Tuesday, January 21, 2020

O, The Butthurt

Hundreds Dozens Maybe six or eight commenters, most bravely anonymous, can't help the scorching case of hemorrhoids they're suffering over the last couple of posts.
"Aesop's a big negative meanie! He won't let us shit all over his blog! He called us names! He said the emperor is naked!!!"

Boo frickin' hoo, cupcakes. It's a cruel, cruel world.
If you thought playground insults and tantrums were going to hurt my feelings, you haven't been here very long, nor listened very much. I deal with drunk and stoned a-holes for a living, and have for decades. Most of the whiners here aren't even up to single-A amateur league status.
And if your pwecious feeeeewings were hurt, clutch your pearls, grab your smelling salts, and take to your fainting couches.

But I'm willing to be fair.
Let's have it your way for ten seconds:

If yesterday's rally was such a blazing success, why not have one every month?
In fact, how about every week?
It's your idea, so why not double and triple down on it?
Again and again and again.

MOAR! Harder!

Because if it was the unmitigated victory some of you would like to think, why wouldn't you do that?

How many more rallies before you stop even one gun bill?
How many before you flip legislature votes?
How many before you get Northam to resign, or turn around?

A thousand?

If this is such a brilliant tactic, why aren't you willing to repeat it?
Isn't your freedom worth it?

(No, of course it clearly isn't.)

Because if you're not willing to do it again, you tacitly admit it wasn't all that and a bag of chips, but rather a one-off fluke. You just got lucky, once, and managed to not shoot yourselves in the feet. Which is pretty weak sauce for gauging "success".

And everyone knows it. Then, now, always.

And you're not being magically "brave" because you did something you knew was stupid.
You're just lucky you didn't pay for that error in judgment. (And you may, yet.)

Gov. Blackface inadvertently disarmed Antifa ahead of the rally (and they prudently are too cowardly to come to a fair fight, as I've noted since...ever) with his hysterical emergency order. Watch and see that the dot-gov doesn't make that blunder again.

And if the rally was to send a message, then what was the point of flipping 90% of the counties in VA to 2A sanctuaries?

If the one sent the message, why the rally?
If the rally was so good, why do the sanctuaries?
C'mon, cheerleaders, get your stories straight.

If, as this idiocy's boosters maintain, government was so cowed by the sight of a few thousand of you, why are they plowing ahead full-steam with the very bills and plans that got you all so upset in the first place?

Could it be that your outdoor gun love-in was every bit as futile, pointless, and stupid as was alleged?

You're stomping on the brakes, and you claim the wheels are smoking, but it's not slowing down a bit.

So I'm thinking your speedometer is broken.
Show me how I've got that wrong, when your big move accomplished Jack and Shit at the end of the day.

Maybe, outnumbered as you are in your own state, you should try voting at the problem.

Oh, and don't forget strongly-worded letters to the editors too.

That will show those statist meanies who's boss, right?

Or maybe, not so much.

So spare me your juvenile butthurt and impotent rage. You can't even come up with a good reason for yesterday beyond "But we didn't fuck it up royally, so it was a SUCCESS!"

No sale, Snowflakes.

One commenter nailed you to the wall earlier.
You should be doing pushups, not typing.

But a considerable number of folks would rather waste their time on shiny nothingburgers than do hard work.

No points for guessing what the payoff for that will be.

So put some cream on your butthurt, rub some dirt on your injured self-conceits, and walk it off.

The rally idea didn't get any smarter just because you didn't manage to kill yourselves. If that's news to anyone, I'm sorry for the IQ points they lack.
Nothing was accomplished yesterday in the grand scheme of things but a big, outdoor public circle jerk. And that isn't going to help you now, or ever.

Public protests didn't end the Vietnam War, Ban Nukes, or Save The Whales.
Stop acting like retarded '60s hippies, and quit drinking the bong water.

Stupid should hurt. Especially if you stepped on your own junk.


Anonymous said...

People too stupid to see that allowing themselves to be herded, unarmed, into a fenced enclosure are the same ones who'll get on the boxcars of their own free will someday. Trying to teach those people not to be stupid, even with tough love, is a waste of time.

Keep passing the straight dope, and ignore the straight-up dopes.
That way when things go boogaloo, they can soak up the bullets to spare the smarter people.

Charles in VA said...

"You see, Mr. Anderson...we're not here because we're free. We're here because we're NOT free. There's no escaping the logic of it." - Matrix Reloaded

Aesop, I'm with you in my disbelief of the mental defectives declaring total victory on this national embarrassment.

