? Would all attendees have complied?

Some I honestly feel wanted Richmond to go hot. If it had, each of those men would have been hunted down individually with the data that had been collected the moment they arrived. Facial, gate and voice recognition is very real. Plate scanners, phone scanners and social media was mined like a honey pot.

We are in a war, it is obvious. While some are still in the stage of beating swords on shields and yelling across the field, some realize a better course may be realized by being less visible and more decisive in planning and coordination of resistance.

Don’t let your investment in the rally cloud your understanding of what and how 4.5GW works,

Aesop said...

Careful, you two.

You go and start thinking, and the Idiot Posse will un-friend you.

Lawless said...

BTW, the long post above Aesop’s is mine, Lawless from NC Renegade. Didn’t want to be “anon”

Walter Zoomie said...

ADS: "Anti-gunners put on notice that pro-gun side can grassroots mobilize two divisions of armed men with resources and motivation."

This, I think, is the greatest aspect if this event.

Anonymous said...

To answer your questions above at 0837 Brother; if they were directed at me.
I don't think this is/ was the be all/ end all. VCDL held Lobby Day just as they have for nearly a generation. They had nearly if not all of the non-commie state Reps there and they did go into the Pocahontas building as they always have. IMO they are using the methods that worked well until the recent election changed the equation. The next election very well may change it back. They were refusing to be cowed by this slim majority.
And Lawless, before you get overwrought about " thousands of men" (and women BTW) unarmed and enclosed did you consider for a moment that for every one inside there were at least two outside? Nearly all armed, most with long guns?
So the real question is "What now?" It's done. Our folks were fortunate, that's for sure. We need to focus on unity - and I'd say those in the crowd experienced that. I hope all of us get serious and look to our own AO's our own tribes and sow brotherhood rather than division
Boat Guy

Wyomarine said...

First off, they got an army that can't follow orders. How many times was it posted to leave cammies and militia gear at home?
Then when they got there, saw LEO wearing face masks, does that not seem wrong to an astute person?
And the worst of it, the fat fucks running around like it was PCP (physical conditioning platoon, or otherwise known as the fat farm) who in the event of a fire fight, now become a liability to themselves and everyone around them. A 260 lb. walking heart attack in a 40 lb vest.
And then went home, slapping themselves for a great victory. So now what?, the other side didn't get scared off. You just did their reconnaissance for them.

bearcub7250 said...

Ya wanna know why this shit is doomed to fail? Every “gun nut” is bitching about their 2A rights and they’re not storming the castle over the confiscatory tax rates the .gov is shoving up our asses

Lawless said...

@anon12:48PM, This makes it tactically sound somehow?

If Richmond had been declared a gun free area by the governor would those men in the street have ignored it? Or disarmed like those inside the pen? Look, I get it, a rally was held and people are still on the high.

Think like Marcus Aurelius, not like George Custer.

Wyomarine said...

@Virginia Granny and Boat Guy;
Most of you folks have no idea of what you're getting yourselves into. You don't have the mind of a warrior, rather as naive cattle who just want good things to happen at family events.
What if things had gone hot INSIDE the fence, how many dead would there have been before any of the outside cavalry rode in to the rescue? And how organized would that rescue have been? More than likely a shooting free for all as everyone opened up, not even knowing where the actual shooters were.
You folks just can't get it thru your naive heads, NEVER, NEVER willingly walk into a kill zone, even when you have the best intentions, that fence was not put there for your benefit. You have no idea of tactics or military thinking, you don't have a clue of where a safe space is, or where you're being funneled into a kill zone. Applaud yourselves all you want, you were extremely lucky, this time.
And now everyone has a fat head from their great victory, let's see how long that lasts.

Anonymous said...

"So to recap, no tea was thrown into the harbor.
No redcoats were fired upon."

Hmmm ... I wonder if there were a bunch of people showing up to watch the tea get dumped, or the first battles with the redcoats. I'm thinking, yes. Because there was something incredible to see.

Now? All we have is the watchers who show up (they just don't know they're watchers) even when there is nothing to see. Especially when there is nothing to see. They think they are the something to watch, even as they accomplish nothing. They are their own bystanders, if that makes any sense.

One of my favorite movie quotes "If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk."

Yeah, I do wander.


Anonymous said...

Oh,the quote? Most would know that was Tuco.


Goose said...

There is a Comment "Don't just stand there do something even if its wrong, but don't just stand there". The rally was doing something where in most other states nothing was done and the laws exist and no organization exists either. It may not have been the best thing to do but it was probably not the worst either.

I am sorry for you that this did not turn into the Buffalo Jump you wished for but I for one am happy about that. Every one who attended was happy about that, I am also sure. History generally moves at a slow pace with fits and starts from time to time and this simply is one more act in this particular play. It took a while to get to CWI and will take a while to get to CWII. All of the actors have not chosen sides but when that happens it will begin.

If anyone wishes to know how it will really go there is a diary in the Library of Congress called "My Three Years with Quantrel". THTB will act as the Union Soldiers did but with more technology. The end result will be the same, they will rape and murder, but maybe a different ending can be written. But it always starts the same; frustration with government that rises to a killing rage.

Anonymous said...

You'll need the normies. Why? Because there just aren't enough of you. We all knew nothing would come of this politically. We also knew it wasn't a military operation, like you are pretending it was supposed to be. The number one thing to come out of this is that it was a show of support for like minded people.

