Friday, October 26, 2018


h/t Chateau Heartiste

Another Own Goal from the same Deep State geniuses that brought you Christine Brassy Fraud, and her Fakerape accusations, now we have long-time DEMOCRAT and recent "Republican" Cesar Sayoc, a Filipino from NYFS trying the Warren dodge of claiming Native American status in FL as a Seminole (we're guessing he's really only a member of the Semen-Hole Tribe from New Yawk), whose molester van was window-papered with obviously two-day old unfaded Trump and anti-media meme stickers, which somehow escaped getting it torched by understanding libtards in Dade County because they were just stuck on the windows in the last two days (including blocking the passenger front window, a violation in all 57 states, yet never ticketed).

And as a multi-strike felon, he can't vote for ANYONE.

And, as you can see above, the perpetration team forgot to scrub all his social media, because the Internet is forever. Well-played, douchetards, but too slow.

This dork is a Central Casting custom-ordered Fakebomber, to go with the fakebombs and the fakenews, and the only thing missing from his mug shot was green skin and neck bolts.

Bullshit flag thrown: 15 yard penalty, and loss of possession.


The Gray Man said...

What sucks is that the people we NEED to see and be affected by this are unlikely to ever see it and if they did, are unlikely to be affected by it.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Of course! Why didn't anyone check LinkedIn first? No one ever lies on their LinkedIn profile! My God, the truth was in front of us the whole time! Soros!

In all seriousness, there's a lot of layers to this guy. Wouldn't be surprised if more are revealed as the investigation continues. Stay alert, people.
Side question, how does one apply for the role of Fake Bomber? Acting is already pretty cutthroat so you know Central Casting has no shortage of applicants but how does one actually apply? Asking for research for my novel.

Linda Fox said...

Apparently that picture was doctored. May not be accurate as to party.

I'm withholding judgement until more time passes. Give the BS time to clear.

Anonymous said...

He switched parties after Wasserman Schultz blew him in the multi gender bathroom.
The Nair was applied to his face during foreplay. She thought it was Miracle Whip.

Anonymous said...

Sayoc, Cesar A. was born 17 March 1962, is male, registered as Republican Party of Florida, residing at 18151 Ne 31St Ct, Apt 2016, Aventura, Florida 33160. Florida voter ID number 120444733. His email address is TOPYOUTHSOCCERRECRUITS@AOL.COM. The voter lists a mailing address and probably prefers you use it: 6201 SW 32Nd St Miramar FL 33023. This is the most recent information, from the Florida voter list as of 30 September 2018.

Lee Van Queef II said...

The louder Pravada Media parrot their stupid blame game, the more Joe Sixpack hates their filthy guts, the faster he gets to the polls and votes against them.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Teh mega-ghey.

Aesop said...


Genius analysis: If Linked In is so easily discounted, it totally undercuts calling him a Republican too.
But you knew that when you shot yourself in the foot, right?

And he's a registered Republican?
So, FL now allows convicted multi-strike felons to register, even months ahead of the vote to even give them that privilege back??

Double genius!!

I notice no one wants to come up with the explanation on why all his Trump sticker memes are five minutes old.

Maybe Globull Climate Change blocks the UV from hitting "Republicans" in FL, because reasons?

And that "white" Filipino/Seminole trick is tres chic. After Rachel Dolezal, Elizabeth Warren, and Bob O'Rourke, this would make him the first sighting of a fake Diversity "Republican" in modern history.

And he just happened to be That Guy two weeks before mid-terms, after Operations Blue Wave, Kavanaugh, and Caravan all went down in flames, and sent cartoon "bombs" that'd never explode, to people that never open their mail, without enough postage, and without any of the stamps being cancelled, and got the ones going to CNN to a NYFC courier service for non-postal delivery, from his place in FL? By magic, apparently.

What a farking genius!!! Nothing further to see here, lock him up, he did it, Officer!

This guy, and this whole lame fakenews op, is as genuine as a three-dollar bill, printed and planned by Wile E. Coyote.

Word to your mother: Never send a double-digit IQ political party to conduct triple-digit operations.

Next, we'll find out he was also the other guy in the room with Brassy Fraud and Kavanaugh.
Purely coincidence, of course. It could happen. =O

dmv gringo said...

Reality rears it's head:
"As a documentary filmmaker, there’s a part of me that is always looking to keep a record and I would say to these conspiracy minded people that everyone’s entitled to their perspective and their own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own reality."

