Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Drive Safely

h/t Kenny

Don't have a bumper bolted to your ass?
Get the hell outta the street, fucktards!

"He who has the most lugs nuts, wins the accident." - every CHP officer I've ever talked to


Lee Van Queef II said...

Beastcunt agitated LARPing Hive trannies, lunatics, ragers and meth heads into violence today. "Don't be civil with Republicans."


Rand Paul survived two attempts on his life. He warned that an assassination may be imminent.

And the dam holding back tens of thousands of "migrants" in detention is breaking, starting in Phoenix. Guess where they're headed:

Lot of domestic agitation going on. Wonder why. Wait, no I don't. It's the commies and their money doing it. Treachery.

Anonymous said...

So, what kind of traction can you get when driving on vaginacrats? (Asking for a friend).

Anonymous said...

The leftist vermin, attempting to goad their constituents to violence, seem to not understand their opponents are listening, too... Be a pity if some fed up conservative took their rhetoric to heart and pre-emptively defended him or herself... Let's face it, the left will NOT allow this to end without bloodshed, I say we honor their wishes with EXTREME prejudice and the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

funny lugs nuts. I remember a friends dad who was city police Sargent, told his son never use a crosswalk! if your jay walking, your looking for cars. he said "painted lines do not stop cars."