Friday, September 1, 2017

DearJackbooted Thugs: You're Officially Dead To Me

How about this one from Salt Lake City:
ER nurse refuses (per policy agreed upon by hospital and SLC PD) that she's not allowed to draw blood from an unconscious patient unless he gives consent (impossible), or the officer arrests him, or they get a warrant for the draw.

So, instead of making the arrest, or obtaining the requisite warrant, Officer Jackboots arrests the nurse in the ER!
For refusing to break the law, violate hospital policy, do something unethical, and commit both a civil rights violation and an act of battery on the patient.

Story link

God help you jackbooted thugs if you get shot or injured.
I won't.
You're why.

I'll relent on one condition, and it's a package deal:

Drop all charges against this nurse.

Fire the officer(s) who arrested her, for cause, without benefits or pension.

Refer them for prosecution for false arrest, kidnapping, and violation of civil rights.

Demote his/her/their supervisors.

Make your entire department go through mandatory re-training on why this is recockulous.

Revoke all sovereign immunity, so the nurse, hospital, and all patients affected can sue the officer(s) in question, the city, and the SLPD, for whatever exorbitant civil damages multiple juries think are justified and fair. Something in the mid nine figure range looks appropriate based on the video.

Require your mayor, your police chief, the watch commander, and the supervising sergeant(s) of the officer(s) in question make a full, forthright, rapid, and public apology, on air and in writing, to that nurse, her co-workers, the patients, hospital, staff, and citizens of SLC for this egregious violation and badge-happy horseshit.

Otherwise, you're worse than the criminals you claim to protect us against.

And never, ever, ever, ever, EVER let this happen again.

Barring that response, PDQ, let me be the first to say that when someone shoots you, I'm giving out candy.
When you die, I'll send a note saying I heartily approve.
And I hope you suffer on the way.

You maybe think you have a big team? Wait until you see what a wall of scrubs looks like.
There are 2,000,000 nurses in this country, and that's before we get to doctors, PAs, techs, etc. You're not even in the same league.
You're about to be shat upon, from a great height.

UPDATE: From Comments:
"officer A$$H*le can be contacted @ 801-799-3100
and his supervisor can be contacted at 801-799-6397 "


0007 said...

Pissing off the people who will be asked to treat you if you get shot/injured in line of duty does not strike me as being a smart thing to do. I.e., bleeding cop comes into hospital and staff stands around drawing straws to see who the loser will be who has to treat the problem.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget assault charges. Picture I saw at a different site, looked like assault to me.

Anonymous said...

officer A$$H*le can be contacted @ 801-799-3100 and his supervisor can be contacted at 801-799-6397

Jim Scrummy said...

Read this at Burning Platform. For people in the "Blue Line" community, this little incident by this low wit "LEO", does not help with community relations, AT ALL! "Blue Line Community", fix this problem before the problem is fixed for you... None this "Blue Line" gang protection crapola is required. Either "Protect and Serve" or GTFO.

Of course in my cynical sarcastic ways, nothing will be done to this low IQ POS thug "LEO". Yes he is POS Thug.

Anonymous said...

yep, people been calling on the various depts to fix it within their ranks, and they get "just a bad apple" forgetting the second part of that aphorism, "spoils the whole bunch."

The thin blue line has had YEARS to clean themselves up, and they haven't. Why does anyone think they will now? They'll just act like any persecuted group and fort up, becoming even more insular and extreme.

A lot like racial profiling, as individuals there are many fine men in the PD. As a group, maybe not so much.

Badger said...

Well, given the video date they've had over a month; a proper response as you describe in the PDQ category is now in the periodic table under "Unobtainium." And if the nurse had been black?

Officer Retired said...

So the nurse got a little roughed up, no big deal. The really important thing is that we all go home at the end of the day, am I right.

Well, except for those who oppose us and then they deserved it.

I would like to point out that the "nurse" was clearly resisting and the officer showed a great deal of restraint in not tazing her or giving her a little dose of the nightstick. Hell, there are Doctors right there, its not like she was in any real danger if she got a little head trauma.

We on the "thin blue line" are sick and tired of the BS legalistic hoops that the medical staff try to make us jump through. Hell, I would have just blasted her with my magnum and charged her family for the cartridge. My time is valuable and here she is getting in my face with her forms and her phone call to a lawyer. She'll know better next time.

A Texan said...

Officer Asshat:

Your search found 4 items. Search again? Download Results list as an MS Excel Document

owner name like PAYNE, JEFF*

Officer Asshat's Lt.: James Tracy

owner name like TRACY, JAMES*

The story doesn't give middle initials, so it is not possible to determine their respective home addresses. But they both DESERVE to be contacted and told what utter jackbooted assholes they are...and if their wives and kids hear about it, well, that's the wages of sin (and violating the Constitution).

