Saturday, January 4, 2020

I *Told* You They Were Slow Learners

Here are the answers to the earlier post that caused the Short Bus Commandos to lose their minds:

A) Tell me what a public rally is intended to accomplish.

Nothing except cheerleading for the low-information and low-IQ followers, because, having an IQ above 80, we recognize that a solid [D] majority in the state house isn't going to listen to a goddamned thing we say, no matter how long we hold our breath or how blue we turn, because we haven't got the votes to matter. If we were serious, we'd send in groups of five with the manners of butlers, the arm-twisting skills of pro wrestlers, and dressed like they were going to church, and try to actually accomplish something worthwhile and likely, instead of calling out the rabble and risking 100 different ways this turns into a total shitshow.

(RICHMOND)In a dramatic reversal, the arrival of every unwashed gun-toting Bible-clinging redneck at the state capitol, including dozens of uninvited Klansmen and white supremacists in Klan hoods and full regalia waving confederate and Nazi flags for the TV cameras, for the VCDL's "Lobby Day" event caused the entire Democrat-dominated legislature to come to Jesus, literally and figuratively, and vow they would immediately pull all pending and proposed anti-gun legislation now and forever, ask forgiveness for infringing on the state and US Constitutions, and request the prayers of their constituents for the fact that they somehow briefly lost their tiny minds. Gov. Northam is in hiding and reportedly contemplating resignation from office. Meanwhile police all over the state are astonished that Antifa and twenty other Left-wing radical terrorist groups seem to have vanished overnight, moments after news of George Soros' untimely heart attack just hours before the rally occurred, leaving the entire event unhindered by any disruption or disturbance.
Sh'yeah. As if. When monkeys fly outta our butts.

B) Explain why and how it's not just the only way to accomplish that, but also the best way.

It's not going to accomplish anything, except helping some of us make rent this month. There are dozens of better and smarter things we could do, like take what we've accomplished, and organize the whole state for every level of resistance, from winning propaganda to lawfare to actual insurrection, if it comes to that, but that requires thinking, organizing, and planning, and then following through for a long, hard slog, which sounds like an awful lot of work, work, work, and we're too stupid, lazy, and cheap to take that road. So we're going for the futile middle finger of defiance in the lion's den, and hopefully a few of our own assclowns get curb-stomped, which will motivate the hockey fan/soccer hooligan demographic to come for the show, and help us make the rent next month too.

C) Recite to the class all the times rallies have worked like that in recorded human history.

Never. Exactly like suicide bombing, this is the tactic of failure, called for by people who couldn't find their asses with both hands, a map, and a compass. But like scrap drives and the Ground Observer Corps nonsense after Pearl Harbor, it keeps the idiots involved too busy and too tired to take a minute to think, so they don't realize they're lockstep in following a bunch of morons off a cliff.

Attempt, but fail, to accomplish A-C, inclusive, in comments, and expect to cheerfully and rhetorically have the ever-loving shit kicked out of you, until I get tired of the exercise.
No, really.

You're being mean to us for telling us the truth. And you're just a double mean meany weenie for laying it on with a machete. Stop it! We can't hear you! La-la-la-la-la! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Except with no brains, no swords, no giant, no wheelbarrow, no fire cloak.
And no miracle.

Bonus Round: If, surpassing all likelihood, this doesn't go pear-shaped, see if you can guess how ecstatic and astonished I'll be, not to have to write the obligatory scathing "I told you so" post. (As if I didn't write the last one because I'm tired of watching people lead with their chins and do epic faceplants.)

"I'll take "Cannot Be Measured With Existing Instrumentation" for $1000, Alex..."

Double Bonus:
Don't believe me, Tard Army. Read this guy too.
"What? You’re gonna show up like “The Fools of Charlottesville”, lookin’ all “Operator” with your AR pistol, tomahawk, MICH helmet and mirrored sunglasses? What happened there? They were painted as something they were not by MSM and ended up grovelling to the people that sued them (after it was over) and kept sayin’ they only wanted to get along and “We’re here for you.”. The closest thing they had to a plan was who was going to do the photos that they could post on their social media militia page later….and it showed.
I haven’t even brought up the planning required to perform in that type of environment with even a small group. Basic Battle Drills that you have rehearsed 10 or 1000 times with your group is the easy part. That doesn’t even cover the map recon or better yet, site recon before the operation, a serious commo plan, the specific planning for multiple routes in and out, contingencies for commo, evacuation and transportation, overwatch assignments and fall back positions. You’ll need casualty recovery, movement and collection points planned and assigned. Finally (not really) the logistics needed for this kind of operation need to be collected. This is where knowing how to write and deliver an OpOrd and understanding the “Principles of Patrolling” come into their own."
RTWT @ Mason-Dixon Tactical

How many people have to measure you before you grasp that you're really not tall enough for this ride yet...?


Anonymous said...

Well, you're on a tear!
Thank you for trying (TRYING!!!!) to breathe sense into the sheeple morons planning to attend this unfortunate event.
What most of them will not learn is this is 2020, not 1968. We have many more resources and methods to deal with the commies, in an up to date and current fashion. If you need to ask what, how etc, you're behind the curve.
Shitshow on the 20th indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous troll again. You just called 49% of Virginians "slow learner". Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

"no learner"

Old NFO said...

