Monday, September 11, 2017

Fake News

Current wildfire map of Western US 2017

"Not newsworthy".
Because anthropogenic glo-bull warming fabulism, or something.

Apparently brushfires raging out of control because of lush, but dry forests being hit by lightning, like has happened on the North American continent for thousands of years since before there was anyone here to write it down, don't advance the bullshit narrative that catastrophe is all mankind's (or specifically, Pres. Trump's, personally) fault quite as much as cyclonic tropical windstorms that have lashed the North American continent for thousands of years since before there was anyone here to write it down.

Well-played, lying jackhole media (but I repeat myself).

ABCNNBCBS: Asleep at the switch since pretty much the day after Guglielmo Marconi and Philo Farnsworth inflicted their inventions on the world.


loren said...

Pretty much nailed it again.
I've often thought that the last place I'd want to be in SHFT is the American West. The whole place will burn from one end the the other.
Funny enough though the CO2 we're adding to the air increases plant growth significantly. It's the only empirically proven result of AGW. There is no case to be made for warming of the Earth or a rise in sea levels due to the added CO2. The sun, our orbit and water vapor are by far the most important.
Increased CO2 might be a factor in forest fires although the short sighted policies of the forest service in preventing forest fires in the past is certainly the most significant factor. Smokey the Bear has a lot to answer for.

The Gray Man said...

Well pretty much anywhere you go is going to have its problems post-SHTF. The American West has its fires. But the East has its own issues, like two-legged idiots. Even the mountains ain't safe like many think (Gatlinburg burnt). The Gulf South will gets its Hurricanes. The Midwest will get its tornadoes. Everything North of the Mason-Dixon will get blizzards.

Just gotta find your spot and become a NATIVE, i.e. learn to live through the native problems.

People ask me why I have chosen the Gulf Coast for my bug in location. Simple: Because I was born and raised here. I know the ins and outs of how to live in this climate, terrain, weather, culture, flora and fauna, etc. People ask why not the mountains? Why not Texas? Why not the Redoubt?

My answer: Those would be great but OUT locations, and I do plan on buying land for a BOL in one of those places. But I'm not a mountain native, or a Texas native. I'm not a Redoubt native. There are things about those places that are ingrained into the natives of those areas, things that take a decade or more to learn and master, that they pretty much had down pat at age 13. I myself at 13 could shore up an entire property, house, garage, etc. before a hurricane and could tell by watching the birds and trees just about how much longer we had (the local news helped too, but whatever).

But drop me right now into a rural West Virginia mountain home a couple of months before winter? Lol. Good luck to me. Heck, the West Virginians would probably laugh at my thinking the winter is a "couple of months" away.

loren said...

Grey Man,
So true about living where you're comfortable doing so. I lived and continue to live part time in Australia and could never acclimate. Nothing particularly wrong with it, just too different.
I now live among my tribe and feel comfortable around them - and hopefully the reverse.
Some places though are more favorable than others. The only thing the Redoubt has going for it is lack of people and liberals few and far between. Other than those not much else. Crappy soil and growing seasons and those fires.
Not all of the Midwest gets serious tornadoes or blizzards. F3-5's and blizzards are more of a Plains issue. Actually a decent amount of snow and cold is an asset for proper retreats. Easy to adapt to and will cut down on unwanted visitors.
I recently went through Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri hills. That's some nice country.