Sunday, October 28, 2018


h/t Dianny

Well said. Quote of the Week.

CNN should try that, if only for the sheer novelty.

Sure, they'd have to fire about 110% of their on-air "talent" to do that, but that's the breaks, kids, and it isn't like there aren't 10,000 douchecanoes waiting in the wings to slide into those seats who could do even a marginally better job.


norwood said...

Other then looking pretty for the camera and reading off a teleprompter, what do these useful idiots actually do?

Lee Van Queef II said...

Nah, CNN shat the bed. In fact all of them shit all over the place 24/7.

God makes conservatives by letting Satan shit on man until man is drowning in it.

Then comes wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Jeff Smith said above. Just why is a person reading the news on television make them the all knowing - all seeing authority on what is right and wrong. The old news persons read the news and left out as much bias as possible. I miss that.

June J said...

On air “talent” is mostly doing what the executives, producers and,by extension, the owners want them to say/do. That the “talent” is in total agreement just makes it easier for everyone above them.
Not a single “on air talent “ would last an hour if they quit preaching the party lines.