Thursday, September 28, 2017

Why Moving To A "Red State" Hasn't Worked For You...

First you bitched about NYFS and Califrutopia.
Then you sent generations of spineless jerkweeds to D.C.
Now it's biting you in your ass in your home state.
And you wonder why?

Men Of The West has your answer today:

Conservatives and Christians have been losing the culture since the 1960’s.  Every time there’s a new front that opens, we fall back.  Churches lose their tax exempt status if they say something that upsets a politician, and it’s just accepted, and we fall back. Abortion is shoved down our throats, and we fall back. The government taxes us to pay for abortion, and we fall back. Prayer gets thrown out of public schools and we fall back. Christmas becomes a hateful word, and we fall back. The government takes over health care, demands we pay for abortion and abortifacients, and we fall back. Marriage – a sacrament of the Church – is taken from us and perverted in ways that the Church can only consider to be heresy, and we fall back. Lets face it, our backs are to the wall. 
Barack Obama wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States, and this is the sort of transformation he was talking about. We are looking at the very realistic possibility of a Post-Christian America, where the history that we had, that tells us who we are and where we have come from, is wiped out and the shiny new Secular Utopia comes into being. Confederate statues being wiped out, our national symbols and traditions ceasing to matter, the left is actively trying to wipe out our cultural memory so that they can reshape us into something new.And sometimes, cultures die.  Sometimes, I look around, and I certainly feel like maybe I’m just a relic of a time long since passed.  I see “Conservatives” taking shots at Donald Trump when he says something right, but just in a way that they don’t approve of, and that’s why we keep losing these fights.  “Conservatism” is dead in the United States, and it’s because it has become infested with Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys who would rather go down to a glorious and noble defeat than push back against the enemies of western civilization for risk of offending them.

Keep falling back. When you're finally standing in the ocean up to your @$$, tell me how that's going to work out for ya.

MOTW is wrong about only one thing: Conservatism didn't get us here.
Chickenshits who've pretended to be conservatives have.
Actual conservatives are the "hard right", and always have been.

Anybody who'd rather move than fight, rather fall back and find an unsullied spot, make soothing noises lest someone take them for actual humans with spines, and those people preaching "Let's not fight this battle, here, now, or ever" are the problem.
You've been betrayed for following sheep, instead of acting like lions. See where you are because of that.

And if you've been the one making those arguments right along, don't bother checking between your legs: there's nothing there.

Culture wars, like all wars, are won by the difficult people, the rude ones, the offensive ones, the obnoxious @$$holes willing to tell somebody pushing them "Go f*** yourself!", and back it up with fists or worse come the moment. They will not be the ones with social graces, but they'll be the ones who win the battles.

The revolution will not be played by Marquis of Queensbury Rules.
It will only be fought by those willing to fight, and with no qualms about gouging out eyes and kneeing crotches, and laughing about it afterwards.

Stop looking for poster boys and homecoming queens to tell you what to do.
If something needs sorting out, just go sort it out.


Anonymous said...

Fighting where the fight is, makes a great deal of sense; Long's's you're not Custer riding into the valley or the 600 rushing the guns. We need resolute people who are hard enough to fight even to defeat yet cool enough to know when to shag-ass and fight another day.
I have lots of regard for you Aesop, and trust you're both hard and cool
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

There's a concept that dates all the way back to the Old Testament, and is still found in modern Christian thinking as well as a good deal of Conservative thinking (especially Nock), that of a remnant. That a small number of "faithful" (however you wish to define it) people can bring about a renewal of something that has been given up for lost. Of course Nock specifically linked the idea of a Conservative remnant to Judeo-Christian tradition in Isaiah's Job.

Given the considerable overlap between Christian (or at least Christianized, they may not be professing Christians but they're Western culture which for the last 16 centuries or so has been Christian based on mores and thought) and Conservative, and the understanding that the Church has always found renewal when it's been backed to the wall, there's cause for hope. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but....

Mark D