The fallout from this will take months to sort out, but one thing I would bet heavily on is the photos of fatty McFuctard with his Barrett rifle will be going viral on the Leftist circuit for a LOOOONG time. Cringe worthy doesn't even begin to tell that story.

One thing that is immediately clear is that Coon Face will be able to call for a State of Emergency AT WILL from this point forward with a "legitimacy" heretofore undreamed of.

You posts are right on the mark. NOTHING constructive was accomplished yesterday. How many hundreds of thousands of rounds could have been bought with the money put into this clown show?

Well, you know what the saying is...never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

I did some recon of the Leftist sites yesterday, and I saw a lot of rhetorical and photographic ammo being stockpiled there.

And what happened to "let's arm the toddlers" Van Cleafe's call for "no long arms and no camo"? Yep. THAT guy has his troops WELL under control!

Alex Jones showing up in his armored humvee and bull horn was just the icing on the fucktard cake for me. I'm surprised he wasn't throwing out free supplements to the crowd like it like beads at fucking Mardi Gras!

This was , if nothing else, a PR nightmare of epic proportions...and anyone NOT insulated in their right wing echo bubble can plainly see this for what it was...a complete and utter Declaration of impotency.

They all got slapped in the face by King Ralph's big limp dick and won't even figure it out until July!

And folks wonder why I think it's wise to go it alone!

The Freeholder said...

Personally, my facepalm moment was the guy with the "A gun could have saved Jerry Epstein from suicide" sign. The derp is strong with that one.

I guess my take is "It could have been far worse, and I'm happy it wasn't."

Anonymous said...

Wow! So the 'double down' is now a thing that spans all types of folks.

I personally didn't read anywhere that the stated goal of this week's get-together was to IMMEDIATELY(i.e next day) shut down ALL anti-gun legislation and to magically give all the Bolsheviks in Virginia brain transplants. Almost no one is that ill informed, right?

And, whether you want to own it or not - you were wrong on all of your Doom and Gloom predictions. That is OK, your inclinations were echoed by many linear type thinkers. If you played slightly better chess, you may have figured out that with all of the media, cameras and 'officials' in the gathering -- any 'false flag' would probably have back-fired. An the calculus would have been magnified since the @A areas don't get their news from CNN, MSNBC, etc -- so they would not have been spun. False-flag events are usually done when you least expect them -- that's their beauty. And, yes, in a prior life, I was a civilian visitor to that funny shaped building in Washington working on 'war games' with the big guys...Not that I would believe anything an internet poster writes...

Also, you live in California right? Why don't you tell us what your brilliant strategy was for arresting and beating back the Bolshies from taking over. I mean, wasn't CA the land of Nixon and Reagan? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or something like that.

One more thing - there was a large petition to recall Gov Blackface at the soireee. And there is a concerted effort to gather the approximately 500K signatures needed to start the ball rolling. People getting TOGETHER for a common cause is the most effective way to start momentum and keep it going. Ranting and raving about what should be done, from a failed state that you must take some responsibility for, is, well - quite pathetic.

No one that went to the shindig feel any butt-hurt. But it sure does sound like you do (called projection) -- hence the irate double down.

George True said...

I would have been mildly impressed if the rally crowd had at least had the balls to dismantle the fencing around the officially approved First Amendment exercise zone. Remember when Obama ordered the monuments around D.C. to be closed in order to stick it to the citizenry where it hurts? A bunch of 60 and 70 something retired vets calmly dismantled all the barricades and deposited them in neat piles.

Instead of long guns, I would have thought the rally goers might have brought wire cutters, pliers, small pry bars, etc and simply ELIMINATED the barricades and fencing. And perhaps reassembled them into a gigantic hand giving the finger, on the Capitol lawn pointed right at the legislature. The fact that they did not even do any of that sends exactly the wrong message to TPTB.

Or how about the no-fly zone, not even for drones? The proper response to that would have been to flood the airspace over and around the Capitol building with HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of drones. The fact that the rally organizers accepted this restriction with nary a peep shows the Commies exactly the wrong thing.

If you are going to take the huge risk of having a rally that could easily become an epic buffalo jump, then at least use it to by God send the right message to the totalitarians. You think your little fence can keep us out? Think again. You think your little no-fly order will keep us from flying our own drones? Well here's enough drones in the air to blot out the sun.

THAT might have sent a message. The message being that if you think that we will obey illegal barricades and no-fly orders, just wait and see what we do with your illegal gun orders. But no. The message the rally sent was We Will Obey.

