Friday, January 17, 2020

Behold, The Clown Show Narrative Begins

Let's look at the Wayback Machine, Sherman. To, say, last week:
"And then, the cherry on the turdmuffin, they’ve invited any number of mouth breathing knuckleheads, helpfully pre-infiltrated by X*500 paid CI/agitators, not to mention actual and faux racists and other assorted idiots, whose entire purpose is to create the plausible rationale to
a) open fire
b) make mass arrests
c) turn this into Charlottesville Klan Rally v2.0 on national TV
d) make an airtight case in 50 states for gun owners being the exact non-existent lunatics the Brady Bunch and every other anti-gun lobby sees in their fever dreams, except now with actual video proof.
e) All of the above." - Aesop
Now let's visit last night's headlines:
BALTIMORE, Md. (WDBJ7/WWBT/AP) — Three men linked to a racially motivated violent extremist group have been arrested in Maryland and Delaware by FBI special agents. 
The suspected white supremacists were believed to be on their way to a gun rights rally planned in Richmond for Monday, according to several national media outlets.  
According to the Associated Press, a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an active investigation said the group was arrested on their way south to Richmond, where a rally is planned to protest pending gun control bills in the General Assembly.
Governor Ralph Northam declared a temporary State of Emergency for Richmond on Wednesday, banning all weapons from Capitol Square during the time in which the rally is planned.
Northam said law enforcement intelligence analysts identified credible threats of violence, as well as white nationalist rhetoric and out-of-state militia plans that appeared similar to plans that led up to the deadly 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville in 2017.
According to a press release from Northam's office, "credible intelligence gathered by Virginia’s law enforcement agencies indicates that tens of thousands of advocates plan to converge on Capitol Square for events culminating on January 20, 2020. Available information suggests that a substantial number of these demonstrators are expected to come from outside the Commonwealth, may be armed, and have as their purpose not peaceful assembly but violence, rioting, and insurrection."
Well played, fucktards.

I don't have to be a psychic medium to foretell this. I just have to know enough physics and history to predict how big the POOF! will be every time Wile E.'s  latest Acme Fucktard Plan takes him off the cliff, and calculate height and velocity before impact.

And now, Gov. Blackface Babykiller's entire emergency no-weapons declaration has been justified.


I can hardly wait for Act Two.

Well played, Tard Army.

This is what it looks like when you play hopscotch in a minefield, and know more about sun tea than about Sun Tzu.
"All warfare is based on deception.
If you are weak, appear strong; if you are strong, appear weak.
The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.
Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.
”  - Sun Tzu
The feds and local authorities, four days before the first TardBus unloads in Richmond, have already made their case. They have pre-selected wingnut dipshits bringing FUCKING MACHINEGUNS to Richmond, FFS! Does Las Vegas ring any bells? Who wants to put $20 on the over-under before that link shows up in the news about this arrest? Beuller? Bueller...? Ferris Beuller...??? Anyone? Anyone...???

The media circus left the station and the Tards haven't even shown up yet. TPTB are picking the low-hanging fruit off before you even wake up, let alone tee up.

And yet, the true morons can't wait to get their chance at bat.

You're already lost the game before the first pitch.

Because you still don't get this:
They've had this narrative pre-crafted and road-tested for years, and you just woke up and smelled the coffee a month ago. The story is already written, and before you even get to tell your side, they've already got patsies and "crisis actors" all set to play the leading roles.

The assclowns showing up for this are just the extras in the background, to avoid having to CGI the mob into the photo ops.

Walk tall, fucktards.
Walk tall.

And I didn't even have to wait until Tuesday to say "I told you so."

Here's the forecast for next week:

Somehow, it's funnier when Wile E. does it.


Anonymous said...

before you gloat too much. regaurdless of the attendee's this was going to happen this way, there will be a crowd of verilent racicsts,nzi flags and old dixie , you know ad nausium. when you own the government and the media and the populus are generaly mouth breathin window licking idiots well there you go.
even if no patriots show this is how it will be played

Aesop said...

Which is why playing in the street is always a jackass move.

But I'm not gloating.
I'm disgusted - that anyone was stupid enough to walk right into the trap without seeing this coming from a mile away, and not set themselves up for it without any serious thought.

And this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention how many good people will have their electronic data swept up for "Future Processing".

