Saturday, September 30, 2017

Island Time Means Never Showing Up To Work

So apparently, things are so bad in the banana republic territory of Puerto Rico, that people have noticed it's worse than normal.

So with USAF planes landing supplies, navy ships in the waters offshore, and tons of relief cargo being unloaded at the Port of San Juan, how are they handling things?

Well, the D- student of the pledge class, the PR National Guard, currently boasts that around 50% of guard members called up for service during the emergency have actually shown up. FTR, those are criminal counts of AWOL, chargeable under the UCMJ, and probably under federal and territorial law as well. And these are the honormen of the class.

Posting a 20% score, for a solid F, are truck drivers. The Teamsters there are on strike, and refusing to deliver supplies, or even show up to transport them, until they extort a favorable contract out of TPTB. That little stunt should be the reason that the president declares martial law, nationalizes the drivers, and tells them failure to muster for driving duty will be a federal felony, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All of which is both legal under federal law, and proper under the circumstances.

But the star pupil? Posting a 0% attendance rating?

Oh, that would be Heronner, above, Miss Chiquita Banana Republic postergirl herself, Carmen Yellin' Yulin Cruz, bitchmeister meisterburgher of the quaint little hellhole fiefdom of San Juan, PR. She's been invited to multiple FEMA meetings, but apparently due to her endless commitments for TV spots to decry the overwhelming federal response to the disaster, she's been unable to attend every planning meeting she's been invited to at FEMA HQ.

As tweeted by ABCNews WH correspondent Katherine Faulders, and shared at Gateway Pundit, reporterette Faulders asked a WH official if POTUS would meet with Cruz when he visits on this coming Tuesday's trip there. The WH answer:

"Not sure. She has been invited to FEMA command center several times to see operations and be part of efforts but so far has refused to come, maybe too busy doing tv?"
That's just want you want in a public servant; with supplies stacking up all around the port, drivers and guardsmen no shows, and plenty of planning and co-ordination to be done. Because what you really need is some incompetent yackass like Cruz grandstanding about the crisis, rather than acting like a mayor of the capitol city, digging in, and getting work done, instead of being a partisan harpy trying to score cheap points while claiming "People are dying here!"

Hey, well played loserbitch, and that'll be 200 points from the Democrats at Slytherin.

Hopefully some of the good people of Puerto Rico, (either one of them) will helpfully put the mayor in a position to do the most good: which, at this point, would involve a stout rope, a handy lightpole, and assembling the two to Cruz's yappy neck, with some gravity-defying bodily levitation involved.

The people there are indeed fortunate have such a shepherd as this. Especially in time of crisis.

As I said in comments earlier, Trump should show up, tell everyone federal to pack up and head home now, seal emigration to the US from there, and tell the officials in charge that come next July 4th, Puerto Rico will be granted unconditional independence, and wish them well in their future banana republic endeavors.

They've clearly got a 119 year head start on that.

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Ragin' Dave said...

So.... back when I lived in PR, the truckers decided to have themselves a little strike. Kinda like what they're doing now. This was back in 2005. Nothing moved. No gas. No food. And the truck drivers SHOT AT AMBULANCE DRIVERS who were saving lives because they were "breaking the strike".

As for the rest of your post, the only problem I have with it is that it's too nice to Puerto Rico. This is an entire island of entitled, lazy, third-world assholes who have been drug into the first world kicking and screaming due to the efforts of the USA. Were it up to me, I'd drop the island like a bad habit and let them do whatever it is they think they can do. They are of no benefit to the USA, and costs us billions upon billions of dollars, which is mostly wasted on corruption and graft because that's what the island really excels at.