Actually, VCDL has been pretty effective in VA by 'judicious' use of rallies over the years. It's amazing what happens when the pols are confronted by their constituents in an election year AT the state capitol and filmed trying to BS their way out of the pointed questions. Big rallies, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Your "groups of five" desription/ recommendation is a fairly accurate portrayal of previous Lobby Days.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, walk into the ambush you've been warned about. At least the media will be fair and listen to your side, right?

Make sure to bring your cell phones and take lots of pictures for your social media platforms. It'll keep the Fusion Centers busy for a while sorting all that information into actionable intelligence.

riverrider said...

doesn't matter. we have to do this. another step we have to take to say "we have done everything" before we start hanging the yoyos. there will be other as you say "retarded" steps, like meeting them at the county line in lame attempts to stop them. like Bundy Ranch stand-offs. eventually there will be a MATEWAN day. then, it'll be on for real. to the hilt.

Anonymous said...

typical keyboard commando

Reltney McFee said...

Dear Professor Aesop:

I have read the suggestion that Mr. Ghandi did, indeed, accomplish much with peaceful rallies.

OTOH, (a) he was going up against the Brits (at a rather civilized point in their history)

(b) with a relatively sympathetic media,

(c) and evidently able to either avoid agents provocateur, or keep them from having any lasting impact upon his operations.

What he did NOT have was (a) the Imperial Japanese to confront (short confrontation)

(b) an abundance of false flag agents within his ranks (or attributable to his efforts)

(c) our current aggressor force structure, with weaponized intel (as you have alluded to), and a court system that is hand-in-glove with same

In short, he succeeded because of several variables that our colleagues in VA do not have, and because of favorable field of action prep, that we of what WRSA calls "FreeFor" do not have.

Therefore, your counsel is spot on, that what is NEEDED is deliberate, consistent, ongoing prep for multiple aspects of all sorts of operations, hopefully limited to propaganda, lawfare, lobbying and voting.

John Wilder said...

Solid posts, including the archived works. I was originally gonna post a few comments, but you got 'em all after I read the archive and then I woulda felt stupid when I got to class and raised my hand without doing the pre-read.

Especially on the "Common Sense, Isn't" post.

Well said.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous Troll 5:41

No, just you and a certain number of people too smart to pay attention.
But feel free to post the link to pictures when "49%" of VA shows up to Lobby Day.
Just for shits & giggles, that would be 3,057,991, based on US Census figures.

A sporting proposition would be a wager of a penny a head for the over/under.

I'm betting you only manage about 0.03% to 0.3% of that. If you're lucky.
In any event, you're going to come up vastly short of anything effective.

But don't worry, it took far less idiots than that to blunder into any number of ill-advised conflicts, so I'm sure you'll cobble together enough ding-a-lings to do a creditable job of stepping all over your cranks, and lead the news for days afterwards, and not in a good way.

The lesson you're missing is that so far, Gov. Blackface has been making all the screw-ups.

Maybe you could call Tard Army HQ, and ask them why it is they want so badly to interrupt the enemy when they're making such colossal mistakes.

Follow it up with telling those of us watching this trainwreck who the Head Idjit is, so we know who should commit suicide if they manage to actually get good people killed with this stunt.

You guys aren't the Lexington militia in 1775 with this plan; you're the mob throwing snowballs at redcoats in Boston in 1770.

Unknownsailor said...

One time, I would like to see it just one time where people show up to one of these things with all their shit in one sock.

This "gathering" on the 20th has a huge risk profile to it, and any incident, up to and including the inevitable Nazi arm bands and Heil Hitler salutes, will be used to slime the entire movement, not just on the day it happens, but for weeks and months afterwards. Were any of you paying attention to the fall out from Chancellorsville? Did you happen to notice all the attendees fired from jobs, all the major media players for our side who were de-platformed from everything from bank accounts to social media?

I have seen nothing from anyone at VCDL to indicate they are even aware of the points Aesop is making, nor have I seen anyone from VCDL telling the alt-retards Nazi LARP brigade to leave the Nazi flags and goose stepping at home, or better yet, don't come at all.

Anonymous said...

Facial recognition.

Link analysis charts.

Do you really know what you are walking into?

Aesop said...

Pay attention to those last two replies ^^up there, future fucktards.

People are giving you pearls of wisdom, for free, and trying to help you avoid being shat on, from a great height.

You're welcome.

RM said...

Just as a reminder: Christopher Wray appointed a new FBI/Richmond SAC David W. Archey in March 2019 following Archey's stint as Lead FBI Investigator for Special Prosecutor Mueller. Prior to his work for Mueller, Archey was balls deep in the ongoing coup against President Trump when he was Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division. If anyone thinks the rule of law still exists in Richmond or anywhere else in the USA you are going to be very disappointed. The die is already cast. This year Lobby Day does not offer opportunity it only offers needless risk for valuable men and valuable assets. Do you really think that Archey's appointment as FBI SAC Richmond was just a coincidence?

