Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jenga: International Version

h/t Old NFO

I don't need to play Jenga, because I have a desk. On it sit all sorts of things: gadgets, computer hardware, pocket change, several remotes, various odds and ends of fifty different projects, from storage gizmos to knives to emergency radios to flashlights, toys, games, DVDs, books, and papers, all of which apparently mate and multiply whenever I'm not looking.

But, like all versions of Jenga, the rules are the same, and so is the outcome: you can move this or that, watch the pieces sway and lean precariously one way or the other, but eventually, gravity and entropy mean that the whole pile will be shifting and moving suddenly earthward.

Countries work the same way.

When everything is stacked neat and orderly, the whole thing is stable. But start to poke at this, pull that out there, and pile more stuff on the top, and sooner or later, gravity will find a way to move everything somewhere you didn't want it to go when you started poking pieces out.

The current exemplar is the stealth jihad that's being waged on the West by Islam.
Stopped cold at Lepanto and the gates of Vienna five centuries ago, the Muslim world was a genie corked in its own bottle since then, until after WWI and WWII, everyone turned them loose over there, the Ottoman Empire fell, colonies were freed, and some geniuses decided that letting in a few here and there couldn't do any damage.

Then lately, someone decided to poke the block, after two generations of picking at this and that thing, and suddenly, the whole pile is toppling in a heap. As noted by Daniel Greenfield over a year ago:

Forget Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shias competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis. The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.
Combine violence with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.
Solving Syria will solve nothing. The Muslim world is full of fault lines. It's growing and it's running out of room to grow. We can't save Muslims from themselves. We can only save ourselves from their violence.
The permanent Muslim refugee crisis will never stop being our problem unless we close the door. 

A year and more later, and are things in Euristan getting better, or worse?

But we're much smarter than that here. We'd never open the floodgates, ignore laws, and import a burgeoning humanitarian crisis into our own laps, because feelz.

Right? That would be stupid. Suicidal. And illegal. So we'd never...

Wait, never mind...

And after trying that plan for thirty years, our Kenyan president decided inviting the third world in this hemisphere to sponge here wasn't enough, so now we're bringing in Muslims the exact same way.

And we get one president who talks (and only talks, so far) about doing something about it, and half the country loses their minds.

Euristan is going under for the last time.
We're just a couple of steps behind.

Put the blocks back where you found them, and stop playing with them.


kirk said...

seal the borders tight, find those who have spat upon our immigration laws, send them back to the nations they are citizens of, completely terminate any immigration for at least 10 years and the world will know that it is no longer 'business as usual'.

continue the above and when the former immigration problems have been resolved, again allow immigration, but only for those who have something to contribute to society. call it 'economic immigration' if you want, but if the only 'skills' they have to 'contribute' are taking welfare and procreating, they aren't allowed.

why don't they change their own country if it is so bad they want to leave? why destroy our own country for those who do not have the will to fix theirs? on a similar note, does anyone seriously believe muslims are coming here because they don't like their own countries? they want exact duplicates of the shitholes they hail from reproduced here, negating the possibility that they left their nations because they don't like those nations. they are here to suck up money, procreate, agitate and ultimately take control. look at the european nations that were foolish enough to take them in and see how that has worked for them.

Anonymous said...

Has an advanced civilization ever consciously committed societal suicide before? It seems like a sizable portion of Western Civilization seems intent on doing that very thing. They actively encourage invasion, give the invaders free food and money and cede large sections of territory and even their women to them without so much as a whimper. The learned academic class even proposes self-genocide because collective guilt and badfeelz. It's one thing to have your civilization to get stomped into oblivion by a more technologically advanced, more intelligent civilization but to willingly quit propagating your kind and surrender all you've built to an invading horde when you have the ability to stop them is simply mystifying to me.