Anonymous said...

Aesop: I'm the commenter who supposedly nailed your naysayers to the wall last night with the exhortation of more pushups and less typing. That thought was probably brought on by the pics and vids I viewed of yesterday's Richmond shindig.

But it was meant as an equal opportunity statement and not directed towards people who disagree with you. Everybody can benefit from more PT, and from stepping back from arguing on the internet. It's an Econ 101 principle called "opportunity cost." For every bit of time wasted putting out personal views on these internets, that same bit of time could be spent on something more important for personal, family, and tribe survival. Obese people generally can't fight well. They don't impress as leaders, and they don't provide a good role model for youngsters coming up behind them, whether those impressionable people are kin, tribe, or just people looking at rally pics.

I have read your site for quite some time. I have not seen you retract a position nor admit an error. Fine. We who read your site know what we're getting into as the Mark Twain masthead quote is displayed. And that's all I'm going to say about that (said Forrest.)


Deathray said...

I'm going to try this again because I'm not sure you get it.

I get the impression that you and many of your readers have served.

I did. Please try and remember getting off the bus. Did you look around? What did you see and feel?

Me? I thought our country was screwed and I was scared. But, that was day one and as the days passed we got better.

This was in the early 80's. We were a group of guys from all around the country and different parts of the world. Some didn't make it for long and some excelled. The cream rose to the top.

The one thing that I most remember is we pulled together and tried to work out all our differences and create a team. It wasn't always easy.

We didn't ridicule each other for very long. We wanted to succeed and we did. We encouraged one another to get it done.

Folks, yesterday a bunch of really brave people from all over our country stepped off the bus. Was it a sight to behold? In some ways yes it was. In others not so much.

Come on people, please don't discourage the folks that showed up. I think we need to remember that day we stepped off the bus. And, if you didn't serve,its not hard to envision what we looked like. Just believe this, we helped each other and we got better.

Let's try tamping the name calling and build up our team. It's what we have to work with and who is going to come and replace us.

It was a starting point. I hope and believe there is an awakening starting to take place. Encourage it and welcome these new ones to the cause. Everyone won't be rucking and kicking doors. They all will have their place though. They're needed. I'm going to repeat it. THEY'RE NEEDED.

DaveS said...

Have you ever met someone that had a great idea that couldn't get anyone to buy into the idea because he just absolutely couldn't help himself from insulting almost everyone that he tried to present his idea to? The brilliant guy who everyone ignored because he was such a rude, obnoxious jerk? Or the guy who just has to convince everyone else that he's the smartest guy in the room by belittling everyone else in the room with him?

Yeah. That guy. Don't be him.

Be a leader.

Don't stand in the back of the room and talk about how the guys up in front don't know what they're doing. Step up and lead.

Acrimony and vitriol make for uncomfortable clothing.

Charles in VA said...

@ anonymous 11:52 AM

I personally didn't read anywhere ANY stated goals...PERIOD...which is quite odd considering the numbers of tardlings that showed up.

The State of Emergency itself wasn't a false flag op? I'm not seeing how it "backfired". It drove the media narrative all day long. What the world saw was a throng of unarmed idiots willingly walking into a cattle enclosure to no purpose whatsoever, other than because another idiot talked them into thinking it was a good idea.

OOH! "A large petition" was passed around! I hope it was a magic petition, because they keep raising the signature bar every time you think you might be getting close to actually accomplishing anything. And it would be completely invalid because of out of State signatures anyway. Maybe you can try voting next! Bwahaha!

It really worked for California, didn't it? See how that just made you bite your own ass? Yeah. I didn't think so.

"Start momentum"? You really are a retard. "Try to take credit for" pre-existing momentum is more like it...and that's what really pisses me off about you buddy fucking morons. You're all running around trying to convince anyone stupid enough to listen to you that this 2A Sanctuary movement was all because of you! The truth is it had exactly NOTHING to do with you out of state fucktards at all! Ever.

Stupid is its own reward. Here's your medal!

Charles in VA said...

@ DaveS,

And yet here you are, shit bird, talking trash from the back of the room!

F'ing retards like you can't BE reasoned with. No sane person would even try. Your only value is comedic...as a target of righteously earned ridicule.

If you hate acrimony and vitriol, and are so certain of its lack of value as a tool, why the ever loving FUCK did you bring it the State Capital by the thousands in the first place?

You are SO full of shit!

