Saturday, September 23, 2017

Don't Hold Back Tim, Tell Us What You Really Think

h/t 100% F---ed Up

Tim Allen, hilarious star of the Most Cancelled Show On Network TV in 2017, opened up to the Hollywood Reporter last fall about his own views before Disney/ABC informed him that his ratings would no longer fit in with their corporate image of Totally In The Tank For Communism:
 Why has the show gone after Hillary but not Trump?
It's a little surprising to me. We have a very liberal writing staff, so I’m surprised they haven’t taken a shot at him. But we’re not sure he’s going to last, whereas the Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again. 
Didn’t you try a bit about Obama raising the communist flag at the White House that never made it to air?
We got network notes saying you can’t call the president a communist. So, of course, I really wanted to. I do it in rehearsal all day long.
Allen is still the stand-up genius that ABC neutered for Home Improvement, and turned loose for Last Man Standing. But as the cancellation showed, we can't be having any more of that.

So now you'll just have to binge-watch the whole series on DVD, with no commercials.
Boo frickin' hoo.

For bonus points, maybe bootlegged from China, so his corporate overlords get shorted to boot.


The Gray Man said...

Sitcom, right? I never saw that show, sitcom type comedy was never up my alley. But I've been told this show was great and that I'd enjoy it. Maybe I'll check out the first few episodes and see.

loren said...

Watched it all on Netflix before they dropped it. Damn good show too.
You'd think that productions like this and the Duck guys plus blockbuster movies like The Passion of Christ making tons of money that theses schmucks in LA & NYC would value that over politics.
Guess the Force is strong with them.

Anonymous said...

Just like the NFL, these dimwits will have to take it in the wallet for a while before they're finally hit with a cluebat.

More people are killing their TVs all together, cutting cords, pirating things they want to see, and the count increases daily. Football ticket resale prices have dropped to hilarious levels. They're all flailing around and can't seem to understand why, eve though everyone keeps TELLING them why.

When Hollywood and a bunch of overpaid ball players insult the silent majority, the wallets are hit. It depends on how much these groups want to CONTINUE making money that will decide if they cut the crap finally. If they don't, no loss to us. They go back to being the court jesters they always were and given that same deference (usually saved only for prostitutes, that kind of respect from the public - I'd say prostitutes provide better services), and maybe we all pick up more books. I KNOW we're all picking up more video games.

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering when all of the people who actually make these productions work - the gaffers, grips, carpenters, etc. will all finally rise up and start duct taping the mouths of these yammering idiots killing Hollywood. Their jobs are on the line also, they know it, and I'm betting at least 80% of them (or more) cringe every time some half-brained dropout primadonna starts opening their mouths to lecture all of us Americans about how awful we all are.

Someday, mark my words, some especially loudmouthed actor will die in a strange electrical incident on set, or hit with an insecure piece of scenery or something, and actors will finally all learn that not everyone, even in their business, agrees with them (AND would like to keep their jobs, thank you).

Andrew said...

Anonymous at 11:52pm,

Unfortunately, all the workers on these shows, from the writers, soundmen, cameramen, gaffers, down to the lowly janitors and dog-walkers are all proud (or forced) union scum, and can be fired at the drop of a hat (one of the few union jobs where belonging to the union has no protection, but you have to pay for it anyways.)

The rot goes from top to bottom. Tim's writers were probably 'Bernie Bros' or outright communists.

It surprises me, once I watched the first episode (and got hooked within 5 seconds) was that ABC let this show air for 6 seasons at all. Constant slamming of the anointed hafrican president, and cheap shots at Cankles McThunderthighs all the time. And the way they portray his wife is the way most democrats/liberals actually act towards the issues of today.

I still can't believe that CW or Hallmark didn't pick up the show.