FiftycalTX said...

I don't understand why you think lobby day by VCDL is going to be a clusterfuck. It is an event they have held for many years. They have transport, I count about 25 buses, and organization. Plus this is not a bunch of militia weekend warriors walking around with AR pistols and such. This is the people walking thru their capitol and talking to their legislators. I don't think the participants will show up waving nazi flags or wearing klan hoods. They will be handing out "Guns save Lives" stickers the people can put on their suit coats. The legislature is 51/49 dimocrat. And some of those dims are going to be from the 91% of counties that have passed, watched by hundreds or thousands of constituents, Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. Turning only a few dims to vote against the godawful laws could avert the electric bugaloo if the bills are passed.

Matt Bracken said...

To FiftycalTX:
You are so fracking naive, it's embarrassing.
So VCDL held tiny lobby days for years, and nothing terrible happened, therefore Jan 20 should be fine too. REALLY?
Sounds just like what Custer told his Lieutenants before sounding "Charge."
"We raided plenty of Indian camps before, this will be fine, men, let's go!"

You think 25 buses are a plus? Hello? Buses will be a DISASTER. They only work when local LE is in your corner. Instead, expect (as in C-ville, the VASP template) the buses to be ordered to drive through Antifa Alley on the way to their dropoffs.

"I don't think the participants will show up waving nazi flags or wearing klan hoods."
Really? They will be there. The 5% wearing camo, waving ARs and AKs, with Rebel flags, will be the national image of January 20th for all of history. And that's if nobody gets hurt.

You think a real big heavy buffalo stamped from all over Virginia to the capitol is going to change minds in a positive direction?

OMG, so many on our side are so stupid.

"Be the Indian, not the buffalo."

Richmond is going to be the Mother of All Buffalo Jumps.
The VASP/FBI/ATF task forces are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of all the promotions, and the mighty blow they will strike against the "dangerous white nationalist gun nuts."

And the buffalos, on the way to the cliff, think it'll be a big buffalo victory.

Richmond Jan 20 stands to be Charlottesville X Twin Peaks/Waco.

You have TX in your handle, remember Twin Peaks? 2 groups of bikers met for a social gathering to discuss treaties and such. A police U/C inside in a bathroom was "outed" by a biker, and hit his panic button alert.

On exiting, police snipers on rooftops across the avenue and on the parking lot opened up on the bikers around their "threatened" U/C, killing some.

Result? Dozens of innocent (in that event) bikers arrested, jailed without bail, bankrupted, ruined. Even though it turned out all the deaths were by LE 5.56mm.

Have you considered that VASP/FBI/ATF snipers will be on every rooftop, and U/Cs will be mingling in the crowds? What happens when a busload of rural boomers is rocked by Antifas, after the VASP sends their bus down Antifa Alley? And 2A boomer glocks answer Antifa clubs and shields? Under the scopes of the LE snipers?

Jan 20 stands to be an historic clusterfuck, C-ville X Twin Peaks on steroids.

And you think it's going to all be fine?

Be the Indian, not the Buffalo!

Anonymous said...

Clearly you have never been to a Lobby Day in Richmond before, nor even understand what the VCDL has done in the past and continues to do for our gun rights here in Virginia. Because what you are describing "should" happen with small groups of "5" is exactly what happens. There are "Lobby Teams" led by experienced leaders that are assigned 8-10 delegates. (We just received our assignments btw- I am one of the team leaders, I will now organize appointments with each delegate I am assigned to, so that we have exact times to meet with them. ) Team leaders then go to those delegates, take their team (typically more like 10-20 people) that are dressed nicely and then give well informed arguments for our opposition to "bad gun bills" and our support for the good ones(yes, there are good ones that are proposed and usually are written with help from VCDL and their lawyers). The VCDL supplies a packet to each delegate outlined each bill exactly, what it means and the effect it would have if passed. It gives the delegate an easy to reference document that they can use to cast their vote. For the past 6 "Lobby Days" that I have been to (again, it's clear you have no idea what you are talking about- I invite you to come and be on a team so you can see what actually happens when we meet with the delegates in the Pocahontas building) , the members of the VCDL usually number in the 300-500 range that actually ENTER the Pocahontas building. This overwhelms the building and we are in the hallways, in the Delegates offices, in the bathrooms, in the elevators, in committee meetings, etc. There is NO OTHER LOBBY GROUP that makes their presence known like the members of the VCDL does during ANY of the Lobby Days. I am a member of another Lobby Group that goes later in the month, We have 10 people. Total. We see like 4 Delegates. It's Pitiful. I know the banking lobby as well and they go on their "Lobby Day" too, and they have 8 people that represent all the banks in Virginia. It's comical, as they only meet with about 4 delegates as well. Remember, we OVERWHELM the entire building with Orange Stickers "Guns Saves Lives". We meet with EVERY delegate. We clog their phone lines, we email the crap out of them. The VCDL gets stuff done and is the #1 reason the bad gun bills die, and the good ones get passed. If you look over the past 10 years of history of laws passed here in VA, you will see that we have MORE rights, more good gun bills passed than bad. In almost EVERY instance, the VCDL and their members have crushed the bad gun bills.

