Wednesday, October 10, 2018

If It's Not Too Late...

Former Senate staffer/imminently identified Soros operative/future Bubba's girlfriend Jackson Cosko has been bound for trial without bail, after indictment for multiple federal felonies connected to doxxing three GOP Senate and Congress members during the Democrats' hilarious Kavanaugh confirmation debacle.
So if it's not too late to include him in my 2018 Ghoul Pool, I'd like to add him to my list of this year's Famously Departed, as any move on his part towards dropping a dime on who pulls his strings and signs his paychecks is going to get him Arkancided in a New York minute.
A funeral we'll mourn like Mary Tyler Moore at the services for Chuckles the Clown.
Soi boi Cosko is going to get poked by something in the clink, (Federal Pen State, Second-string, Class of 2019: Starting position - Tight end; Final position: Wide receiver); the only question at this point is whether it'll be a Soros-funded shiv, or just an epic schlonging by his cellmate's Anthony Weiner.
NTTAWWT, either way.


Unknown said...

You don't think he's already a wide receiver? Huh. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Another member of the not too bright club. What? He didn't know that the posts to the Wiki pages could be traced to a computer and then finger prints and/or time stamped video could identify him as the culprit? Or is he just taking one for the team?


Aesop said...

I think he's already catching.
But I don't think he's entertained an entire cellblock...yet.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Once he becomes incontinent of feces he gets shanked as insurance against ever singing.

The more famous he gets, more animals want the reputation of offing him. So that's where the memosphere has work to do.

Anonymous said...

Betcha instead of a shank he mysteriously "OD's" on fentanyl very soon after arriving.

June J said...

Interesting article. He wasn’t an intern after all. Was a “fellow” paid by a yet to be revealed organization outside the Senate.
Broke into an office he no longer had access to and used another person’s credentials to illegally access information.
And none, zero, nada, zip of the Dimocommunists who he worked for had any idea he was a bad boy.
Ropes for them all.

George True said...

Pardon my obvious ignorance. Not sticking up for the soyboy, but since when is it a crime to know where a politician lives, or to let someone else know where he/she/it lives? The idea that politicians are so much better than us dirt people that we are not allowed to know where any of them live just rubs me the wrong way. Besides, how else are we going to know where to find them when the time comes to introduce them to Mr Lamppost and Mrs Rope?

Aesop said...

The crime was actual breaking and entering into Congressional offices, gaining illegal access to prohibited systems, theft of information, dissemination of stolen information, etc. etc. AFAIK, there are no federal misdemeanors, so he's already a serial felon-for-life.

And if he'd simultaneously doxxed all 544 of them, House, Senate, and SCOTUS, you'd have a point.

Doxxing three Republicans is simple political dirty tricks, not freedom.

June J said...

And he threatened to release information about their children as well as medical information.
Just out of curiosity, why do Democrat senators/representatives and their staff have access to information about Republicans' children and medical records?

Jim Scrummy said...

This soy boy has a face that just needs to be punched. He was never in a fight in his life, and it shows.

He'll get a plea bargain to talk is my best bet. Still going to jail. Of course the no bail by the fed judge was a nice touch.

Lee Van Queef II said...

He's a freaking communist, is there a greater crime he could commit than that?