Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Your Tuesday Weekly Reader

Now that he's been back at it for several months (one hopes, to stay) Remus posts the Woodpile Report every Tuesday "or near enough".

Excerpt today:
The default model of self-suffiency survivalism is a Kains-like retreat, or more commonly, a community reminiscent of Old Order Amish except very remote and with robust defenses as espoused by Jeff Cooper, Mel Tappen and their successors. This is the base model, Mother Earth with AR-15s, orchards and cisterns, and hardy breeds of chickens. 
Off the peak of the mainstream bell curve are the warriors, partisans practicing combat and woodscraft by turns. Defense of home and country is the motive but base camps and small unit tactics, with its acronyms and stylized slang, are their community. It's the Red Dawn school of survivalism. Like all warriors they hold enemy conscripts to be targets and sources of supply, dangerous mainly for their numbers, heavy weapons and potential air support. It would be among the hardest of hard lives. 
At the far, far corner of the bell curve are the lone wolves, nomads who step away from notions of colony altogether. They're the hunter-gatherer-fishermen, the escape and evasion specialists, devotees of stone age bushcraft except with stainless steel and antibiotics. When pressed they travel by night and lay up by day. Social networking centers around trading and the extended family, the sort of "now and again" tribalism seen with fur trappers of the nineteenth century. This is the bedrock survivalism adored by makers of videos featuring debris shelters and covert trot lines and the like.

This week and every week. We've been favored with being featured there a couple of times, and his admiration is something we treasure. This is a kindred spirit, and a perspicacious mind, and one would do well to pay attention to his weekly assemblage of interesting items.
Go for the wisdom, stay for the art history and serendipitous side trips.

If you've got the time, go back and start with his current earliest (Issue 461ff.), the ones from this year when he rejoined the internet after a regrettable absence.

You'll be richer and wiser for it.


Phil said...

Love that guy. He is smarter than a box full of Phd's too. I think it's his good old fashioned Depression era common sense that I admire the most though.

loren said...

I never miss a new Tuesday edition.
Sure be nice if we could paste his mind into a few dozen Congress critters.

Anonymous said...

A treasure to be sure. I was very happy to see him resume posting. WPR is a highlight of my week. We lost Kevin at Weaponsman far too soon, which makes Remus' reemergence that more valued.
Boat Guy