Your post is fear mongering and again, shows your lack of understanding at what happens on Lobby Day. I, for one, can't wait to read your post about how you were wrong and that WE THE PEOPLE continue to kick ass and the Demorats backed down once again. For those of you reading this guys post, don't believe the hype. This will be an incredible day for all of us to come together, make it known that we aren't taking it anymore and the delegates will feel the heat. SHOULD you have an exfil plan? Yes. Should you have some Baofeng radios and go in buddy pairs? Yes. Should you have Rally point Alpha and Rally Point Beta? Yes. Should you know how to get to cover and escape a bad situation? Yes. Should you keep a cool head and your firearm holstered (unless your life or another is endangered)? Yes.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

They are airborne as well do some research on Baltimore and Ferguson been reading about this conspiracy for a few years until some questioning about all the new cell towers around DC and who owned them before it became public that Stingray technology was real. STAY HOME IDIOTS

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:19

Been to VCU? There is literally NO MORE ROOM FOR CAMERAS on some light poles. To quote BTP from his description of DIA, "the place sags from all the cameras."

I'm sure same same near the capitol.

Be advised...

Counterattack said...

Okay with the warning. What is the plan(s) to use Tard Army blood sacrifice in the propaganda effort? I know USMC NCO Aesop and NAVSPECWAR Bracken are trying to protect folks from GovFor terrorism, but what happens after the inevitable?

Unknownsailor said...

Those of you defending what the VCDL is doing, do you not understand that their event has been caught up in the plans of others they don't even know are coming, much less know intentions?

VCDL should be making everyone who wants to attend their event sign up with real names (and provide CCW permits in that name), and make them all check in off site in a place only VCDL knows about before they are allowed to participate.

Instead, VCDL has sent out what amounts to a call to arms, and every goober with the means is going to be there. No vetting, no control, and because of that VCDL is going to be tagged with everything those goobers do.

VCDL is about to blow off both their balls with a 10 gauge sawn off, and do it live in front of everyone.

Grog said...

Anon @ 6:30, not a terrible plan, however you appear to be not considering that the state congresscritters care nothing for what you want. Your "overwhelming" of the building will get you nowhere if all your efforts are given a polite nod and vague words of consideration, and then ignored.

Papa said...

Rallies, marches, large mass protests, gatherings, are needed and productive.
If done right, and the moment right.
The protests in East Germany and other eastern European countries.
Homeschool rally at Michigan state capital, years ago, Michigan Brass Roots rally, Ohio gatherings at statehouse over the years.
All done with great risk, but yielded productive results.
Others come to mind but too lengthy to list.
Assembling and gathering to address grievances, show support, encourage others, is a good and needed regular exercise.
The VCDL gathering may not be performed to perfection, but none are.
On the other hand, learn from corralled situations like Charlottesville.

MTHead said...

I was 200 miles from Malheur. And you could smell the snitches from my back porch!
Ol' remus got it right. Stay out of crowds.

Anonymous said...

@Papa 8:02

Please listen to common sense. Name ONE "peaceful protest" that has occurred recently that did not result in some kind of violence. Especially a 2A cause. It's suicide. There are better ways to fight the fight, which will become apparent in the times to come.

FiftycalTX said...

To Matt Braken. SO the VCDL lobby day is the same as a biker rally? The cops are going to use snipers to shoot gun owners as they head to the capitol? 5000+ people is a "little rally"? Well, it ain't a "rally" at all. The other commentator spelled it out, this is a "lobby day". You think the VA cops are going to let antifa thugs into the capitol to roughhouse? Most of the lobbyists will be older and from what I gather, a lot will be carrying. Apparently concealed carry is allowed in the capitol. So if antifa starts swing bike locks or clubs, they might not get the response they expected.We will find out in about 2 weeks, but I think you have been reading too much dystopian sci-fi.

Papa said...

@ Ned2 11:04 AM
Please review the content and context of my comment you reference to.
I have, and listen to, common sense.
Homeschooling was illegal in Michigan years ago.
Parents home-schooled children "illegally", at great peril, against the "state".
Parents, families, organizations, churches, etc, had the backbone and balls to have a huge mass rally and flood the state capital offices.
Result: changes were soon made, homeschooling wasn't a crime.
All pre-Internet days.
Showing up with bunches of unknown others who weren't vetted and sorted.
Some years ago I was in a major former East German city.
Visited the Stasi museum, was there for a major reunification anniversary; saw exhibits and presentations about the small meetings, the small demonstrations and meetings, read and saw about the arrests, and the eventual mass protests. The people in the small protests were sometimes imprisoned. The people in the large protests went assuming they might get their skulls cracked or shot.
Backbone, balls, and brains.
A time for quiet prep, a time for public disobedience.

Throwing snowballs at Redcoats was previously mentioned.
Though a foolish action in hindsight, the "Boston massacre" was later used as effective propaganda by the Colonists.

Prep, plan quietly your actions, Expect a public action which might accelerate things for better or worse.

Aesop said...


