Wednesday, September 27, 2017

And So It Grows

h/t Woodsterman, etc.

Call up the local MBA program, and ask how many businesses have a "Fuck our customers!" customer service model, and how long they stayed in business after adopting it.
The NFL must think it's Hollywood (oh, and ask the major studios how that plan is working out lately for them as well).


Badger said...

Nice poster.

Mike_C said...

And reckless.
Wreckless is a good outcome. No one wants to wreck their car.
But otherwise, strong work.

Anonymous said...

I thought it would amuse you to know that Yvonne Felarca was arrested:

Mark D

Aesop said...

She's already pending trial for battery and inciting a riot charges.
This arrest should get her held without bail from here on out.

O, happy day.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I don't know. Time Warner cable does a pretty good job with the 'fuck you' business model; they just rebrand periodically. Now they're 'Spectrum.' Same shitty approach, no competition.
I do however, fervently hope the NFL goes down in flames. Overpaid arrogant virtue-signaling cretins.

Aesop said...

TWC/Spectrum is a legalized monopoly.
And cable ratings are down too, precisely because of the anti-customer attitude, from providers and "talent".

Anonymous said...

It appears that the NFL has adopted that howlingly successful business model, pioneered by K-Mart: sneer at your target demographic, epicly anger them, and then watch the customers roll in. Such a wonder, that Target decided to emulate it. Winners, all!