Thursday, October 25, 2018

Spot The Flaw In Your Response

Common sense is bouncing off the adamantine armor of some people's bulletproof heads, so I'll try pictures instead:

Watch how a Leftard responds to the rational objection that she's speaking fluent lunacy:

See how that works?

At least a couple of guys above ("Yes") could get open carry right, and make the point, without being fucktards.

And the fucktards' responses are eerily identical to the response of the deranged leftard moonbats.

So stand up and snag a clue, rather than letting one waft over your heads.

Because guess what, guys, I've been fishing too, even when it was hot and humid, and there are exactly zero cases when I ever thought, "Gee, what would really make sense here would be a bolt-action rifle, an AR, or a nice bullpup carbine, being so much lighter, smarter, and easier to manage while casting over yonder, because I really need that extra 6-8 pounds of long arm hanging on my ass when it's this hot and humid, and it'll come in extra handy if I somehow end up in the water."

In fact, no one sane ever said that, so if you selected that choice, fly your Fucktard Flag proudly, freak.

See if you can guess why you're simply pulling your pants down, and slapping your asses every time you try a response in opposition to reality.

If you chose instead, "I see the obvious point: we can make our case for open carry without being egregious public fucktards, and still exercise the right to open carry", you are a "Go" at this station and may proceed.


Devil Tongue said...

I see people with little D!cks. That being said my dad NEVER went off shore fishing without his 9mm tucked in the tackle box, just in case of catching a BIG shark (which my mom did one time) or Pirates? I am sure no one in their right mind sees bravado here.

Strings said...

See, I OC... but not as any kind of statement. Rather, I always have a sidearm on my hip (except at work, or in court), and just don't give a damn about a cover garment. If it's cold enough for a jacket (or I'm wearing my cut), it's concealed.

I HAVE, exactly once, untucked the flannel shirt I was wearing to pop it over my sidearm. Was in a coffeeshop, and the owner was worried that my OCing would disturb other customers. There, being completely reasonable when he approached and offering to cover it probably did more for our cause than anything these idiots pull. NOw, if we could just UNDO the damage they cause