Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dithering Idiot

No word yet on a possible crowdfunding appeal to buy the district attorney in Minneapolis a brain, so he may have to go all the way to Oz and ask the Wizard for one.

The case of a Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an Australian woman in July has been handed over to prosecutors for possible charges, investigators and prosecutors announced Tuesday.
In a statement Tuesday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said his office has received the case and 'several senior prosecutors will now carefully review the case file to determine what, if any, charges might be brought.'  

Freeman has said he expects to decide on charges before the end of the year. 
By the end of the year?!? What in blistering f*** does he need that long to make up his mind?

It's possible that the D.A. will be out on the golf course with O.J. Simpson, looking for "the real killer". He may be calling Richard Kimball to see if the one-armed man has an alibi. Perhaps Officer Triggerhappy needs four more months to work on his insanity defense.

But at this point, the likeliest explanation is that the D.A. is hoping that Sh*tforbrains will be deported when the Dream Act is finally buried, saving him the bother of a trial.

I mean, it's not like a douchebadge went batshit and capped an unarmed white woman who'd called the police for help...oh, sorry, that's exactly what did happen. 

"Justice delayed is justice denied." - Gladstone


Anonymous said...

You can take the Somali out of Somalia, but...

loren said...

Your repeated posts referencing justice show you have a high regard for the concept, almost as if it has something to do with right or wrong.
Right or wrong is incidental to justice being served. If it was about right and wrong, the legal code could be written on a single sheet of paper and understood and practiced by anyone. Kind of like the a simple tax code that is just about funding government services.
In this case, the cloud people have gone to a lot of effort convincing the people of Minnesota that importing tens of thousands of low IQ, tribal Muslims is just a wonderful thing to do. They will go to most any lengths to make this little incident go away. Expect them to delay, then undercharge, then delay again, then plea bargain to avoid trial, then a lenient sentence reported on page 8 sometime after we've all forgotten about it.

kirk said...

nothing will happen to that POS. he is a member of the newest 'protected class' in this nation where the oxymoronic statement 'all are equal' (leaving out the qualifier that 'some are more equal than others', of course) is repeated ad nauseum.

as an aside, why are those that are of a faith that must kill the infidel being brought here by the hundreds of thousands, none being vetted (not that our masters could do that credibly), totally ignoring christians, the truly oppressed and murdered, who are NOT being brought here? does 'agents provocoteurs' sound like a reason?

i cannot suspend reality and believe the bullshit shoved at me daily.

indyjonesouthere said...

Mike Freeman is likely the son of former Minnesota DFL governor Orville Freeman. There is a considerable collection of DFL extended family members serving as political leadership going into the 3rd generation and they are every bit as useless as the Kennedy and Rockefeller generations. Humphrey is another family and Dayton is a new amalgam with the Rockefellers.