I sincerely hope that both of them get shit-canned, with prejudice. They are CERTAINLY guilty of violating the nurse's civil rights under color of law...which will make for a VERY lucrative Section 1983 lawsuit.

Tucanae Services said...

Not getting tazed...

Imagine if you will, had it been the right room with the right equipment and a fellow nurse available I would smile when the second nurse screams into the cops ear -- "Clear!!" then shoves the paddles between his ears and hits the button.

Anonymous said...

You should have used the green font for sarcasm.
If it was'nt meant to be sarcasm, fuck you and all of your fellow highschool bully goons who were too stupid to pass the LSAT.

Anonymous said...

Retired: "my time is valuable" If your post isn't satire, let me remind you that us passerby's'
time is also valuable as we pass you bleeding or FU in the bar pit some dark night on a rural road instead of stopping..... sure hope you git home to your loved ones..........soapweed

Frank said...

Heaven help this asshole if he ends up in this ER with this RN on duty. "Sorry, I can't get an IV. I need to use the big vein in your penis."

lineman said...

Nah they will just cath them and give it a good yank once it's set...😁

Anonymous said...

My mother thanks you from Heaven, for this article. Even in the '70s, cops were pricks around nurses and doctors. They just felt a little threatening went farther with the ladies. One LAPD jackass tried intimidating my mother by saying he would arrest her on drug charges. Because "everyone" knows that all nurses and doctors are drug addicts. She happened to be treating his favorite young prostitute-that he partied with after work- for drug useage. This man in blue evidently liked his women a little crazy because he wanted to take her out of there. And yes, he was on the taxpayer dime time. What this bastion of society didn't realize is that mama was a personal friend of Chief Ed Davis. She excused herself, made a 1 am phone call to HangEmAtTheAirport Davis, and things got real exciting around the local police station and at Cedars Sinai. I always liked Chief Davis; supported the good officers and fired the assholes. Yep, that officer never saw another shift.
Nurses put up with a lot of insanity-an idiot with a gun doesn't need special privileges. So thank you for issuing this ultimatum.
-Stealth Spaniel

Anonymous said...

That would be Title 42 USC 1983.


Chris Mallory said...

He also needs a count of reckless endangerment for every patient that was in the ER who then suffered a lower standard of care while this nurse was dealing with this thug and after she was arrested.

Anonymous said...

I called and left a message with the media relations department telling them to fire him, not just reassign him. Couldn't get a hold of either of the other numbers. Now I'm probably down as some anti-police agitator, and don't care. My parting comment was "We need nurses more than we need police." Boom. Truth. I have never been anti-cop except for those bad apples, but this is untenable. He needs to be accountable, and he NEEDS to be fired. Now. No pension. She needs to sue the shit out of them and win, also. And yes, the entire police department owes her an apology, as well as everyone in Salt Lake City.

Anonymous said...

Stealth Spaniel... if some officer had ever said anything like that to my mother (an opthalmologist), he'd have been dilated for DAYS, and the pressure check would have been SERIOUSLY uncomfortable for a normal eye exam.

Aesop is right, the people you do NOT want to mess with are the people in scrubs and in the white coats. They can make a person suffer FAR more than a bullet can, and not have it fall under malpractice because sometimes procedures are just going to hurt, you know?

Cops nationwide better call for his immediate firing also, I mean EVERY other department, or this is a PR disaster for them worse than anything they've met with so far. WRONG profession to fuck with, health care.

Mark Matis said...

He will NOT be touched. Do you REALLY fail to understand "Law Enforcement" in this country THAT poorly???

Anonymous said...

With enough public pressure he may actually be. It would be a first in a long time, but pushback is what's required now. Can't just roll over every time.

William said...

Hospital sues...nurse sues...witness sues...shit, I will sue cause I watched. That crap.

Ryan said...

A friend worked as a doctor in a rough area. A set of scrubs or a white coat kept you as safe as a swat team doing PSD. Why? The goblins knew eventually they would probably end up in that hospital.

"Remember that guy, he attacked Karen. Time for a smoke break till he bleeds out."

Demolition dave said...

As a former cop... ofc buttheads makes us all look bad! From video I sure think dept of justice has pc (probable cause) for a civil rights violation! Can him. Pull his pension. And, to the nurse.. please know all cops aren't like him. PS. Sue the shut out of him the dept etc.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. . . LE is under more pressure than the bulk of society and every-time they have a breakdown or out of they mind moment some folks think that cutting their nose to spite their face is a proper remedy. Letting a cop be assured that one freak-out (causing no permanent damage) will cost them their pension (and food on the table for their family) for the duration will do zero good in reducing LE abuse of the law abiding class. Costing the city or municipality millions in lawsuits ditto. The mayor should have a check and ticket for the medical staff's vacation for Hawaii or similar ASAP with the sincerest apology and dropping and all charges and sealing the arrest records. The prosecutor should docked $1k for each hour he or she didn't remedy the situation after being informed. Yes the cop should be put on leave and re-evaluated for his capacity to handle anything but a desk job. The City and LE union's lawyers should submit a public request for clarification on the politicians responsible that authored the statute and comment by everyone who voted it into law. Ask them did the law accomplish it's intended purpose? Has it been interpreted consistent with the spirit of the law? Can/should it be clarified by the legislature? Should it be modified or repealed? Laws shouldn't put Medical staff and LE at opposite ends and when it creates such BS in actual practice the public should be reminded who voted it into law and be held responsible.