Anonymous said...

Jeezus, I am so done with all of this. I'll wait for a different topic to come up.

Anonymous said...

@Chuck in VA

Chuck, can I call you Chuck, great.

Since you are from VA, you know what Lobby Day is, right? What is the goal of Lobby day? Maybe the organizers of the this years event -- the tardlings as you so kindly refer to them - should have sent you a hand written 'personalized one' so that you could have looked it over - and maybe submit changes. BTW, the Virginians I know don't just start calling folks names - you sure you're from VA?

The State of Emergency was not a false flag. I don't have time to educate you on this. But since you are not a 'tardling', I'm sure you can locate sources on the interwebs or in your library (you do have a library, right?) to remind you what the definition of a false flag event is.

Now, I was taunting our host here about California, since that state went to the dogs while the 'brave' watched and coached and second guessed from the sidelines -- like you. The moral majority which is now a minority WATCHED the whole state go down the tubes without much of a fight. Much more like a whimper. But I'm sure lots of spittle was ejected at computer screen and keyboards -- like what you're doing.

Now, no one has said that the event on Monday STARTED the momentum. This process - and it is a process, NOT A WIZ-BANG, CLICK YOUR HEELS, ONE AND DONE, MAGIC event, will be a slow simmer that will lead to a boil. BUT, it did show those pols that were watching - and Chuck, they were watching, that folks from all stripes and walks of life were willing to gather PEACEFULLY to show their displeasure. Do you know politicians Chuck? Do you know how they think? Do you know what scares them (and things do SCARE them). People getting together around a principal scare them. And UNPAID, SELF MOTIVATED citizens that gather together scare them the most. This scared them. And if your reference for media coverage and viewpoint is CNN and MSNBC - I suggest you pick new sources, cause those folks wrote the script BEFORE the event and nothing would ever change it.

Ranting, raving, calling people names - especially people that want the same goals as you - you do want to keep the gov't out of your life, right Chuck - is a strange way to debate. And while I have personally seen lots of peaceful 'marches' and gatherings be the beginning of great movements of change, I have never seen an angry person behind a computer screen ranting and raving do much of anything. Yes Chuck, I'm referring to your screed above.

As far as I can see, these folks moved the peanut forward. As best as I can tell, you didn't.

Anonymous said...

AESOP- Who are you? Aren't you Anonymous too? So, you stated you would be the first to acknowledge your prediction of the Buffalo Jump was wrong if it was. I haven't seen it. I thought you were a man of your word? Or is your ego too big to admit your prognostication was incorrect?

Anonymous said...

That rally was high farce.

Republicans and Patriot movement are all bluster. Can't even stop men from entering the womens toilet or deviates from accessing children in public libraries.

"Cold dead Fingers"? Don't make me laugh (in contempt)

FWIW the French have actually been killed trying to retake their nation from globalists.

Charles in VA said...

@ Anonymous

The only thing you goons have "moved" is your bowels all over yourselves and each other.

But it's truly funny that you think just because I live in VA that I "MUST" have heard of the VCDL before last week.

That's the biased mind set of a brain dead follower if ever I saw one.

In truth, I was HAPPILY ignorant of them until quite recently. I wish I still was.
And the same goes for you as well.

I wasn't put on this Earth to meet your expectations OR seek your approval.

So crawl back under your rock, scrum with your butt hurt buddies, pass out the butthurt cream, and take turns sitting on each others laps until the burning goes away.

You "people" are so full of assumptions and hubris I don't know where you find room for all the shit you spew.

ADS said...

>would you do it again?
VA isn't my state so I didn't go. If my state was going this way you bet I'd go.
>what was accomplished?
PR:The pro-gun side turned out in huge numbers and demonstrated that they are relatable normies and not evil fashy klansmen.
Anti-propaganda: media ravings of credible threats and violence shown to be lies for all the world to see.
Networking: many patriots from across the state introduced to each other.
Morale: patriots marched into enemy-held territory and did a touchdown dance right on the X of the ambush.
Legitimacy: Virginians giving the system every chance to correct itself in the spirit of the declaration of independence, and remaining orderly until given no other options.
Nobody expected this to magically stop the gun control bills and change commie hearts, so don't strawman that in. This is a 4GW move that bolstered the side of the good guys. It's not a replacement for 2A sanctuaries or RWDS getting ready to prosecute their accountability lists or personal fitness or any of the other worthy things a patriot can do, but rather a compliment to all of the above. Think combined arms 4GW.
As for butthurt cream: physician heal thyself!

