Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm Shocked! Shocked, I Say, To Find Out...

The second arrest in UK tube firebombing was another 21-year old peaceful moderate non-violent adherent of the Religion of Peace. Yoyo Imawannajihad (I think I got that right) was a 21 y.o. Syrian rapefugee.

"Can you tell me please, vere are de nuclear wessels?"

The other arrestee, a Syrian 18 y.o, was welcomed into Britistan after his foster parents were lied to, and told he was a teenager of  only 15 years, by Some Bogus Rapefugee Agency.

The unsuspecting family sheltering him had hosted and fostered some hundreds of previous troubled children in their lifetimes, being awarded the MBE by the Queen herself
for their lifetime's deeds in that respect.

Frog, meet scorpion.

Now they're away, while Scotland Yard and MI-5 take their house and attic apart bit by bit for evidentiary clues. 
Link: Mirror UK
Other neighbours told how terror police recovered explosives from the Jones’ house. A mum – who identified herself as Carrie and lives on the evacuated road – said police told her they had found 15 firearms at the house and a bomb in the garden.
Which is of course, unpossible, since Britistan banned illegal firearms. So that must be a typo in the reporting, right?

Well played, jihadi invaders.
Either Britistan rounds them all up and ships them out, en masse, or they get to replay the Crusades on their home turf, with both hands tied behind their backs.
Which they choose is merely an excuse for more pretzels and popcorn over here.

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