YOU KNOW that chatter that THEY Don't KNOW about my "Stuff", I've bought it off my Uncle Paul and such.... THEY DO WORRY about those "Unknown Firearms"

AND the VCDL event is a GOLD MINE of Data about those "Unknown Persons of Armed Interest".

Oh your "Smart Enough" to turn your Cell Phone OFF? They can PING an off cell phone, indeed turn it back ON with out you even knowing it's ON for use as a DATA dump into their computers, location device, and Microphone....

Just your PHONE Number at this goat rope gives them reason to have YOUR Phone RECORDS searched as to "Find" data about OTHER Troublemakers.

SO Even folks "Smart Enough" NOT TO be there OR there with out Cell Phones can be ID'ed for "Future Processing" Because YOUR Credit Card Purchase of that 35.00 BOX Car seat became the Song Bird..... Yeah the Bus companies WILL give up the Credit Card Information Hero's.

Folks get ready to do a Mosby Pretending to be someone's Grand pappy a sick in bed with hidden weapons or Die in Place. If you don't have critical supplies at hand now then in a few days you'll not be doing anything as weather and dehydration puts you out.

Nothing Civil about Civil War. Look to Sherman's March for an example, the Gulags and betrayals to the Secret Police as examples.

Wes Rhinier said...

Aesop said...


Your position amounts to "Well, whatever."

People who know it's a trap, and have decided they're willing to walk into it, are stupid. QED

Half a dozen smarter, and more effective alternative ideas have been put forth, on those same twenty blogs.
None of them involve surrender.
But they require work, and brains.
So you're an apologist for the lazy, and the foolish.

The Fucktards won't have any thinking or working, because Stupid.
Fair enough. Let them be stupid.
But they'll drag other people down with them.
So now, wasteful, stupid, lazy backstabbers.
(Marines in the crowd will recognize that lot as shitbirds and buddyfuckers. These are not terms of endearment.)

That's the entire argument for going through with this.

And God help the people who follow the Stupid.

How did that work out in Malheur?
Or Charlottesville?

If Gov. Coonman wants to go get your guns, meet his minions at the county line, and send them home on a shutter, and I'll cheer.

But this is being fucktards because they can.
Not to accomplish anything.

Yes, it's anyone's God-given right to be thoroughgoing jackass.
But it's nothing to write home about, nor support, unless one is a jackass too.

And having to make that choice, and stand up for or against being a jackass is what has everyone on both sides so butthurt.

Fuck them and the horses they rode into town on, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.
They're not my people, they're not on my team, and all they're doing is fucking things up for better, smarter people down the line, by making it harder to win, harder to gain support, and harder for anyone in the middle on this to see that everyone isn't a fucktard.

Anyone who wants to cheer on and root for fucktards and jackasses can do it someplace else.

Wes Rhinier said...

Not exactly sure how you see me as an apologist, but thats your opinion.

Have you seen this from Rex?

195K subscribers
So, Governor Ralph Northam declares a “state of emergency” on the eve of a peaceful pro 2A lobby day gathering. He still thinks we are intimidated by an earthly entity and that his mobilization of emergency forces will deter the people from our peaceful assembly. That right to assemble peacefully is guaranteed never to be restricted by government as written in our 1st Amendment. The public servants in VA do not understand that we don’t worship them, they are not our gods, and they will not prevent us from gathering to express and share our concerns. Although God gave us our unalienable rights to keep and bear arms, we come courteously and in peace to SPEAK, if they will hear us. If we are prevented from gathering and speaking peacefully, are they telling us once and for all that the verbal dialogue over? It is God Almighty that emboldens us to stand firm in our position. I myself will be arriving “naked” (unarmed) to boldly attest to this point. Will this be our last attempt to bend over backwards to establish a peaceful record of our wishes and position? I pray that they gain the ears to hear what the people have to say.

NOTE: I will go to this event with no earthly weapon, armed only with the Truth.
NOTE: I will not and do not promote any form of violence at this lobby day event.
NOTE: I intend to return peacefully to my home after this peaceful event is over.
NOTE: If this peaceful gathering “feels threatening” to any political entity, then I suspect them of having criminal intent.

June J said...

The linked articles about the arrests demonstrate once again how all these groups are infiltrated by the feds. If they actually built a working machine gun from parts, you have to wonder if the parts were supplied by a feb plant.

Anonymous said...

From "TiborasaurusRex":

NOTE: I intend to return peacefully to my home after this peaceful event is over.

