Friday, September 15, 2017

Antifarts Wet Themselves, Protest Fizzles

Proving once again that their kind of left-wing thuggery can only thrive when the cops give it the okay, the bedwetting Leftards of Antifa did jack and squat to stop Ben Shapiro's speech yesterday at Berkeley, where he spoke to a sold-out crowd.
(Communist News Network)

As conservative radio host Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of California Berkeley, protesters swarmed outside chanting various slogans.
Police stood in full riot gear, standing guard as the school took extensive security measures, shutting down surrounding buildings and setting up a large perimeter around the hall where Shapiro gave a speech and answered questions Thursday night.
The school was facing a critical test on whether it could prevent violence from breaking out. The protests appeared mostly peaceful -- although CNN witnessed a scuffle between a Shapiro supporter and another woman.
Berkeley police said there were no reported injuries due to violence and no reports of any damage to property Thursday, as the crowd swelled to nearly 1,000 people. Police arrested nine people outside the event, according to Berkeley Police and Alameda County Sheriff's Office. At least three of those people were taken into custody for "carrying banned weapons."
 "I think that Antifa has decided that Berkeley is a city that they now own. They're almost treating it like a territory," [Shapiro] told HLN. "I don't blame Berkeley for Antifa. I blame Berkeley for letting Antifa get away with this."
So, shocking no one, when the pet police in Berzerkeley, stung and shamed to finally do their actual fricking jobs, like they failed to do on half a dozen earlier occasions, the little fascist commie trolls of Antifa are scared sh*tless to do their usual hog wild riot, and tear everything up, which is their only platform plank. All they have left in their arsenal at that point is chanting, and wetting their own diapers. Which they did to no effect last night.

These are the clowns people are worrying about?

Color me scared. Not.

Their days were over the day Botox Pelosi labeled them a terrorist group, in concert with a spontaneous disavowal from multiple leftist rags from Frisco to NYFC.

They can still mass a rent-a-mob, as in this case, but they're powerless, pussified, and pathetic when the consent of the formerly-tame pet police is withdrawn, and they have to conform to the norms of civilized behavior. Or get a faceful of OC, and a PR-24 shampoo.

They have decided that lemon is no longer worth squeezing.

The dickless invertebrate pseudo-police in other Antifa-villes should pay attention.
(Charlottesville PD, call your office.)
And those people who say that violence doesn't solve anything are, yet again, handed another stunning proof to such counter-factual assertions.

The Left lost the persuasion game. They lost the election. Bigly. They lost the protest game. They have now lost the violence game. They have nothing left but futile tantrums, powerless rhetoric, and an endless succession of losing over and over again to look forward to.


The Gray Man said...

What sort of ability do these people have to regroup and change their tactics? An advance planned massing at a single location to disrupt a single event was all well and good for a while, but now everyone's got some "game film" and can sort of negate the effectiveness of the Antifags in most places.

So what do they do next? I doubt they're going to disappear that easily.

Aesop said...

Like every terrorist group in history, most of them fade away, and pop up at the next "Nuke The Gay Whales For Jesus Rally".

An inevitable small virulent core goes "more, harder, faster!", kills someone(s), and ends up on police and FBI "Wanted" posters, and die onesie-twosie in safe-house gunfights over the next several years.

There's nothing else for them.

Anonymous said...

The leftist idiots at Antifa (and the related Occupy Wall Street tantrum) failed to realize that, while getting into a fight is the last thing we want, it's still on the list. Hence the difference between dreadlock girl getting her teeth rearranged and the guy that got curb-stomped in Berkeley after he did nothing while getting pushed around by a woman (the one you've identified multiple times, too lazy to look up her name).

Have your protest, that's your right. We'll laugh and point, as is our right, but get violent and you'll find yourselves on the receiving end of more violence than you can safely enjoy.

Mark D

Aesop said...

Yvette Felarca is the poisonous little troll in question.
She's currently awaiting trial on charges from that incident, and she's one of the few hardcore @$$holes I expect to see gunned down by TPTB for cause in the next few years, a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Anonymous said...

Couple this with the fact that Soros hasn't been paying them on time...or providing their bail money, and you start to get the bigger picture.

kirk said...

they're big shots when they can attack unarmed individuals. face some power, and the bullies behave. they're just chickenshits, plain and simple.

there is a lesson here.