How many gun-toting yahoos were at your rally?
How many Antifa showed up to counter-protest?
How many Klansmen and neo-nazis showed up with Nazi and Klan flags to demand homeschooling?
How many fights broke out because the police deliberately shoved both sides into the arena, and then watched the melee?
How many protesters were beaten and killed at your rallies?
How many days did the news media spend beating you up nationally over all those failures afterwards?

When you've answered that, see if you can figure out if one of these things is not like the other (sing it with me, Sesame Street kids) and explain to the class that your rally was not what will likely happen in Richmond.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 6:30AM

"Your post is fear mongering and again, shows your lack of understanding at what happens on Lobby Day. I, for one, can't wait to read your post about how you were wrong and that WE THE PEOPLE continue to kick ass and the Demorats backed down once again. For those of you reading this guys post, don't believe the hype. This will be an incredible day for all of us to come together, make it known that we aren't taking it anymore and the delegates will feel the heat. SHOULD you have an exfil plan? Yes. Should you have some Baofeng radios and go in buddy pairs? Yes. Should you have Rally point Alpha and Rally Point Beta? Yes. Should you know how to get to cover and escape a bad situation? Yes. Should you keep a cool head and your firearm holstered (unless your life or another is endangered)? Yes."

And your comment is naivete on a level of biblically epic stupidity big enough to stun King Kong or T-Rex, and a total deliberate stupidity on how this Lobby Day isn't going to eb the ones you held before, that were sensible, focused, and moderately effective, which also wholly overlooks that before, you hadn't lost the entire fucking government of the state to the Democrats, top to bottom. I'm sorry, do those cleats in your dick hurt much?

None of the prudent preps you mention will occur, and certainly not on any meaningful scale.
And once you're all in the X-ring, it's too late to wish yourself elsewhere.
Ditto for a few hundred other assclowns who aren't even thinking ahead like that.

ALL Y'ALL are not tall enough for this ride.

But you're going to be just tall enough to be lunch for the wolf pack you're walking into wearing your pork-chop suits.

Rollory said...

Dishonest sophistry. This entire series of posts is further evidence that attempting to have any discussions with Aesop about disagreeing with things he says is an exercise in futility, because he's not willing to address any facts in evidence he doesn't like. That's why he always goes full throttle with the insults and browbeating, to distract from his lack of substance.

Luckily, his influence over VA gun owners is somewhere on the order of 0.01% of VCDL's (and VCDL has influence only insofar as it accurately represents the popular sentiment and acts on it), so he can't do much harm.

We'll revisit this on the 21st and later. What will happen, contrary to the demented screaming above, is simple: the rally goes utterly uneventfully; when the legislature does start passing bills, the really objectionable things are all taken out of the bills and everything else immediately goes into suspended animation in the courts; no meaningful changes to the legal status for a decade at least.

Which would NOT be the case had Virginians followed the Aesop/Bracken line and gone to find a hole to hide in from Teh Ebilbads.

Also - Bracken, Aesop, and all the others with the "don't you dare exercise your right to peaceably assemble to petition the government" line, will never address the experimentally demonstrated incorrectness of their predictions, no more so than they have done with their past multitude of proven-false predictions.

It's past time people started noticing these patterns and judging accordingly.

Aesop said...

Having brought no facts to evidence, you shouldn't talk, slick.
But thanks for your unabashed prediction of certainty.

Mine was only a statistical probability, based on a dread of the next fuckup from the Tard Army, based on every prior outing.

It musty be nice to know the future.
Especially since you've flat out predicted the tard minions, as evidenced by comments, show no common sense whatsoever, but you're certain that suddenly, in Richmond, your side's morons and the other sides will all calm down and act grown up.

Nobody said anywhere "Go hide in a hole", but being infected with the Tard Virus yourself, reading comprehension is apparently the first symptom.

What any number of people have said is "Stop doing stupid shit and calling it a victory when it explodes in your face."

There's much I'd love for VCDL to do.

Ringing the dinner bell to fete both the morons and racists, while feeding red meat to the Left isn't anywhere on my suggested menu.

You apparently think doing stupid things is a good idea, without explaining in any degree how what is going to happen isn't both stupid and futile. This isn't a plan to peaceably assemble, it's a rumble, pure and simple, if only because the enemy gets a vote, and that's how they roll. neither the media nor the cops are on your side, but you're all acting like Marquess of Queensbury Rules will be strictly enforced. They won't, and never have been. "Everybody has a plan, until they get hit in the mouth."

It's past time people with any sense stopped listening to the idiot rabble-rousers, shrieking "Let's go do something!" (but notably never "Let's go do something smart!") and started fighting with their heads, and not their dicks. Not least of which because most of them are under-equipped for either attempt.

T-Rav said...

@Rollory (and all others of similar opinion on the matter):

I am not an activist in any segment of the gun rights movement, much less the 2A sanctuary segment, so if the VCDL is already doing things like this, my apologies. But I have to agree with some of the commenters on the previous thread. Maybe there are no mishaps a la Charlottesville (the threat of which I'm sure is what's driving Aesop), but even if there aren't, do you really think a mass rally in enemy country is going to change anyone's mind? It won't change Northam's; this is his way of rehabilitating himself after the blackface photo, so if he wasn't beholden to the hard Left before, he is now. The Dem state legislators? You're not their constituency; their constituencies are the media, the Richmond and NoVa parasites, and either Bloomberg or Soros, depending on who wrote the campaign checks. Same difference.

