Monday, October 8, 2018

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Good News:
Four companies are dickering to help me fund Camp Snoopy and the Castle Anthrax.

Bad News:
If I go to bed right now, I may just get enough sleep to not be a zombie tonight. So as much fun as I have in my little sandbox, I'm going to give it a rest.

If you're looking for something to entertain you, do what I do:
Go to Irish's blog, and work your way through the blogroll on the right hand side.
A days' worth of those posts will leave you far more entertained and informed than anything you'll get from the lamestream media.

The minions of stupidity never sleep, but they appear to be rather stunned into oblivion at the moment, so this looks like a pretty good opportunity for me to ignore them.
I'll be back at this later on. (Like I could ever shut up, right?)

Probably by waking up when all hell breaks loose or something.

Happy Columbus Day.

Oh, and just because April Fools' Day is too much fun to confine to one day a year, in celebration of today, send Hizzoner Mayor DeBlasio $26 worth of cheap-ass trinkets, and tell him the Indians have elected to take NYFC back at cost, so pastyface and his 8M closest friends all have to go back to Amsterdam.

For bonus points, sign the letter with Senator Fauxcahontas Spitting Bull's name.

If you can get NYFC's shameful oppression of the red man into a major news outlet's story stack, you win the internetz for the day.


Anonymous said...

OK, let's get a pool going.
I've got 10 bucks on Aesops return on Thursday.

Pat H. said...

This is where I worked prior to my retirement.

Aesop said...

More like tomorrow.
Doing back-to-back-to-back-to-back 12s just cuts into my time-to-muse factor a bit too much today.

Old NFO said...

Do what you gotta. Sleep IS good!

Anonymous said...

A "napping" reference for you since it's Woodpile Day
" ...The inversion of awareness and imagination is also perplexing: the more obvious the threat becomes, the more insistent the denial. People who study this phenomenon note the last seconds of mice cornered by a predator are often used to preen.

Have a care. To one degree or another people around you live in a dream world of their own design, supported by a self-congratulatory internal narrative that doesn't allow bad outcomes. Don't be one of them. Should a threat trouble your understanding of normalcy, think of it as being prodded while napping. Seriously and carefully weigh the personal consequences of any threat fully realized, no matter how implausible. "
- Remus
via Boat Guy

Irish said...

Aesop, I'm glad you enjoy the blogroll. I try and keep good company with like minded friends. Don't work too hard! :)

lineman said...

Those are some wise words right there that will never be heeded by most...