Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sauce For The Goose

What's that, you say? Obozo had a phone and a pen??
As some wiseass once said, "Elections have consequences."


Lee Van Queef II said...

This right here is why Mr. Trump was elected by We Of The Dirt.

Eat shit commies.

MMinWA said...

It's called OODA. President Trump will not let the left dominated media dwell on their latest outrage. He continually is getting inside the left's normal MO.

It's a beautiful thing to watch.

be603 said...

And just like that... he has Democrats insisting that we follow the Constitution.

Masterful. "Alice Cooper we're not worthy!!!"

Anonymous said...

It's about damn time someone puts the meaning of the 14th Amendment back to its original meaning.
I dare scotus to try and fight him on this.

dmv gringo said...

Incoming...........jingoistic bullshit!

Anonymous said...

@MM & be: That's called a twofer. MAGA


Papa said...

Well said!
OODA, latest outrage, beautiful.
Let them stew in their outrage x2.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if President Donald Trump's (and my) interpretation is correct or not.

But this question is worthy of resolution. I want the Supreme Court to give their opinions. Then we will know if we need a constitutional amendment or not.


Anonymous said...

Drudge had an article "Republicans rattled" about how this would hurt Trump and Team Heritage America. We'll see.

ncgreg231LC2 said...

not sure if this link will work or not but i shall try anyway!


MMinWA said...

The intent of the authors of the 14th is pretty effing clear. The fake news "reporting" is typically & monumentally false...fuck them.

AP for example, all day today kept referring to the EO that President Trump might issue as an attack on the Constitutional guarantees provided for in the 14th, that is the right of anyone to have a toe across our border, pop out a baby and WALL-LA, 80+ years of bennys COMING RIGHT UP! Plus a Yellow Brick Road for your closest 30 or 40 amigos, eh hombre?

Which is bullshit but what was it Goebbels was fond of pointing out????


Loco Gato said...

Who knows of someone who could produce a meme or, better yet, a bumper sticker, that says," No more Squat and drop!" A cartoon picture of a Mexican husband and wife, her squatting, him kneeling in front catching a baby. Cloud above their heads with $$$$$$$$ inside the cloud. Behind them the US Mex border.

Groman said...

For eight years the smarmy turd Paul Ryan sat on his hands and kept his mouth shut while Obongo wielded his pen issuing executive orders. Now all of a sudden he finds his backbone and declares that Mr. Trump can’t do this. How does it feel to be George Soros’ puppet Mr. Ryan?

John the River said...

The last comment on Paul Ryan is that now we know which side of the line he is on.

Does Donald J. Trump have ANY unfulfilled campaign promises?

I can't think of any.