T-Rav said...

While we're all shouting at and insulting each other, I'd like to posit a couple of questions.

1) How many people here are actually from VA and involved in the gun-rights efforts?

2) For those of you who are, what are the actual plans on the ground, by the VCDL or whoever else, for *after* this rally?

If it's judged best not to get into specifics, that's fine, but I'd like to know that there are in fact plans. Because, while I understand the position of those complaining that Aesop is just calling Lobby Day attendees idiots, if the VCDL and its supporters didn't already have a Step Three laid out (which Aesop volunteered a proposed version of, earlier this month, and a very good one in my opinion), but just thought showing up yesterday would make Northam and the rest back down, you deserve all the foul judgment coming your way.

Let's not forget that we're dealing with people who will confiscate not only our guns but everything we hold dear, will even incarcerate and kill us if it comes to that, and they will sleep well afterwards. Unless this sniping and counter-sniping is actually contributing to a plan on how to stop said people, then with all due respect, you're all just pissing into the wind.

Anonymous said...

I certainly would not rally around some principal. It would remind me of high school days, coming on close to fifty years ago, and I didn't like him much then.

Principal v principle, those are two different words. Err'body, let's turn off the spell check and auto-complete on our personal tracking devices. The use of such, turns otherwise somewhat educated people, into proper morons who nobody would want to rally to. Words mean things. When you put up the wrong word on these interwebs, you lose your value. Your value is important, no?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have stated it more effectively. Aesop, you're right.

Kafiroon said...

1. No laws changed. VA. still in process to pass all they proposed.
2. Everyone attending from what I can tell OBEYED the dictates put out by Northam.
Unarmed in the pen, armed outside it, no drones, Etc. He was OBEYED.)
3. Now everyone in every state knows they can do the same thing as the law abiding
did NOT want to start any incidents. Which I believe we should Not start.
4. So in all is was a nice show. And like many shows only resulted in 'feel goods.'
5. Both sides declare victory with no changes in anything.

Night Driver said...





Might rate some of our time.

Numbers TONIGHT aren't hair on fire inducing.

But that's TONIGHT.

Corona viri SUCK!!!


Jethro said...

OK SERIOUSLY CUT THE BULLSHIT ALREADY!! EVERY ONE. Despite the piss poor attitudes of Charles and the feels good tactitard crowd, Aesop laid out a real plan to leverage the 2A Sanctuaries movement. Time to the Lobby Day crap behind and start the next phase.

Anonymous said...

Patriots around the world, unseen, unheard, knelt in prayer and poured out our souls to God that He (again) intervene to preserve the lives and honor of THOSE WITH THE [FOOLISH BUT WELL-MEANING] COURAGE TO SHOW UP. This "unique experiment" in self governance was ONLY made possible due to GOD'S GRACE. Too few British subjects who wanted FREEDOMS DENIED THEM dared take on THE MIGHTIEST EMPIRE EVER TO PLUNDER THIS EARTH...AND AGAINST ALL ODDS... WON. [Our Founders suffered years of hurt before they even STARTED to "get it right".]

I agree that, UPON REFLECTION, Bracken and other "GENIUS MILITARY TYPES" were correct to warn [TOO FLIPPIN' LATE] that "It's a Trap!". Thus, the need for God's "mysterious ways" to PREVENT CATASTROPHE--but it was prevented, and NOT by that TRAITOR TO OATH AND OFFICE now fouling the governor's mansion.

SO, good things came from a perilously rough [even ill conceived] plan:

1. The participants were compelled to ask: "Hey, maybe we should think things through better next time?"
2. Supporters near and far that were not participants were compelled to KNEEL AND BEG DEITY TO SAVE THEIR BRETHREN/SISTERS and their republic.
3. In ways unperceivable to traitors and tyrants, both "attendees" and their "auxiliaries" came to appreciate that GOD LOVES FOOLS WHO STRIVE FOR FREEDOM AND HONOR.

I have YET to see anyone, anywhere give God and Christ their DUE for (again) saving the day. IF WE DO NOT START PRAYING AND PREPARING BETTER OUR REPUBLIC IS DOOMED"

Anonymous said...

Patently Patton worthy. Both posts nailed

A War of Rumors. History in the faking, the art of the official story. Some of it could be true.

Did the Sheriff hit the off switch on the fan?