Why not be putting more effort into the suggestions raised earlier? Going into the sanctuary counties and organizing, preparing some kind of local militia/mass deputizing option for if/when the government tries to press the issue? Northam and a few others have hinted at financial consequences for sheriffs who refuse to enforce the ban; is the VCDL looking into ways to compensate those sheriffs or other county officials? Is it providing lines of communication between sanctuary counties, and other means of regional coordination? Most of all, what is it doing to replace these f*ckers? The VA GOP spotted the Dems umpteen legislative seats in the last state elections; are there efforts to find, fund, and coordinate with pro-2A candidates for '21? I feel like a mass rally would be more effective, if you had more people in Richmond who were at all sympathetic to your cause to begin with.

If none of that is going on, then yeah, "sound and fury, signifying nothing" is probably how this will turn out.

FiftycalTX said...

Anybody, including Aesop, comparing Lobby day to a klan rally is an idiot. Anybody, including Aesop, that thinks because Charlotsville happened like it did will happen to Lobby day is an idiot. There is no evidence the Richmond and Va State police take their orders from antifa. Maybe living behind enemy lines in Calipronia for too long has affected people's view. If the police start shooting people from sniper positions for talking to their representatives, well, the balloon just went up and it's time to go. But that won't happen. I guess we'll find out in 2 weeks. Anybody want to bet on the over/under on body count for Richmond on 1/20/2020?

Grog said...

Fiftycal@4:44, no, there's no evidence that the Richmond PD and VA State police will follow orders fron the antifa snowflakes, but that's not the point. The point is that the people who take an oath to go home at the end of the shift AND who take orders from politicians will more often than not choose to follow orders to preserve their space on the pecking order, because the status quo must be maintained over Individual Liberty.

As a side comment, your time stamp is a good rifle caliber.


stormsailor1981 said...

Life plus 419 years, that's what a disturbed young man was convicted of for attending the Charlottesville monument rally. I saw the kid being chased, his car beaten on with bats and sticks with some apparent attempts to grab him from his car. Chased into a blind blocked intersection and reversing. He was convicted of murdering a woman who had no contact in any way with his car or those that he impacted, but had a myocardial infarction.

The comments from the "victims" are classic. The jerk that was chasing him with a wooden club, and finally caught up with him when he reversed his car claims he is disabled for life.

This is the state of the LE, the people, and the courts of Virginia. He was a racist, with a picture of Adolph Hitler beside his bed, so it felt so good to convict him, never mind he was just a scared kid running from an out of control situation set up by the same group that will be hosting the event on 1/20/2020.

Why would you place yourself into such a disadvantageous position? The chance that you would alter the vote are nil, the chance of violence is high. The fault, no matter the facts will be laid at your feet.

Life plus 419 years, think about that as you contemplate making the trip.

Aesop said...

FiftyCal has reached the point where his dick is bigger than his brain, and neither are much to write home about.
And as he's five states away, with no intention of putting his ass where his mouth is on this topic come the day, his opinions are worth even less than his other assets.

He's also conveniently forgotten that Charlottesville was as much a VA state police affair as a local one. So tell me again, anyone, which state is Charlottesville in, and which state is Richmond in...? Tex seems to have flunked geography.

And where did most of the goofballs who showed up in Charlottesville carrying nazi and klan flags come from, and why would anyone think they'll all stay home on the 20th, instead of jizzing all over themselves the more TV cameras they can get pointed at them in Richmond?

Anybody who wants to pay me a stupid penalty tax of $1 for every jackass like that photographed in Richmond, step up and sound off. I could use that windfall.

And x10 for every wingnut who runs over protesters, on either side.

The people egging this on can't name one logical reason to do it, except "Muh constitooshunal rahts!" nor explain how any of it is accomplishing anything constructive that couldn't be better accomplished twenty other ways, none of which are subject to the heckler's veto, and getting tarred with the same brush as the @$$holes.

Birds of a feather.

Neil S. said...

Aesop: the Nazi and Klan guys were at the Charlottesville rally because it was literally an extension of their rally. They had held several previously in the month before the Unite the Right debacle. I doubt we'll see them this time. Instead, we'll get angry rednecks and some Ricky Recon gear queers who will provide media photo fuel. I also doubt we'll see Antifa or BLM this go-round; I'm not seeing the same level of social media (and mainstream media) noise that was present prior to C-ville. There was a large turnout of threatened and angry locals specifically because the Nazis were in town. Everyone hates Nazis.

None of the above changes the salient point that this event has no realistic positive outcomes, one possible neutral outcome, and a wide range of negative possible outcomes.

