Thursday, October 25, 2018

Stupid Is Not The New Black

"I think you should be more explicit here in Step Two..."

The Florida Open Carry Argument, in a nutshell:

                                                1) Team Fucktard
                                                2) Then A Miracle Occurs
                                                3) Gun Rights!

"Floridians have tried every single thing that all y'all keep telling us works.

None of it does.

But I guess none of you can see that from out of state.

Because all of you do seem to miss that the monthly OC fishing events are dress-code and very understated things. THIS event was because Miami PD went in guns drawn like it was an active shooting when it was just a handful of people with holstered handguns.

As Weer'd says, it was retaliation.

We've been trying stuff that doesn't work, this is, at least something we haven't tried yet.

Something I keep seeing repeated is that the idiots hurt the case, but so very often the idiots are getting what they want.

I will ask again: OK, we're doing it wrong. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?

Nothing? Thought so."
You're missing the point, and at this point, deliberately:

Clearly, the events are not "dress code and very understated things" if people are toting slung ARs to fucking catch fish.
Game Over.

Is it legal, under FL law?
Hell yes.
Is it dumber than juggling lit road flares in a wading pool full of racing gasoline?
Pretty much.

If you just want to prove something is legal, put on a pair of orange hospital scrubs, have a buddy drop you off on the curb, and sprint away from the Dade County Jail at shift change at your best speed. Videotape it for the class.
Fuck yeah!
Liable to get your ass shot to doll rags, or beaten into the asphalt?
Fuck yeah!
But legal trumps stupid, so go ahead on.

Carry on, and suture self.

Go after the fucktard Miami PD for the prior harassment in court, with IA complaints, and any other means at your disposal; you've got grounds for multiple lawsuits.
But "I got my ass kicked, so I'm going to dare them to kick my ass harder" isn't "retaliation", it's doubling down on stupid.
It's wearing a "Fuck the Pigs!" t-shirt into the cop bar, open-carry toting a shotgun and an AR.
YouTube that one too; comedy gold is where you find it.

Go watch Chris Rock's "How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police", and get back to me when the penny drops.

Just because you haven't tried something doesn't mean you ought to.
Maybe learn a lesson from common sense, and from the example of the 5000 other Open Carry fucktards from coast to coast who've BTDT.

So, in answer to WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?, the answer isn't "Nothing", it's "Reminding the OC Crusaders that acting like fucktards is acting like fucktards, and harms gun rights for everyone, everywhere."
So they might wanna put some ice on that before it swells up.

But hey, I could be all wrong, just flipping this kind of shitheadedness off because I secretly hate gun rights, and not because it's simply egregious stupidity in public to no good end whatsoever, so all y'all go ahead and be smarter than everybody else simply suggesting you might want to try doing things that are both legal and smart, instead of legal but horrifically stupid.

And then ask yourself why it is no one's going to give two shits when your fucktards are the next Lavoy Finicum.

Because I'm here to tell you, I'll point and laugh when - not if - it happens.

Not because I'm some kind of Fudd, but because I'm sick of seeing fucktards shit in the pool and ruin the party for everyone.

Now, if after that, you can argue the merits of doing grossly jackassical things because you've exhausted all other possibilities, go on ahead.
I'll wait.

And nobody's telling you what to do, nor pretending one size fits all.
In fact, entirely the opposite.
Do whatever you can that's legal and smart that will effect the change you're hoping for.
I italicized and bolded the "and smart" part because that's the entire issue.

So you can argue that dressing up as Rambonehead toting his Open Carry AR everyfuckingwhere is smart. (Best wishes with that, and I'll spot you the first three concrete faceplants before we start keeping score, just to be sporting.)
Or you can admit that jackassery is all you've got left to work with.

If you can't or won't do either of those things, all we're left with is blood on your cleats, and holes in your dick from your cleats.

And what kind of friend wouldn't tell you not to do that?

No one's telling Floridians "You MUST Do A!"
Heaven knows there's more than one way to skin a cat, and to miscast what you're being told as that is somewhere between disingenuous, and outright falsification.
We're telling you "Doing Z is Jackassical." (And no, we don't give a wet fart about you doing A through Y. Do whatever turns you on.")
That's the difference between saying "Throw yourself in the cactus patch!" versus saying "FFS, Don't jump in the cactus patch!"

I'm cheering the fact that you turned a may issue state into a shall issue state.
But you didn't get there by acting like public @$$holes.

So by all means, have Open Carry Events.
If fishing is the only kind where that's legal, why not do them 365 days a year?
Morning, noon, and night?
If you organized your people into shifts, and make the piers the safest places in the state, from sunup to sundown, every damned last day, wouldn't that actually normalize open carry, and without looking like a bunch of Airsoft LARPers?