Nice colonoscopy of situational unfairness. I agree with your blessings and grading. However, I could not have pointed it out any plainer, the Continental divide of the right to keep and bear arms assessment commentary splinter groups divided. And arms should not be made public unless they are to be used. It was a nice show us what you got show, with nothing much to show. And, of course you are right that protests are so... 1960's left-tards hippy dippy weatherman stuff.

Once had an entire company march over the top of me when the DI said give me 50 because I was smoking an joking too long and we did overhead bars down and back and down, buttered up by the cooks just to get in the mess hall for breakfast in the morning after PT. Tanks, A-10 warthogs a complement of armored vehicles with machine guns picnic basket followed up by 150,000 blood thirsty boots scoot-en bogey mens with fixed bay "O" nets with four grenades and 150 round each to use up first when the enemy is on vacation and storm the Bastille to keep them out, no return. Now that would have been a protest. But that takes organization.

And, that ain't going to happen when you picnic basket is full. Where is the picnic basket is your area, MIC? Long forgotten, but it was good to know the local NCOs opinion.

I would defer to your knowledge in the ER, but what do you know of public utilities?

Joe X

Anonymous said...

This comment from WRSA is so derp it has to be a troll

Incredible event. Shitlords everywhere. A sea of hard honorable men armed to the fucking teeth. And not a hitler clinton mao bloomberg stalin northam soros obama or bush in sight.
We Freemen will never be denied. This is what our civilization under the blanket of lies and hate is.
We are Legion.
We Won already, our enemies simply can not fathom they already lost. A heavily armed civilization is a great civilization. Time to bring back the wearing and public display of swords knives and other pig stickers, with grace and class, this will do more than all the flying boolits in the world.
Nothing happened because any who attended knew exactly we would never tolerate anything but respect and dignity of self and dignity of Liberty. Politely with honor and great prudence we all had a bone in our teeth. Everything they have tried to emasculate and disarm us failed utterly. An armed to the teeth plurality who refuse to take council of their fears can not be denied.
Our Rifles are the center of our history. This all truly begins with each of us and our rifles then it is a shitload of us, everything good and right follows, everything else is total unacceptable bullshit. If one does not like that, our guns back that truth of us up. What you going to do about it asshole?
This is the most legitimate thing imaginable, possible, and in action something which happened yesterday. We turned from a legion of men separated, isolated, disenfranchised, into A Legion. This will spread like the grass roots open source wildfire it is. Nothing can stop this. We changed the entire dialectic yesterday. We own the dialectic.

VCDL accomplished a truly amazing feat. These guys define what it is not to be denied.

Jesus wept

Mike said...

Would and do the faggots let themselves be treated so shabbily when they march at a state capitol, or anywhere else?? Not that they march under arms, but all of you know the self-righteous outrage that would ensue if they were herded into a corral. So, why should we and our cause be treated worse than the faggots and their cause?? Talk about not getting it....

Anonymous said...

So many fools...............have fun with your site Aesop.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that we spend so much energy arguing about doing the right thing, what the right thing is and how to do it, we end up doing nothing. We have too many chiefs and not enough Indians. We spend too much time talking at each other rather to each other. If this doesn't change the only thing that will, will be the medium of the conversation. You want to lead, step all the way up and fucking lead. I'll pass on that and get back to work on the quiet up close work and distance education for when you need me.
Josey Wales

Anonymous said...

My take away, 1 if the gubmint ever did decide to round people up they'll have plenty of low hanging fruit to go after first. Giving me more time. 2 Antifa was a no show. A theory is Antifa is mostly .gov, cops with a few sacrificial dumb ass civilians. If it's not totally controlled by.gov why didn't more screaming blue haired NPC's show up?

Anonymous said...

I lurk a few places, and don't usually post anything, but I've hit my limit.

Bunch of comments as of now, and not a god damned one of you pussies stepped up to the plate and explained how this did anything good that matters, or said "This was so great, he's right. We should do it again." So it looks like you still don't get that this was a bag of zip. It didn't help anything, except some people's opinions of themselves. In the long run, it's meaningless. It was a fart in a twister.

Just a bunch of chairborne rangers pounding their e-chests and saying "Yeah, we still have our guns and our puds, so we won!" Won WHAT?

You don't have any ideas, and I bet you don't come by here at all except when you think you can gloat. For what? That you managed to drive down the road and not get yourselves shot or arrested? Big damned SO WHAT.
Most of you silly sons of bitches completely missed that last week Aesop gave a post of nothing but solid ideas for LOCAL organizing that would actually ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING besides waving your little puds at the Dems in Richmond. I can't even get hardly anyone nearby to think about doing any of that. Talk to our sherriff? Stand up and be counted at home? No way man. Hell no. Too scary.
But they were all dolled up to go play on the lawn in the cold on Monday.