He don't realize the enemy, of which there are many besides Northam, gets a vote on whether he'll be able to act on this intention?

NOTE: I will go to this event with no earthly weapon, armed only with the Truth.

How did that work for the Children Crusaders? If he ends up as a squalid martyr, how will that help the cause?

Why even bring up his idiocy up in this forum? It's not like we have a shortage of idiots posting in the comments.

Aesop said...

@Anon 5:43

"It's not like we have a shortage of idiots posting in the comments."

It's like Tourette's.
They can't help themselves.

Unknown said...

So, uh, ehat are the odds that this entire thing was staged?

-VA Senate puts forward SB16
-VCDL issues a call-to-arms
*-couties pass sanctuary resolutions
-MD SP arrest 'white supremacists' (paid actors)? enroute to Richmond with MGs
-Gov Blackface McBabykiller bans guns at the capital

At this point, I am convinced that the * above is the only action taken organically by We The People, and that literally everything else has been something done by TPTB. Forget false flag, why not just play yourself in chess and throw the game for the "good guys"?

Bee Ess said...

If you HAVE to go, just to witness the event, dress in black and act like its the first time out of mom's basement in 2 months.

Virginia Granny said...

The whole situation is really worse than you think. My Republican Senator, Emmett Hangor, voted with the Dems on 2 of the Senate bills. His vote during the last session also killed Constitutional Carry, probably for ever. Due to this treachery, in the primary, I voted for another candidate, but Emmett still won and went on to beat the Dem. For all the good it did us.

When even your side is on their side, there isn't much left to say.

Keep stacking.

Charles in VA said...

The best strategy at this point for me is to wait for Team Tyrant to wipe the Tard Army from the field. Anyone like-minded left after that event MIGHT be worth allying with...provided they didn't attend in the first place. Team Tard is permanently off my list of potential allies.

I'm that lone bull buffalo that decided to walk behind a bush to take a wizz when the herd decided to jump off the cliff.

Step two: wait for the Indians to go to the picnic, feast on the carcasses, get moose drunk and fall asleep.

Step Three: Round up all the cows and younger bulls I can find, regroup and plan a massive Indian trampling on ground of MY choosing.

T-Rav said...

Personally, I think it's better than even odds the arrests in Baltimore were part of a false flag operation. Yeah, you arrested some white supremacists on the eve of a protest you were already planning to smear as a bunch of white supremacists getting together. Sure.

But regardless, it doesn't matter, because the VCDL leadership should have known long ago there was a chance of something like this happening--i.e., reason #157 not to hold the protest as planned--and yet, they're still going to do it anyway.

I don't know. Maybe at this point, Virginians might as well go to Richmond and make their futile gesture, because clearly none of the people allegedly on "our side" are going to give them the chance to do something more effective.

Anonymous said...

No matter the how the game is rigged.. its rigged. I've been on the fence about this but this pre-arrest makes it clear that it is likely all a big set up. This was/is a big fat neon sign visible from space to avoid this at all costs.

They are going to do what they are going to do NO MATTER HOW MANY SHOW UP TO PROTEST. Think ACA - 70% disapproval rating yet it was passed so it could then be read and implemented. Do you really think Nancy was not 100% certain what was in the bill she 'didn't read'?

They are COUNTING on having a nice photo/video op to spin. No show and take that away. Or at least make me have to roll out obviously or what can be quickly shown to be fake CGI crap.

Take a hint from the Sun Tzu qoutes.. there are times to fight and there are times to wait. This is a time to wait. It is also time to think about what their next steps will be and plan accordingly.

Some of the sheriffs are making noise about 'deputizing everyone'. To me that is the move to make now. Do it now and leave Richmond alone. Put them in the position of having to counter move.

Wes Rhinier said...

You have alienated many people. Calling your readership every name under the sun for disagreeing with you doesn't look good.
You appear very hypocritical to many people. Aesop"If you want the guns you'll get the guns, bullets first. Hand to god on that. Call that toss in the air. We'll be over here loading magazines." Then Virginia has the potential kick off the party you have written about numerous times and you all of a sudden decide wait there is a better way..... Staying away and not confronting tyranny isn't exactly the retaliatory strike so biblical they'll talk about it for a thousand years you so often post.
Take a deep breath. Gather your thoughts. I have always enjoyed your blog. But going nuclear on those who have followed you for ages, it just not good.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know. Maybe at this point, Virginians might as well go to Richmond and make their futile gesture, because clearly none of the people allegedly on "our side" are going to give them the chance to do something more effective."

