Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mulisha: Don't Be This Guy

h/t Mason Dixon Tactical

Keyboard Alert!
If you read the linked cautionary tale, you may lose control of ingested beverages! Be warned!

Apparently, MDT found something to play with on the 'net. (Save yourselves! Don't play with it!) And found one of the certified President's Hundred of The Most Retarded LARPers Gone Sociopathic On The Internet.
What more can be said about that other than I guess if Tolkien could think up “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”, these imbeciles can play their sovereign citizen BS games and think up all the little things to make them “appear” legitimate. Of course…. “Red Ink Oath”….sounds legit…..  The problem is, we know LotR’s was fantasy, these jokers are serious.

Said @$$clown isn't just stolen valor, but pretty much a walking criminal fraud case, coupled with a legit insanity defense just waiting to happen.

He joined (at the ripe old age of never-served-in-a-real-military-unit 34 -- unless he's being mum about the BCD or psych discharge, for PR purposes) as a private. Mind you, he's so private he's not actually in anything legally constituted. Bootstraps that into a shake-and-bake Looneytenantcy, then skips Kapitan straight to Major Malfunction, stays there for 14 years, and then vaults over Looneytenant Kernel straight to full birdshit popcorn Kernel.

He can do this because he owns the website, and it's all legal (in the cacophony of voices in his head) because he's also the admin of the 4th Continental Congress (which is one of his other websites). When you own Congress, you can be anything, right? How convenient.

This is something to remember when you think about how the nation's going to turn out:
this guy can vote and own weapons.

And he's probably rocking the finest martial offerings made by such worthies as Kel-tec, Hi-Point, and the Bud K catalog.

It took me about 15 minutes to dox him, and get his full name, birthdate, address, e-mail and telephone numbers, failed business information, etc. Gotta love the internet.

I'm sending out some notes for the local D.A., the state AG, the state and county EMS agencies, and probably the CA ARNG and CSMR offices, along with a CC to the folks over at Far Beyond Insanity. Pretty sure his FB shenanigans won't be as funny when he's being chatted up by The Man.

It only took me most of the night and this morning to heal from the pain of laughing myself right out of my chair, and the muscle spasms to my diaphragm.

That should count as PT. Or, if I had a Mulisha, I could award myself a Purple Heart. Or become Grand Admiral of the Afghani Navy, and team captain of the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team. Pretty much the same way US Naval Academy plebes get rank on their bathrobes, and steampunk airship commodores get medals and ribbons: i.e. whatever’s on sale in the crafts and sewing departments at Hobby Lobby.

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Signifying Nothing said...

That guy needs to talk to his Medical Corpse Grand Commodore and requisition some teeth.