This is not politics as practiced in past years with an amenable Republican majority. These are "woke" leftists with the mask off. They won't change their votes due to some lobbying, because they know as well as the rest of us that the people who are out there on the lawn already voted, and it didn't change a thing. At best, this event generates mild negative press coverage and the laws still pass. There are a whole range of worsts. For example, what if the state police decide to get a jump on identifying known gun owners by having a couple of Stingrays set up to pull cell signals from the state house lawn? That would make a nice starting point for this 18-man investigative team that Coonman is budgeting for. (Those guys won't be kicking doors, they'll be performing network analysis and building databases.)

Lobby Day is what's for dinner because that's the tactic VCDL is used to, regardless of whether the facts on the ground have changed. I have been having this discussion with some of my co-workers (who are going) and I've asked the question: what happens when the laws pass anyway? What's next? The conversation trails off there.

I think we Virginians are making the mistake of thinking that the Left wins because they show up and march, which is not correct. The Left wins because they march through the institutions.

Anonymous said...

"They won't change their votes due to some lobbying"
True, but they might if some of them start disappearing.

Anonymous said...

"C) Recite to the class all the times rallies have worked like that in recorded human history.

Never. Exactly like suicide bombing, this is the tactic of failure, called for by people who couldn't find their asses with both hands, a map, and a compass."

Actually, suicide bombings or even 'suicide' missions ( those whose success hinges upon face-to-face contact with an armed enemy usually deep inside a numerically and or technologically superior enemy's camp or territory ) do work when the targeted enemy perishes in the attack. For instance, Afghanistan's Sunni Taliban conservatives do not have any airplanes, tanks, APC's, satellites, eavesdropping gear nor helicopters, but they do have a number of highly-motivated and apparently selfless fighters as well as a sympathetic population in their native provinces. Force dominance can be achieved by the allegedly technically 'weaker' force if there is perceived apprehension and or lack of a strategic goal displayed by the allegedly 'stronger' one.

Glacialhills said...

I am getting the popcorn and snacks ready for the big show...its gonna be a real primer on what not to do in the current climate. Hell,make it pay per view to recoup your bus rentals,(Id buy that for a dollar...ROBOCOP) it could be real entertainment and might even get to see some real violence, and if we get to see some shootin', you can color me shocked...NOT

Hope you're not sending your Christian a team to this Roman colosseum lion feeding

Anonymous said...

God bless Virginia patriots. Yes I have attended peaceful rallies in two different states. Stopped nothing. Was followed and tracked by state patrol on the way to one where Mike V spoke. Thats ok my conscience will b clear come game time. Exhaust all peaceful means available. SO yeah as Riverrider above says, this is necessary on the way to where we're going. I can't attend VA due to work, but ya'll are making me want to go with all this danger danger will robinson stuff. I will continue to support lawful efforts to fix this shit until I can't or the shooting starts. Feel free to go full ad hom on me if it makes you feel better. Zero fucks given.

Aesop said...

The choice is not doing something vs. doing nothing.
It's between doing something that's stupid and futile vs. doing something smart.

There is no way to ad hominem that. It's one of those cases like The Onion is running into more and more, where people are so stupid for real that further parody is impossible.

Suture self.

It's a free country.
But zero fucks will also be given when this blows up in their faces.

Funny, i'n'it, how about 95% of the stupidest comments on these threads are all anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:01 So your going to admit your going and all that? Good for you at least your NOT somebody chicken hawking from a different state.

AND you'll BE ARMED? Well well, so many have promised that it will be a peaceful event and no weapons. Guess the VCDL folks that told me it was going to be a polite lobby day were incorrect?

BTW of what use is a handgun when carbines and such are deployed? You want protection from Bicycle Locks or something? Aside from getting charged with various felony charges if things get spicy I think your Boston Massacre would "move the Ball" better if you were really the victims instead of half armed Don Quixote's tilting at windmills.

Well I'll be working Trauma just a little way away from the FUN. So Since you been called a Troll and an Idiot after all the reasonable warnings will you admit that to me when your on my surgical table?

AND again the Neo-Nazi's asked me IF I could GO to the BIG SHOW (tm)on the 20th. I again declined as I'm working Trauma for that day AND LIKELY for far more than my normal shift. What is it about having a military haircut that makes Neo-Nazi's think I am anything but polite to them anyway?

"Moving the ball" a phrase that will live in Infamy. Now I just have to figure out how to get home if the city is awash in stupidly after this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

HAH! you FOOL! it was a Holocaust Cloak.
(still, have fun w/ that castle)

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:28am-
No one has EVER stated that this was an "unarmed" event. Again, it shows just how many people on this thread have no clue about Lobby Day, nor has ever been to one organized by the VCDL. I would guess that 80-90% of participants in the past have been armed. I will guess that about the same will be this 2020. Some open, some concealed. We are ALLOWED into the Pocahontas building and our Capital armed as long as you have a CCP. When the legislators were in the main building (which is under renovation), we had our own special line, where we did not have to go through the metal detectors (whats the point, we all have guns). It was comical, old ladies would stand in line, "Ding" at the metal detector, get wanded, have to dump all their pocket book contents in a tray, etc. And we would just walk through, showing our CCP and DL.