The people on our side are "us". No one in Richmond is on our side. Just as no one in Washington DC is on "our" side.
If we're to be effective, we need to start thinking instead of acting like a brood of frustrated lesbians at the bad time of the month.

Anonymous said...

Wes Rhinier: "If it saves just one life" I think Aesop will get over it.

More to the point, as things get spicier, it's important to divide people into useful groups, and the stupid and industrious are vital to discern before it gets too hot. Leaders who as we watch are failing need to be shunned even if all the stars align and the rally doesn't become a Charlie Foxtrot because, for example, Northam turns out not to be a McAuliffe of the Clinton murder machine, and the other government players decide now is not the right time.

A.B. Prosper said...

Look, once the Democrats have enough votes to do what they want and assume they can retain enough political power that it can't easily be undone, they are going to do it.

That's what Democracy is, majority well honestly mob rule. The Demos writ large.

The reason for the lobbying is to the dim witted hope that the system can be fixed. It can't, between quisling Republicans, spinless looter Republicans, Leftist subversion and the buddy system , the nation won't be allowed to go in the Right direction.

Also most people with 3 digit IQ's know this and know the only thing that is going to change things is the Right taking power probably by force.

This will result in as Matt Bracken ably out it Bosnia times Rwanda on steroids and there is no other way to deal with persistent, subversive, global ideologies.

What the Right consistently fails to do is realize that the days when we had enough room, low enough technology, or a conscientious, honest population interested in hard work and fair gains are long gone so you can't walk away. If you break it, you own it and that they cannot allow the kind of Liberty that allows them to pack up and go home.

If they win however much land they can keep (it could be anything from 10 states to 50) they have to rule it by force. Unlike what the bow tied cucks think, Conservatism is policy all the way down not an attitude. Its specific ideas, honest, sobriety, the workman is worth of his hire, family, normality enforced at State gunpoint. This is regulation, policy, taxation and half the damn things the other side does only done in a way that makes the place worth having a family in.

Truth is you aren't fighting for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or alas our long dead tradition. You are a soldier against despair and a builder of a decent society. That includes guns and freedom what decent society wouldn't but if I wouldn't want a to start a family there or I can't than you are as big a failure as the bug men.

As above so below.

Once the Right gets it through there thick useless skulls and decides that a better society is worth fighting for and worse comes to worse dying for they can have it. Otherwise you had might as well vote Democrat and/or make your reservations on the boxcar

T-Rav said...


I can't speak for our blog host, but for me personally it has become increasingly frustrating to watch people like the VCDL, who have on the table a variety of options with the potential to stop these gun control efforts, not only right now but down the road, and possibly even offering a shot at regaining control of Virginia, throw them all away in favor of an approach which, best case scenario, will yield exactly no benefit for our side.

I personally doubt that violence actually will occur at the Lobby Day rally (personal opinion only), but even if it doesn't, the Northam regime will end up doing exactly what it was planning to do all along. That much should be obvious to everyone involved.

It has been repeatedly explained by Aesop and others that they are proposing a choice not between doing something and doing nothing, but between doing something that won't work and something that will. That people refuse to acknowledge this and accuse him of telling everyone to bend over and take it, is probably the reason for his harsh tone.

Anonymous said...


Data centers, some, use ballistic panels on exterior walls:

I'm sure this is hideously expensive but might be an easier sell to the wife.

Anonymous said...


thank you for being the voice of reason. this whole situation is frustrating to watch because i have no way to change the outcome. so thank you for being a voice of sanity.

I just got around to looking up the buffalo herd's fearless leader. he seems too naive to be leading any group.

you probably know this, but all i've seen in this whole process is a well-planned and executed false flag op. they probably spotted their patsy after that ^ incident.

they will have gotten an agent on the inside (maybe even more than one) probably just after that^ incident, to make sure that any dissent to following through with the 'plan' leverages the patsy's normalcy bias (ie 'we really CAN get them to listen to our demands') to maintain the 'we have to do something' narrative.

it's just like clockwork.

they have already had one group disparaged - "racially motivated violent extremist group" ie white supremacists.

next up, this weekend should have at least one more 'arrest' of:

[you pick the group for predictive value -- come on, flex your pre-cognition skills]

maybe you can actually get somebody that plans to go to the barrel-shoot to pay attention when you can predict the future - before it's too late.

