Sunday, September 24, 2017

The War Will Be Fun (keyboard alert!)

h/t Gun Free Zone

GFZ won the Internetz for the day yesterday for the masthead pic above
(meme caption is mine, but GFZ's text was priceless):
"From left to right, or maybe more accurately, radical left to far left: Ginger Arafat, Stickmag, Emo Hawkeye, and Tactical Coolio."
That one screams.
My best riff would be Isis-Age Neanderthal, Spike Glee, Emo Hood, and Tacticoolio, but GFZ got there first, and deserves all the props for this one.

These @$$clowns were loitering outside the STL courthouse because of whatever the BLM/Antifa/OWS/ADHD BMW bitch-fest du jour is on about.

Just a guess, but better than even odds they'll be seeing the inside of the STL courthouse, and sooner rather than later.

As the local cops recently and rather hilariously pointed out to some of their newly oppressed brethren recently,
"Whose streets? Our streets!"
It's not that jackbooted thuggery is wrong per se, it's that the cops beat up nurses and shoot middle-aged women in bathrobes, when they should be giving knuckleheads like these clueless clowns a PR-24 shampoo. As anyone knows who's ever spanked their kids, judiciously applied corporal punishment can be therapeutic in many ways. Seeing it happen to this type of @$$clown would also be hilarious.

But this is the armed Leftard resistance. When you pick yourselves up from laughing on your back, try to muster an appropriate level of concern.

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Anonymous said...

I'm quaking in my wheelchair ;)

No seriously! I'm IN A WHEELCHAIR, a deaf woman closing in on 50, and these guys make me laugh!! I won't be playing on the streets with them, but if they come to my property they can meet my numerous dogs (including some beautiful European Dobermanns), and then some lead. Not too much though.. looks like an airsoft pellet could break these guys. Hell, a gust of WIND could rip them apart.. and wouldn't THAT be a sight? ;)

Oh.. God. Thank you for the bellyache from laughter! :)