Monday, September 25, 2017

Let's Not Jump To Any Hasty Concl...

h/t Conservative Treehouse


Church shooting puzzler:

guess the race of the shooter
guess the religion of the shooter
guess the motivation of the shooter
You can score yourself in a day or two.

For now:
Police say the gunman wore a neoprene ski mask when he shot and killed a woman in the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, as the service was ending shortly after 11 a.m. With his blue Nissan Xterra still running, the gunman then entered the rear sanctuary doors of the church and began “indiscriminately” shooting, police said.
After identifying the shooter, who had two pistols, in the afternoon, police said Samson was a legal U.S. resident but not a U.S. citizen, who came from Sudan in 1996.
The great pity is nobody capped him where he fell, just to be sure.

Sudan is 70% Muslim by population, and only 5% Christian anywhere, so the odds are way over to one side on this one - if the media ever coughs up the truth. But so far, no statements to the effect that he was calling out "Aloha Snackbar!" as he went about his chosen mission today.


loren said...

Nice map.
Now if we used it as a targeting map for 3 load outs of D5's we'd cure 60% of the World's problems in around 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Come to my church & try that. We'd make his day. The last day.