But FFS, leave the long arms at home, and stop looking like a bunch of tacticoolio lunatics.

And if the optics of the event don't matter, you're not advocates.
You're just idiots throwing M-80s in the outhouse just to see the shit fly.


Unknownsailor said...

They really need to ask themselves two questions:

What is the mission?

Normalize open carry to the public such that they will support legalizing it.

What accomplishes that mission without scaring the natives any more than necessary to accomplish the primary mission?

NOTE: This is where you fucktards are failing your mission set.

I'll say it again. Dress code SHALL BE slacks and a nice, CLEAN collared polo shirt, with closed toe SHOES, and a clean, well kept appearance.

NO RIFLES ALLOWED. Handgun (singular) SHALL be secured in Level II retention holster, mounted to the HIP. No drop leg holsters, and no shoulder holsters (the point is to be seen, no?)

If presenting good optics as a concept is too hard to understand, you are not tall enough for this ride.

Those fucktards should be be thankful I was not in charge of those things, because anyone not meeting the rules as laid out above would be sent home, in the back of a cop car if necessary.

Anonymous said...

" So by all means, have Open Carry Events.
If fishing is the only kind where that's legal, why not do them 365 days a year?
Morning, noon, and night?
If you organized your people into shifts, and make the piers the safest places in the state, from sunup to sundown, every damned last day, wouldn't that actually normalize open carry, and without looking like a bunch of Airsoft LARPers?"

As noted, I have/do OC, not so much as a political activity any more so much as "it's hot and I don't want to cover up."
Dunno as I'd be fishing in slacks. I don't even wear slacks to work any more. Matter of fact my "work" clothes kinda look like fishing clothes - but that's how most of us dress these days.
Boat Guy

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

My first thought when I see OC is it is the syndrome. Mainly due to how they are dressed. I will never OC in public for the above reasons.

waepnedmann said...

Note to Floridians:
Review results of Black Panther protest of the Milford Act at the California State House in 1967.
Don't scare the white people who write and enforce the laws.
They always end with "...and then we kill you, "
History can be clueful.

The Gray Man said...

If we are going to fight the fight in the courts (which are often wielded against us like a weapon, since the courts can often do as they please) it'll have to be someone else besides me. I don't have that kind of money, not nearly. It sucks but it is what it is.

The Gray Man said...

The problem we have here in Florida is that we aren't even fighting the democrats on this issue yet. We are fighting the REPUBLICANS. And not just on OC. We don't actually fight that fight very often. All we are trying to do is pass ONE pro-gun bill, ANY pro-gun bill, through the Republican dominated legislature. It could be courthouse carry (where you're allowed to carry through the courthouse door and have your gun stored for you while you're there) or it could be campus carry on colleges or it could be teacher-carry (which is now defacto banned thanks to said Republican legislature and Rick Scott), etc.

So it's the republicans that we are fighting, and it's minor pro-gun bills we are fighting them on. OC or Constitutional carry is the grand prize, the powerball if you will. But right now we can't even win $5 scratch off.

Aesop said...

I get that.

All the more reason going Max Stupid isn't a very bright idea.

Obnoxious fucktardery just makes it easier for squishy RINOs to walk away from you.

Elect better people, and stop holding events that bring out the 10% morons on your side, and then giving them a megaphone.

I'm not anti-open carry, I'm anti-openly stupid.

Angus McThag said...

If you're anti-openly stupid, you should probably shut up.

Just sayin'.

Aesop said...

Sarcasm is the poor man's wit, and naked ad hominem is the admission you have nothing left resembling factual information to offer in dispute.

Both are beneath you, Angus.

So I'll just leave them here for reference.

Open carrying long arms sways no one, not legislators, not the undecided voter, and not most of the people who like guns and support your long-term goals. In fact, it pisses some off, and the rest just twirl their fingers around their temples and talk about those doing it in hushed tones.

I get what it's like to live in a state without open carry, far better than you, because CCW is nearly impossible here for most places too.

But when most of your own allies tell you that approach is screwing up, a rational person might want to reconsider the clever plan to suicide bomb their way to victory out of spite, and maybe think about taking off the vest.

Just sayin'.

Ominous Cowherd said...

The Floridians should emulate the tactics of California gun owners, which have worked so well. Tell us again about how the Second Amendment is respected in California?

Aesop said...

Open Carry fucktards in CA doing exactly what Open Carry fucktards are doing in FL is what got open carry totally banned in it is in FL.

Well-played, jackasses.