I would love to know where your NEO -NAZI's are? I haven't seen any banter on the interwebs about them. Can anyone actually back up this statement with some actual facts? Or is this more rumors and fear mongering?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20 or Grey or ole Red or.....

I notice you still haven't replied to my query about your Mission Statement? I DID give you credit as maybe not a troll or three letter employee looking for a quick promotion by entrapment but??

In case you forgot I asked you to describe what you think your Mission Statement was for this event? Also I asked what you defined "Moving the Ball"?

I'll ADD the question of what do you expect that Pistols (concealed or open carry) are going to do in this event? Defending yourselves from Bicycle Locks or Pepper Spray maybe? That will play well in the Courts.

Are you also thinking about Long Arms now that we have an understanding your going ARMED to this "Peaceful" event? Or has that Peaceful to be disputed as NOBODY SAID THAT also?

I don't check Neo-Nazi webpages so I cannot answer your query. I just know they have asked me to show up for their "Big Show"(tm) on the 20th. Do with that as you will.

How many of these attention whores do you need to smear your event with a tar brush? BTW How many folks acting unprofessionally with a Pistol-Long Arm etc. do you think is needed to also mark ALL Law Abiding Gun Owners as dangerous crazies?

NOTHING like an Idiot or three to PROVE all of the Socialist-Democrats Media that Weapons and Militia are dangerous and crazy... Nothing like making fence sitting folks who give us the benefit of doubt that we are too dangerous and crazy to be armed? That will "Move the Ball" FOR THEM!

Since your webpage searching for potential trouble and GOOD IDEA Sir! Have you been checking the Antifa and John Brown Society Webpages? NO, I've not bothered YET because their Observation Decision and Action loop is less than a week to generate large scale actions. Seems paid for troublemakers can be there in just a few hours for locals and a day or three for the bussed in ones.

I am assuming you know about the John Brown Society is? And the many other well armed Antifa style folks?

I hope and pray the VCDL quietly moves the date to do their professional button holing and let the bulk of the unvetted folks stay home. Would be funny to see Antifa waiting for busses that never arrive.

The Gray Man said...

Look at our site (American Partisan) for some advice as well. If people are willing to listen. Or they could ride the busses and be dropped off in the fishbowl that is the Virginia capital area.

Enjoy the snipers on the surrounding buildings. FYI, they’re there to protect AntiFa.

The Gray Man said...

These rallies should all be viewed in the pretext of “Pre-C’Ville” or “Post-C’Ville”.

It matters.

Don said...

Aesop, I was wondering if you saw this post over at Bearing Arms?:

I can't decide whether Mr. Edwards is that naive, an attention whore, or both.

I may be working in VA by that point, but I won't be taking the time to attend any of the activities, as I think that it will be a disaster for pro-Second Amendment supporters.

Matt Bracken said...

I just finished and posted a long piece at American Partisan:
"Richmond: The Mother of All Buffalo Jumps."

Anonymous said...

FWIW the picture of the guy from C-ville with the nazi flag? The flag that still has the creases from the pack it was just removed? Why wasn't that guy doxxed? Nobody knows who is.

Anonymous said...

Lobby Day is a test of how far they want to take it. Governor Klansmen has no troops, the VSP is not the law and order unit of the 80's that will do whatever the Governor wants. They stood down in Charlottesville when the militia came to town with mags in the well. Richmond PD will find somewhere else to be too.

Highly doubt anything other than some pushing and shoving is going to happen.

Aesop said...

cf.: Pollyanna

Used in a sentence:
"With this much horsesh*t, there's just gotta be a pony in here somewhere!"

Unknown said...

Why dox him? it's too late,mainstream the media got the photo op to discredit us. And there you go. Protests= retards or undercover feds. Which are you?

Unknown said...

The organizers of this event are not thinking this through logically. Protests by conservatives in this country have achieved absolutely nothing forever. In fact, this little circus guarantees these draconian laws will be passed and stand as well as there being violence that will turn the fence sitting public against us. You are like naive children playing on railroad tracks.

The Controllers already have a Patsy picked out and off his meds, an AR and Trump 2020 bumper sticker to leave at the crime scene and Hollywood scriptwriter wrote the Patsy's racist stereotype manifesto to be posted online. How are people so stupid to go to a rally in them enemies lair?

The Afghans do not protest the presidents palace in Kabul, they wait for the presidents men to come to them. Worked on the Brits, Soviets and Us!

Time to quit playing like the Marquee of Queensbury rules. This rally violates Sun Tzu and every other strategic rule. You are either fools or secretly playing for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Why DOX an obvious PLANT in the KKK Neo-Nazi group? So next time he shows up we can have a "Discussion" with him.

SAME Reason to take a Photo of anybody advocating you to go to the Buffalo Jump on the 20th.

You may be dead or otherwise entrapped in the Legal system BUT your family can have that "Discussion" with them for their behavior.

Makes 3 letter agents nervous to know they are ON the Cellphone network for the next time they go to work driving Buffalos into a Trap.

If they are NOT a 3 letter employee they should be PROUD to get Law Abiding Americans to do the "Right" thing (FOR THE GUN GRABBERS that is...) and not worried about being photographed.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

The Suliemani effect. I like this option.