Saturday, September 9, 2017

Here's Your Wind Briefing


If you're on the west coast of FL, and you have the wherewithal, FFS go ride this bitch out in Charleston SC, Wilmington or Charlotte, NC, or move to a shelter on higher ground, but GTFO of the death zone.
You are not going to grow gills between now and Sunday morning.


loren said...

I know zip about canes but predict this thing will go up and offshore in the Gulf and land in the Florida panhandle as a class 2 and mostly just get things wet.

Frogdaddy said...

Ironically, have a brother in-law got out of Miami to stay with a brother in Sarasota. Just to have it moving in that direction. Probably too late to get out now. I'm in NE Ga. and the temperature has dropped and windy today. Ideal fall weather I'd say. Had everyone panic on Friday causing momentary fuel outages and water shelves out. Panic during the natural things we see coming, can you imagine the things we won't see coming and how people will behave? My perspective is this thing is still moving West versus NW, no? We'll see.

Aesop said...

This thing is moving North.

Stormsurfer said...

I'm 30 miles east of Tampa and have a small weekend place on the Gulf of Mexico 30 miles north of Tampa. Double-whammy. Ouch.
Like Frogdaddy's brother we're all pretty much schizophrenic about where to go and what to do (sorry, Aesop, but it's not so simple as GOOD as even our basic homeowner's coverage requires us to mitigate damages, which you do BOTH before AND after the storm) Good point about the gills, though, which is why at this point I'm hunkered down inland.
Nonetheless your thoughts (and Ron White's humor) are appreciated. God bless.

Aesop said...

I get damage mitigation.
My point is simply that there's little you can do when undertaking home repair requires scuba gear.
And Michigan and the Rockies are lovely in the late summer/early fall.

Best wishes this week.

Stormsurfer said...

An after-action report if I may.
Irma hit us as a Cat 2. Winds 100-105. Gotta admit that it was spooky.
A small percentage in our area of Central Florida are still without power. Although a couple of the more rural farming and ranching counties really got hammered and will suffer the effects for weeks if not months to come.
We loaned out our two generators and two of our daughters and their families stayed with us until their power was restored. I was amazed at the number of people who had generators but no gas or even gas cans.
I was getting up at 3am so that I could drive around locating gas stations which had received fuel dliveries during the night and get my many (not my first rodeo) gas cans filled before going to work and then during the day my wife would deliver them to family and friends in need (and collect their empty cans so we could repeat the process).
Internet in this area was only restored yesterday so I'm trying to catch up on news. Thanks for your coverage of this storm. There's something reassuring just knowing that folks we'll never meet choose to give a damn about their fellow men.
BTW, the river house on the Weeki Wachee river fared just fine. Come kayak next time you're in this part of the country.