Documentary Filmmaker Took Pictures of Cesar Sayoc’s Van – 10 Months Ago

T-Rav said...

Am I a bad person for having next to no interest in this story?

Most of it's just a preoccupation with work, but honestly, I haven't even bothered following it. Because why should I care? Assuming for the moment that these bombs were mailed by a right-wing Trump supporter, is it really supposed to upset me that much that after two years of Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) excusing and even legitimizing violence against Trump and those who voted for him, someone finally decided it was time those people had some skin in the game?

No sane person wanted to see this happen. But I'm not feeling a lot of sympathy for any of them.

Anonymous said...
This shows him as a Dem too. I do not know their source for that listing.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Hey, no argument here. I go to LinkedIn for all my personal info verification needs. If they say he's affiliated with the "Democrat Party" Party that's good enough for me, but until that guy is sitting in court and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner rolls out a projector screen with Sayoc's actual legitimate profile info, I don't think anyone can say for sure what political party he pretends to vote for.
And like I said before, maybe he bought all those Trump sticker memes five minutes before they busted him. It COULD happen. Coincidence,my friend. Happenstance! Lady Luck shits on us all eventually ;)
As for the voting thing, well why would they purge him from the voter rolls? He votes Red. He's one of us! If they let the Georgia gubernatorial candidate run a race and run the voter roll purges at the same time, they'll sure as hell give Fake Bomber PhD a chance to vote the Right way. Republicans don't like Latinos or ex-cons until they vote red. We gotta own that. As for the CNN delivery... Drones. He got drones to fly the package out to NYMFC. No postage necessary!
Don't discount the fake diversity Republican angle either. Someone's gotta be the first, after all. And while we're at it, where was Sayoc in May of 1982? These are important questions, sir! Questions that need answers!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Office of Elizabeth Warren reports receiving a suspicious package containing a smallpox contaminated blanket.

Opie Odd

Aesop said...

Nice, Opie.
I did it better three days ago.

Aesop said...

@DMV Gringo:
1) David Cypkin doesn't live where he says he lives; he lives 8 miles away from the parking lot in question. That's a long walk to take pictures of a "suspicious" van.
2) A Jewish documentary filmmaker would belong to which political party, if you had to guess?
3) Google Earth overheads and street views of the lat lon coordinates in question show no sign of Sayoc's van, and none of the vans in the street views in that entire parking lot have the sticker collection. It would be great if they confirmed Cypkin's story independently, but instead, they show no such van there on any of multiple days.
4) Metadata can be edited.
5) If the stickers have been there for "over a year", how did they magically resist the UV of a FL summer with zero fading?
6) So, how did the FBI know where Sayoc's van was, if he was living in it, and they suddenly had to find him within 24 hours, as hey did?
Did his FL vehicle registration say "the fourth palm tree from the right in Row Three at 3765 NE 207th St."?

I'll wait while you puzzle that last one out.

But all you've done is answer one question, and bring up five or more new questions.

dmv gringo said...

Critical thinking skills are not your enemy.
A blog with lots of visits does not a skilled and tactical strategist make.
And since you mentioned it, it's not a definite that he was living in his van (down by the river).
It was alluded to, given that his last known residential address was with his parents.
Most likely, he was shacking up with some
gay (male) stripper/s down in South Beach.

dmv gringo said...

Put aside the unending 'bomber' debate.
(Not Good)

Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting: Gunman 'opens fire at prayer service' leaving 'multiple dead'

T-Rav said...

Per The Other McCain, Sayoc is not on the Seminole tribal rolls, being in fact a Filipino; his felony rap sheet includes theft, battery, and making a bomb threat to Florida Power and Light over a disputed bill; periodically worked as a male stripper; and displayed chronic violent behavior from extended steroid use.

I have no idea if the guy's Democrat or Republican (regardless, not exactly your typical Trump supporter), but he certainly appears to be a registered Florida Man.

Anderson said...

His former employer in Hollywood, FL describes him as a Lefty.

dmv gringo said...

Televised State Media is not reporting yet.
Another livstream:

Anonymous said...

My apologies. I don't know how I missed yours.

Opie Odd

Robohobo said...

My question is: Doe this turn out to be the FBI setting another "terror" wannabe? They have been know to do it before.

It could have a few goals:
1. Rehab the FBI as a "serious" LEO bunch.
2. The FBI Deep State masters pulling strings, again.
3. Soros ProgTrolls setting up a false flag to affect the mid-terms.