And there were other folks I've read that had ideas too, but so far, I haven't seen or heard anybody that wants to even think about doing them.

They don't want to do things that would build networks within counties and between counties, and then between friendly states, so this stupid gun-grabbing shit would be stopped cold if it was ever tried.

Aesop never said this was GOING to be a bloodbath, he said that the risk of a disaster was HUGE. It was. It is next time. I'm right here in the middle of it, and other than bunch of good old boys coming out to the big gun picnic, which worked in my county meeting hall but didn't do a damn thing in Richmond, and never will, there hasn't been ANYTHING done around here that actually matters since the sanctuary vote.

So instead of beating yourselves off in public, if you aren't helping, you're just another bunch of loudmouths rooting for somebody else to do what you won't, which is START TALKING TO YOUR LOCAL FRIENDS and ACTUALLY GETTING TOGETHER to oppose shit. For real, and not playing airsoft dress-up parties.

You silly jaspers are nothing more than the fools who showed up to watch Bull Run the first time with picnic baskets to see the one day War of Northern Aggression. It worked out about as well as Richmond, except less dead people, so far: this is going to take years. Shut the hell up and offer some sense, or take your Sportscenter pro-wrestling childish rah-rahing of the spunkfest on the capitol lawn back to your bars and rec rooms, where it belongs. Just like the self-appointed leaders of the last shindig, most of you wouldn't know common sense if it walked up and bit ya where the good lord split ya.

You all talk an awful lot for folks that haven't done anything worth a bucket of deer guts. Grown-ups are talking, and you children should be seen and not heard.

And that's more than I've said online in five years. That's how pissed off I am at the whole bunch of bull being slung.

-Steve in the Shenandoah (NOT anonymous, just not stupid)

Anonymous said...

"Here as elsewhere, the correct question is, how do we use this situation to strike most powerfully at our enemy? he went on. Merely doing what makes us feel better betrays a lack of self-discipline. Our object is not to feel good, but to win." [Victoria Chapter 23]

I have always been perplexed why the Left wins so often and so convincingly. How we mocked the noodle armed Antifa thugs, laughed at the pussy hats, shook our heads at the low IQ women wearing bin bags, gasped at the stupidity that came out of the mouths of democrat politicians. Why do adherents of an ideology with a proven track record for failing every single time it has been implemented beat the Right. Well Monday explained everything.

The beacon of freedom in the world, in the hands of people brought up to be patriotic / strong / brave and reslient, the most heavily armed civilian population in the history of the world. That beacon of freedom is being held aloft by tubs of lard LARPING.

Yes I posted under Anonymous because in my country, people really do go missing thanks to the government.

Anonymous said...

What Country ?

Lawless said...

Look, this has been talked about til it is tedious and unproductive to continue...but for my final time:

This entire thing was done by men who showed bravery, but not strategic or tactical decision making. The reasons it didn’t go sideways had absolutely nothing to do with any of those who lobbied. It was only due to whatever fates didn’t act to turn it into a catastrophe. Those armed outside the gate were not a deterrent to an outside group who could have desired to turn it into a disaster, they would have been a feature not a bug.

The day went off without a hitch, so now those who were invested feel like a guy who skateboards off a roof and lands it completely by chance but now feels he can do it any time.

Nothing tactically tangible was gained. Yes, Northam was flipped the bird. Yes nobody acted a fool. Yes there was no buffalo jump...this time.

None of this makes this sort of event a smart course of action.

People are condemning Aesop for his language or demeanor when every post the man has ever made uses such style...the difference is this time it was directed at the actions of “our” side.

People condemn Matt, who almost prophetically predicted where we are now many years ago, for warning just how easy it would have been to turn Monday into an utter catastrophe.

It’s like the guy on the skateboard saying “see idiot! I told you I’d make it”. Not at all understanding that the risk to reward was so skewed as to be cringe worthy.

So much PERSEC was sacrificed Monday that some of those who could possibly send a real message are now hamstrung. Voting and protesting are gone, just like this formerly united states. It is a complete waste of resources and the data mined by the state made it all a net loss by a huge margin.

Aesop and Matt were right.

It was only mere chance or fate that their prediction didn’t come to fruition.

The bills will still be rammed through. The government now knows plenty of names and addresses. The narrative to the normies will be “we need more laws faster” and look at all those kooks.

