Saturday, September 30, 2017

Chutzpah Alert


Mayor of San Juan:
“I’m mad as hell because my people’s lives are at stake… We are dying, and you (Trump) are killing us with inefficiency.”

President Trump:
"Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help. They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers  now on island doing a fantastic job."

Apparently, the stacks of containers sitting undistributed on the docks at San Juan are the president's fault because he hasn't come down to hand out the water bottles personally, and the Puerto Ricans can't be bothered to distribute literal cargo containers of supplies themselves.

No doubt it's also Trump's fault that the island's government is bankrupt, short $74 billion in bonds since May, and another $49B in unfunded pension liability, having squandered billions of dollars, including FEMA grants, for a decade, without spending any of it on hardening and improving the island's decrepit infrastructure, despite the fact that PR gets hit by hurricanes nearly every year since forever, and instead blowing the money on failed social programs.

Calling it an island of lazy dumbasses run by a Democrat kleptocracy isn't racial profiling, it's predictive modeling based on decades of experience.

The main thing Puerto Rico brings to the table is the ability to make the District of Columbia, or Venezuela, look like well-run entities by contrast.

But after the actual well-run states like Texas and Florida were able to cope with disastrous hurricanes without any sniveling, trust the Fake News Machine at ABCNNBCBS to go into overdrive at the merest whiff of suggestion that somehow the response in Puerto Rico shows any sort of federal incompetence by contrast.

(BTW, why didn't Miami or Houston need a massive military airlift, aircraft carriers, and a hospital ship to cope with the same problems? Anyone? Beuller?...Ferris Bueller?)

UPDATE: Maybe because the local Teamsters weren't on strike, and using the hurricane relief effort as leverage to get a better contract, like they are in P.R. It would probably also have helped if over 50% of the called-up National Guard in Puerto Rico wasn't AWOL after the hurricane call-up.
Way to go, Leftard mediaholes. You might want to pick your pants up from around your ankles. And maybe wipe the derp off your face.


Anonymous said...

i guess mr mayor should have stocked a few large rooms with canned water, desalination kits, water filters and some MRE's. most of that water food gear would have been no cost just storage from uncle sugar. good for 10-30+ years. emergency for me due to your lack of planning.....but hey we are all crazy right...

Domo said...

My favourite is that she found time to print an anti trump t shirt

loren said...

Kurt Schilling has an interview over at Fox. He's on the ground there. Basically saying in a PC way that the locals are low life dirtbags that nobody can help.
I'd be surprised if a few thousand don't die post cane.
Now if we could get the die off into the 95% range and import some East Asians, that island could be something in a few years.
It's all about who not what they have.

Aesop said...

I'd simply suspend all further entry or immigration to the US from PR, and tell them that next July 4th, they're being granted unconditional independence.

They've been nothing but an open sore for 119 years, and this is a good reason to cut the cord.

Signifying Nothing said...

Time to conceed that trainwreck of an island back to Spain if they're not ready for independence. If Spain won't take it, then make it a gift to Liberia.

RandyGC said...

Apparently she's using the Blanco/Nagin narrative as a playbook rather than an cautionary tale.