Jethro said... antifa is claiming that they want to protest the gun grab along side the 2A 2A Supporters. I'm not buying that.

Aesop said...


If they come for the guns, everything I said applies.
So you tell me:
Who's done that?

Can't answer that??

Then it hasn't happened yet, has it?

If anyone can't figure out how one of these things is not like the other, they are precisely as blisteringly stupid as I've explained. (Like 100 anonymous comments on this topic in the last week haven't been the most egregious examples of head-up-the-ass stupid, in living color, over and over and over again.)

If anyone can look at that explanation over and over and still not get it, I really don't care how butthurt they are. I don't write things to make everyone happy. And if they sting when then land, people should get off the X.

I hold no brief for mollycoddling the stupid, because we're approaching the point when stupid is going to be a terminal problem.

"The stupid ones died fast." - every veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, about insurgents there

Don't be stupid.

Aesop said...

And if you didn't notice before, the asshole posts over at WRSA always come from the same Dirty Dozen retards and racists. That's what happens with free speech, and CA runs his blog on (when comments are open) on the theory that speech is either free, or it isn't.

The Haxos, DMVGringos, NorthGunners, and T-Fats, etc. of that commentariat are the inevitable result of that principled stance, for the same reason Nazis got to march through Skokie IL. Free speech means even morons get an audience sometimes.

That's his blog, and his business. This one is mine. I choose not to give them a forum.

I wear their scorn as a badge of honor, because they're unredeemed fucktards, since ever. The morons never win an argument, but they always show themselves as morons, which is how it should be. They are their own best anti-recruitment tool. And inevitably, my stuff gets reposted elsewhere more than occasionally, which means I don't have to read them, but they have to read me.

Take a guess how well I sleep at night knowing those two truths.

Wes Rhinier said...

I know those guys all too well. DMV has been banned from NCRenegade probably longer than you've had him banned. But I usually get a good laugh reading their comments that go straight to the trash bin.

A.B. Prosper said...

H T-Fat if he isn't an agent provocateur talks like he needs to be in a nuthouse. The rest aren't so great either though occasionally they can make a point. I don't blame your for banning them and if I had the urge to blog more, I'd ban them too.

That said you aren't getting any peaceful resolution to this mess and so long as the population of the US isn't made very homogeneous, you aren't getting your Republic back. Civic Nationalism won't save you.

I'd argue that entire excrement in the fan situation in Virginie was caused mainly by immigration. If the Dems can't win on ideas and are checked on cheating than as soon as they get power, they'll flood an area with foreigners to vote for them.

You want your nation back, 50 million people have to go back to where they came from and no one else can come in basically forever. If your people habitually vote Leftist , you have to go. As fr the Whites? Them too. Brazil awaits.

When Dissidents can figure out how to get there and how to actually do the things a society needs to do to make it work, they can get back to me. Otherwise they are of no consequence and if somehow they get organized they'll be barbarians sacking civilization not an alternative to Leviathan. screw them.

That aside, while I disagree with you on many an occasion, I know you have your head screwed on straight and understand things like maybe yeah, we might have to have the DEA if we don't want a nation full of addicts.

WRSA's circa 1778 minrachy is dog feces as a philosophy, rule or be ruled at least till you have a population worthy of all the freedom our forbears wanted us to have.

T-Rav said...

Pro tip: If your comeback to anyone over the age of 12 includes the phrase "Mr. fancy words," not spoken in jest, it's time for you to rethink your entire comment, and probably where you are in life in general.

Unknownsailor said...

A.B.Prosper, you are precisely correct. Mass migration is why this is happening now, the left thinks they have imported enough voters that they can do what they want with impunity.

There are already more non-white children alive today than there are white, and that co-hort will live through the fall out of the US going white minority in 2040 or so. Enough red states will flip blue between now and then that Trump might very well be the last Republican president.


streamfortyseven said...

Posted on Virginia Hunters Coalition page: "I’d be surprised if *any* of the legislators or anyone else in the government there next to the festivities is going to be there, except for agents of the State. So as a day to lobby representatives, it would be a bust. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my bet. I’ll bet there are emails and texts telling people to stay home until the fun and amusement is over with. There’s nothing which prevents people from talking with their representatives on the 22nd, and that’s what I’ve suggested in other forums. If people want to rally, they should save their bus fares and do so locally – 102 separate rallies across the state will have far greater impact – and be a lot tougher to either lie about or black out. The fact that nearly every county in the state has passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution or something similar is really enough to get the message across, if the legislators and government haven’t figured it out yet, no rally will convince them otherwise."