What needs to be the focus is LOCAL. Quit fawking worrying about Richmond and worry about your AO. Plan and work there. Make plans there. Rally people there.

Fighting on enemy ground and under enemy rules is for fools. Fight on your ground and on your timetable and under your rules.

4.5GW (called this because 5GW implies nation states at war) is here. The cyber and electronic means to winning conflict is currently being deployed against us and we’re banging fawkin swords on shields in the enemies fenced in kill box.

Stop being pansie feelz hurt children and listen to people who grok the reality of where we are and stop using 1700s tactics to fight a war dominated by electrons.

Lawless out.

Anonymous said...

I have to figure a lot of folks in attendance read this blog, or Herschel's; Pete's; Kenny's, etc. If so, all the folks talking about the data retrieved from cell phones only added "more" to an already sizable database. Because you do know that your IP address is logged on your every click, right? And as was mentioned - if you use a card and not cash for every firearm related purchase, well... nevermind. As for those who figure the info will be used to kick doors at oh dark forty... think
"numbers". A lot of doors for a finite number of door kickers.
Rational logic and thought. AND now I sign anonymous, because all of the posts lately have given me the intel I need. For a lot of you, living away from the hives on the coasts, and out in flyover country, would really be an eye opener, it helps to know your neighbors.
Ol' Remus is right - avoid crowds. Especially online

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:41 AM and others don't realize that databases can store lots of different values, like priorities. There's a difference between the average gun owner who's on any one of a number of databases, and the list of those activist enough to go to the rally.

Anonymous said...

Well the event was a "Success" the enemy was so "Scared" of you'all that they SPEED PASSED the Red Flag Law in VA.

PASSED on straight PARTY LINES, No Republicans voted for it. 21 D's to 19 R's.

Good Work guys! Maybe instead of waving your guns around for every HD camera to ID you for RED FLAG and SPENDING some 35.00 a seat for that BOXCAR to Tyranny. YOU COULD HAVE collected those dollars, lets see 10K people X 35.00 MIGHT Hire a good TEAM of Lawyers to tangle them Up.

SO to RECOUNT your Glorious Effort on the 20th? Lot's of NEW TARGETING DATA for the Enemy, plenty of good for a courtroom evidence enough to convict an "Ham Sandwich" of insurrection. NOW the RED FLAG so they can start the firearms "RECOVERY" process nice and LEGAL.

And for Anon 8:41 NOW those limited number of Door Kickers have TARGETING DATA to do a BETTER JOB with limited resources.


Well at least those that SOMEHOW don't get on the Door Kickers SHORT LIST might have time to prepare for the worst. BTW IF your cell phone number was ON a cell phone AT that Event expect to be at least a "Secondary TARGET" for Red Flag.

tkdkerry said...

Many of you are so absolutely right, the protest was stupid beyond belief. The protesters were all emasculated congenital idiots. None of them had the slightest fucking clue what they needed to do.

Why? Because things didn't change overnight? Because Northam et al haven't immediately resigned, sobbing their confessions of being tyrannical assholes? Because all of the VA anti-gun bills weren't immediately pulled?

Give it a rest. Seeds that are planted take time to grow. Minds take time to change, and while Northam and his merry band of miscreants will never change their minds and will double down, understand that our flowers don't grow overnight. Just remember that while you keep your powder dry, be sure to pull the weeds at the ballot box.

Aesop said...


What, in your mind, did the protest accomplish?
With whom?
Was this the only way to do that?
Was this the best way to do that?
Was the lemon worth the squeeze?
Please show your work.
You have carte blanche as long as you stay on topic.
The floor is yours.

Anonymous said...

tdkerry I too look forward to your reply to Aesop.

The only seeds I saw planted was in SUPPORT of the Tree of Tyranny. A boatload of easily Media edited "PROOF" we are crazy-dangerous don't deserve the 2nd AD gun freaks.

That and the TARGETING DATA I keep harping about. Remember that old saying "Better to keep silent and be thought an Idiot than to open your mouth and REMOVE ALL DOUBT?"

Also I am EAGER to hear from all the "wanna START Something" OR the "GOTTA DO SOMETHING" crowd WHAT NOW after kicking the Ant Hill and Guaranteeing the passage of EVERY Gun Bill Bloomberg wants?

Oh well lets "Give it a Rest" the NSA Computers NEED a little more time to issue the RED Flag orders. Enjoy your freedom to be Red Flagged guys. Excellent work.