RandyGC said...

A couple of updates with an interesting twist:

"A Utah prosecutor says he's asked for a criminal investigation into a police officer who dragged a nurse from a hospital and arrested her for refusing to allow blood to be drawn from an unconscious patient."

And the twist:

" An Idaho police department is thanking a Utah nurse for stopping a Salt Lake City officer from obtaining a blood sample from one of their reserve officers who was unconscious in a hospital.

Police in the eastern Idaho town of Rigby said Friday that William Gray was severely injured in a Utah crash in July when the semi-truck he was driving for work was hit by another car.

Rigby police said in a statement they didn't know until Thursday that the nurse was arrested after refusing to allow blood to be drawn from Gray.

The department thanked the nurse, Alex Wubbels, and hospital "for standing firm" and protecting the Gray's rights."

In addition to not getting sick or injured, I think Dickhead would be well advised to ensure he never drives through Idaho

Anonymous said...

801-585-2677 Steven Worona is the piece of garbage University of Utah police officer who you see standing there like a piece of garbage and let it happen to someone he was supposed to protect.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 7:00AM
Here's a thought:
1)Trivializing this as a "breakdown" is sophist bullshit.
2)The officers involved committed multiple misdemeanors and felonies of both state and federal law. The remedy for that is simple, for everyone in society: fire them, and prosecute them.
3) The arresting officer, and his lieutenant, both have long years on the department. This wasn't their first day on the force. They knew, or should have known, that they were fucking up by the numbers, and simply didn't give a shit.
The harm done was irreversible, the minute Asstard slapped the cuffs on an innocent party at work for doing her job within the law, unlike Asstard and his stuporvisor.
4)The prosecutor opened a criminal investigation the day this broke. The persons who should be fined $1K/day are the supervising sergeant and watch commander of this incident (that'd be the co-defendant), for not kicking it up the chain 5 weeks ago. I'd be fine with starting them both out at a $35K fine, right now.
5) The law is in no conflict. The Supreme Court was blisteringly clear in 2013, four years ago, in McNeely v. Missouri (you should look it up) that any blood draw is a 4th Amendment search (which law has only been around with blazing clarity for 230 years or so), and absent consent (impossible in this case), all blood draws require a warrant for that search. The hospital policy, agreed mutually with SLCPD, was in absolute compliance with this ruling. Detective Jackboots and Lt. Fuckstick decided unilaterally that neither the law nor policy rules applied to them, because they had the guns and badges. It blew up in their faces. Too bad, go to jail, cry there.
And jackboots is on the record as having told one of the other officers that he knew he couldn't get a warrant because "there was no probable cause to support one", a statement made to that officer while the nurse was sitting in the cruiser in cuffs, which information Jackboots knew before he asked for the blood sample.
6) Large cities like SLC are in no shortage of excellent candidates for police jobs. They have waiting lists in stacks. So if anyone is under so much stress they can't help deliberately attempting and committing 8-10 misdemeanors and felonies on one blood draw incident, the door to the street is open for them to seek greener pastures, and the openings they leave will be filled in hours.
7) Like cockroaches, one incident captured on body cam probably indicates that there are ten more you didn't see. Long-serving cops don't wake up one day and say "Fuck it, I'm gonna ignore the law." So these two badged assclowns have likely done this multiple times, just never so egregiously, and caught on camera. And the obvious conclusion is that if left in such a position of trust, if they'll violate one law, they'll violate any law, whenever it suits them.
8) Every case these assclowns have touched for years will now be open to appeal, on the grounds these idiots have always broken the law, and have a habitual pattern of making illegal searches and seizures, so now, any number of actual guilty criminals will be set at liberty, because these guys couldn't color inside the lines. Cities, rightfully, have a zero tolerance policy for that level of fucktardery.

We don't need such jackbooted thugs carrying guns, badges, and sovereign immunity of the state to screw up and fuck people over whenever the rules bother them.
But a few years in prison ought to straighten them right out. The sooner it happens, the better.

So, did you really want to talk about the weather, or just make chit-chat?

Aesop said...

Did you see today's follow-up post? ;)

The Gray Man said...

My own response to the incident.

Aesop said...

Short, sweet, and spot-on.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

In addition to other changes, the officer kidnapped the nurse. He needs to be in jail for a long time. She needs a good attorney.