Monday, September 11, 2017

Forgive & Forget?


Sure thing. Happy to.
When everyone grows their third set of teeth, and just about the time Hell freezes over.

Ask Rome about the Third Punic War, and their troubles with Carthage after that.

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kirk said...

why are muslims, not vetted in any manner (not that those in power are capable of such), being brought here by the hundreds of thousands, compliments of u. s. fedgov?

seems use (of those being brought here by the u. s. fedgov) and abuse (that's you and me, citizens of the the u. s.) is the only way to explain what is being done. USED to create trouble so ABUSE of the rights and freedoms of citizens can be undertaken when the inevitable begins.

importing agents provocoteurs is a sure way to 'societal peace', isn't it?