Friday, September 15, 2017

The Art Of The Steal


Only in a fairy tale can some bumpkin rube swap the family cow for a handful of magic beans and come away with a happy ending.

Pres. Trump is far too old - and supposedly too savvy - to fall for that kind of swap, and the public that sent him to Washington isn't going to sit still for any bullshit tale about magic beans.

He had three tasks, all of which he assented to many times in front of cheering throngs:
Lock Her Up.
Drain The Swamp.
Build The Wall.

He pussed out on locking Shrillary up in 0.2 seconds after he found out he'd beaten her.
Strike One.
He has relentlessly weeded out every member of his White House staff who shows any signs of wanting to drain the swamp, and those left behind have the reek of Swamp Thing in their every move.
Strike Two.
And now he's looking seriously at granting amnesty (and anything that isn't expedited deportation, and telling them to get at the back of the line, with a wait for re-entry running 10 years or more for current applicants, if ever, is AMNESTY) to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, and putting the border wall off for awhile - BTW, "awhile" is how long the employer sanctions promised to Pres. Reagan in return for the 1986 Illegal Alien Amnesty have been waiting to come along. We're still waiting for those, but it's only been thirty years, so far.
That'll be Strike Three.

No matter what happy horseshit from Schumer and Pelosi (still, evidently running Congress better than Bitch McConjob and Quisling Ryan have pulled off in multiple inept years of epic mismanagement) Trump brings back in trade for the family cow, voters are going to ask Trump "Where's the beef?"

And the GOPe shitweasels are going to pay for this with their jobs, and the House will be back in Botox Pelosi's hands. Schumer may get the Senate as well.

When Trump starts in about the Magic Beans, the voters will tell him "You're Fired!"
And he'll depart to the one-term ignominy of such well-forgotten failures as Bush (41) and Jimmy Carter, because one of two things is liable to happen.

The likeliest is that those razor thin majorities in swing states will stay home, along with several million elsewhere, in droves. Mainly because they'll be filling bottles with gasoline, and loading high-cap magazines.

The second likeliest, is that the GOP will become the 21st C. Whigs, and disappear by 2020, or shortly after. Actual Republicans, as opposed to pretend ones in the House and Senate, will form a real party to represent their interests, instead of those of the Uniparty currently running the whole clownshow right off the Cliffs of Insanity, pretty much like for the last 8 to 30 years. They'll be joined by legal Hispanic citizens, and perennially unemployed blacks, who will see themselves marginalized and fighting for jobs with immigrant hordes brought in by chain migration of the DACA criminals.

The option of sucking up to the Evil party, when the economy, and all the socialist wealth-redistributed perks accorded the Free Shit Army since the 1930s, will vaporize like frost on a warm sunny morning. Pretty much just like Trump's odds of winning re-election when his "Read my lips: No Amnesty!" lie settles down, and provokes the political emesis that's coming to him if he goes through with it.

Going back to 2005 or so, the only thing holding a lid on the whole illegal immigration crisis has been Washington paying at least lip service to the rule of law. When that went down the toilet with Obozo's unconstitutional DACA decree, it set in motion the forces that unseated Shrillary's sure-thing bid for the White House.

If the people who arranged that show-stopper are thwarted yet again, they won't bide their time, and wait four or eight years to find a new guy to carry their banner.

They're going to take a page from the Antifa playbook, and it'll be open season, on the border for sure - and God help any misguided Border Patrol agents who get between prey and predator. And once that happens, things will get sporty in both directions, and it won't just be at the border. It'll be everywhere. When skin color becomes a uniform, this country will devolve, exactly as predicted by Matt Bracken, into Bosnia times Rwanda.

Think we've got some special immunity from the chaos suffered in every other nation since forever?
Think that people here, like Europe, will meekly submit to their own usurpation, and walk to the abattoir of history with a silly grin on their faces?
Good luck with that hope.

The next stop on this sh*tshow isn't going to be that happy. The GOP sent a silver-plated message when they nominated Trump instead of any of the Fourteen Dwarves. America sent a gold-plated invitation when they elected him, instead of the treasonous murdering shrew from Bimboville, Felonia von Pantsuit.

The next message they'll send will be copper-plated lead, with a high-octane chaser.
Because if the rule of law doesn't apply to the government, it's a tyranny, not a republic, and the law won't apply to anyone else either. American's patience is legendary, but not infinite.

Its departure will be replaced by the awakening of an angry giant, filled with a terrible resolve. They will be driven there by notorious perfidy, pandering, and duplicity that piled one too many straws on the camel's back. TPTB are about to find out that, just like in Texas, and Florida, America isn't the police, the military, or the government.
America is We, the People.


The elections after that will be held at a scaffolding.
Pussyfooting on DACA is liable to be the last stop before that final exit.
And we will not all live happily ever after.


loren said...

Good post. Lock and load

The Gray Man said...

Good message. Going to repost on my own blog, if that's cool.

MMinWA said...

GOT DAMN did you ever nail it.

There's no amount of lipstick that's gonna get this pig past us.

Anonymous said...

For the past several years, I've read "we're not voting our way out of this mess" on a bunch of sites. Bah, humbug, I thought. Then Trump was elected, and I thought "hey, we might just have voted our way out of this mess, albeit temporarily". I've been watching and hoping for the last 9 months, and I now fully realize...

we're not voting our way out of this mess.