Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gunner Mongo Likes

h/t Tam

Behold, me hearties, the Silencerco Maxim 50.
$999 in New World dollars? Sold, sez I.

What be that foul humor?

Arr, it be the smell of every shitweasel in Sacramento evacuatin' 'is britches, fer this beastie be a muzzleloader, ergo not a firearm, no port of entry lubber's 4473, nor any scurvy waiting period, and no bilge-swillin' $200 stamp. They can ship it straight to me own port o' call direct, this very day. I may even stock meself an entire small arms locker with 'em, for boardin' parties an' such.

"That smell...that black powder smell! Nothing else smells like that. It smells like...victory!"


Anderson said...

Done the .50 cal muzzleloader routine for "bonus" deer season (when there weren't enough killin' during regular season). They gets the job done, matey.

SAM said...

It uses a #209 shotgun primer and BATFE have said that inline BP rifles using a #209 shotgun primer are FFL firearms so they could just say that this is to.
The makers don't even have a letter from the BATFE saying that it's OK to sell and we all know that their letters are not worth the paper they're printed on but it's a lot safer with the letter than without.