One response: "Yes most aren't expecting any representative to be there and your great ideas have been discussed but the 20th is in motion and it will speak volumes even though probably not much lobbying"

Another post, same group: "Basing any action on a New York Times article like this is folly. There are, however, good reasons for not going on that day, chief among them that the Democrats have announced that they won't be there. I doubt many Republicans will be around, either, in fact I'd bet that people are getting emails and texts saying to stay home. Since the only way this gets stopped is to flip Democratic votes, and they have announced they won't be around, it's kind of pointless to go in hopes of talking with them. Fish where the fish are, after all. The other reason is that this looks like a set-up for a mainstream media spectacle, which is intended to be used against Second Amendment rights, and it would be counterproductive to join in such a thing, so far as I'm concerned."

Response: "This is Lobby Day they have been ding for years."

OK, I at least tried.

Avalanche said...

A.B.Prosper wrote: "The reason for the lobbying is to the dim witted hope that the system can be fixed. It can't, between quisling Republicans, spinless looter Republicans, Leftist subversion and the buddy system, the nation won't be allowed to go in the Right direction."

Whew -- quite the despair-monger talking us out of hope? 'It's hopeless, it's over, give up?' (I've read A.B> elsewhere; he's writing, correctly,.t hat it will not be changed inside the system. I agree. However:

Y'all left out the biggest audience: those of us pretty much normies but also gun owners, actual Constitution readers and believers. Not just the far Rightists (in my case, far Far FAR Right) -- esp. the POSTERITY: the whole damned POINT of this nation! (NATION, not country! Paperwork Americans do NOT count and mostly do not belong here!) We're out here, despairing of saving our people because there are SO few of us; there are so many of them...

Oh-wow-wait! Turns out - we're NOT alone; we DO have an army. It's an army (well, a militia without the LARPing) and, when it comes to it (and it will), it won't be just me and the three people I've managed to awaken far enough to see what's coming! (Got others in the pipeline, but it's a slow process!)

Granted, I'm writing after VA's "I'm (an actual) Spartacus" moment. I was heartened to see just how MANY people were willing to stand up and risk antifa and the quisling cops committing and allowing violence as they have done/allowed all along. The ones willing to disarm and enter the 'pen of possible death' gave their arms to family and friends just some feet away, OUTside the pen. WHAT a statement! "Suddenly" antifa and the cops weren't going to start/allow some stupid shit. "Suddenly" our disarmed brethren weren't ACTUALLY disarmed, they merely set their weapons down for a parley.

Our enemy's 24/7/365 actions to drive us to despair and isolated inertia (continual one-way violence AFTER "our" police had disarmed us; courts letting bikelockfag off with no punishment, DESPITE clear evidence he was guilty of (7!) attempted murders; arresting our guys for being attacked BY antifa / BLM but never touching the attackers) -- were "suddenly" and visually notified that we are NOT alone!

ALL wars march on morale! Our morale has been pretty thoroughly disorganized. Yeah-sure, we have duty: we WILL fight because we MUST fight, regardless of the quixotic nation of the future we can't really see (not even through a glass darkly). We do our duty because it's our duty... but man! The odds have SEEMED insuperable. But, oh-wait! Tens and ten of thousands of actual "us" showed up, willing to risk even death, certainly beatings and arrest, to SHOW that we are not alone!

The POINT is not to make our enemies wake up and become human; they are not capable of it (atrophied amygdalas: if y'all haven't read Anonymous Conservative's blog and book; and Charles Murray's kinda dense, definitely scientific, new book: Human Diversity: catch up!). The POINT is to remind all of us out here, individually and in small groups keeping our heads down and prepping for the oncoming war that we will NOT be alone in that war.

I believe, Aesop, that you are one whose duty provides motivation. MOST people are not like that. We need HOPE (morale) or we 'march into battle' already defeated. Please also read William Lind's primer for the future 4th Generation Warfare Handbook (audio, eBook, or paperbound: ). And remember, most of us are not hardened warriors; we're just folks who see the oncoming destruction, and hope we're not alone facing it!