Stryker4570 said...

Alright Aesop, let's hear your list of the half dozen or so things people could be doing that, in your opinion, would be far more effective. The nay sayers, and concern trolls, ranting about false flaggery and 'kill boxes' seem short on advice other than prepping, PT, and practice with your guns. If those concerned with the preservation of our rights hope to win anything, seizing the moral high ground is imperative. To have exhausted ALL legal means of redress before resorting to violence is a must, if you hope to sway the fence sitters and not be totally gutted and discredited by an antagonistic media and public perception. No shit we will never get a fair hearing in the media. However people who personally witness our actions will know the press is lying. They will tell others. Many times I wonder if half the bloggers and commenters aren't agent provocateurs in the employ of the government or others allied against, trying to egg on or provoke violence prematurely. So let's hear these brilliantly effective ideas to move forward and create the change we seek...

max blancke said...

I did not go, I did not see what there was to gain.

What I would like to see besides just criticism and sarcasm would be constructive suggestions. Not necessarily for the tactical tad types, but for regular, law abiding gun owners. The kind with homes and jobs and families.

We have been voting at them for a long time, but that does not seem to offer any long-term assurances.

Wyomarine said...

"but for regular, law abiding gun owners"
There's your first problem right there, a PC conformist. Some of you just can't wrap your head around being a rebel, a non-conformist, can you? Better learn to shake that shit off, or you'll be a dead law abiding gun owner. Winning is a mental thing ya know.

The Gray Man said...

They achieved nothing. All they did was make it out unscathed. They changed nothing because demonstrations don’t work for our side. So now their record is 1-1. Not so great when a win gets you nothing and a loss gets you, well, whatever happened at C’Ville.

Anonymous said...

Hey numbnuts using two words I value; you have no fucking idea what I (or Virginiagranny for that matter) have experienced and you sure as hell are not the arbiter of who has " the mind of a warrior" or not.
F'ing boot
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

I wonder if being focused on the VA non-2A sanctuary counties would be advisable? Lawyers, para-legals, law school students, administrators, clerks. People with special skills in small local voting cities or townships statutes and regulation of out of state donations to politicians or political parties? File Law suits, facilitate public exposure, (even small claim court actions) directed at corporations making anti-2A donations/funds and making share holders aware of the risks / optics for their stock holdings. Petitions for Writs of mandamus recall efforts e.g.?

It has the potential to hit where it hurts. As they say there's a world of difference between cover and concealment (which the msm provides).

Wyomarine said...

Numbnuts boat guy,
Your comments show anything but common sense or logic, why should I assume you have any.
And I'm far from being a boot.

Avalanche said...

Interesting thread. I'd ask y'all to read William Lind's book on Fourth Generation Warfare. "Written by the author of the Maneuver Warfare Handbook and an active-duty USMC officer with experience in Iraq, "4th Generation Warfare Handbook" is the doctrine for a new generation of war."

Don't still be preparing to fight the last generation of warfare! Complaining that "the people" showed up uselessly, and that, "since there was no violence, it means the demonstration sinks into the past with no notice and no effect” is old thinking. The "moral high ground" -- the only possible way to win today's and tomorrow's wars -- was made very clear. People all over the country -- the normies some of you disparage – got a eyefull of literally thousands of other normies, except with guns, risking what sounded like a possible firefight and death to make their point. That RESONATES. All of us not close enough to go and stand with them looked in wonder at how very many there are of "us" in just one state! And how many braves ones of us took the risk.

Over here in GA, some of us are looking at getting our county to declare itself a 2A Sanctuary. No, we're not in as active a state of threat ... yet! But VA's counties doing so gave such hope! That "useless PR rally stunt," as some of you seem to think, has provided hope and a path for action! (We wouldn't have thought to try to get 2A sanctuary status going, if not for seeing VA in extremis! And apparently some 6-7 Southern states are forming some kind of mutual-aid pact -– working for better action with larger numbers!

It's not yet time for the blood-and-fire to begin. If it starts, and THEN the gunowners refuse to do more than march and protest, rally and vote, you will have a point. But, most of us are still hoping we can somehow avoid the blood-and-fire. We can't... it's coming. Read Wm Lind's book, and see what it will look like, and what's needed to win!

Aesop said...

No sale.
Wasted effort, wasted time.
Zero effect.

They should have spent the time doing things that matter in the long run.
Gun Woodstock impressed no one, least of all the legislators for whom it was nominally intended. They're still merrily voting anti-2A laws into being.
They don't care.

If they'd had some goal beyond not shooting themselves in the foot, it might have been a plus.

But that was all they could pull off, and all they accomplished. And three weeks since, it did nothing worthwhile, in return for squandering the momentum they achieved before then without any such pointless rallies.

It wasn't 4GW, it was a '60s flashback.
No one's impressed by hippies today.
And you don't get to declare victory in this and then fade away.
You have to earn it.

You can't protest march reality into being.
And the reality is, TPTB want to take away gun rights, and nothing you say is going to stop them. They should be looking at doing, not talking, marching, and wishing.

22,000 once in one place means nothing to the state.
When they can muster 22 people in 1000 places, any time, every time, and all the time, then they'll be onto something.
Not before.

So, how many groups can do that?
>crickets chirping<.