Sunday, October 28, 2018

Foreign Policy Via Twitter

And the unspoken Other Shoe in that Tweet:
"Dear Mexico: You're next on my sh*t list!"

The standard responses I've seen are best summed up by Kenny's post titled
"F**k that, bomb 'em"".

Au contraire, that would be the worst thing to do, for a host of reasons.
And that's the wrong hammer, for a problem that's not a nail. Yet.

Let's don't get recockulous.

You don't fly 1000 miles away to bomb a refugee column, even if it's 98% military-aged male invaders. If we ever do that, it gets done when they're 20 miles away, not 1000 (and after the mid-term elections, if ever). This nonsense is just a sideshow to bigger things.

But if we decided to seize a one-mile-wide buffer 2000 miles long on their side, and invest it with troops while we build the wall, that would be reasonable.

Seizing all remittances to those countries automatically, as the fruit of illegal activity, and contributing to terrorism, would also stop this nonsense in about a heartbeat, fund the military action, and hit those countries where they live. In Mexico alone, it's some good fraction of their yearly GDP, and if it were gone, they'd be in open revolution in about a week.

It would also cost $0 to implement Monday morning.
Demanding Congress permanently outlaw the practice to those countries would similarly be reasonable.

Telling Mexico if they want that brand new trade treaty to stand they'd better end this nonsense is also correct.
If they want to see their food prices quadruple, all they need to do is ignore us.
Once again, that'd be the cue for open revolution in Mexico.

Which would make a military buffer both prudent and necessary.
It means we could then start rounding up illegals as enemy aliens, and deport them permanently over that wall, once and for all.

27 problems solved, by Friday next, at that point, and without bombing anyone or mostly without firing a single shot.

You play ball with the U.S., or you get the bat shoved up your tailpipe.

Mexico is about to learn that lesson, yet again.

But if they want a permanent DMZ-style border, forever, pushing them permanently into Central America, or else taking this as the last warning to fix Shitholia once and for all, and join North America, this idiocy is the right way to go about either outcome.

Which also ought to give ex-pat whiners like Fred Reed reason enough to go deep on tanning spray and tequila and get fluent in Spanish, or slink back to the country he currently lampoons from the safety of Rancho Gringo in Baja Turdistan.




Lee Van Queef II said...

The reason we have so many rat people invading Texas is because of Repubes. It's a given Demonicrats use them to destroy our State and Nation, but it's the "cheap labor" RINO filthy bastards that hire them then subsidize retarded whores like Yeb! to keep the law off of them, that kept the flood open.

Throw them in jail. Take their shit to build a wall. Stick their kids in an invasion force to take the reactors at Vera Cruz before the cartels contaminate half of Mexico. This is why I voted for Trump; Trump don't give a shit about stinkin RINOs and maybe he hates them as much as I do.

The only problem I see with invading Mestizoland is we have so many personnel still connected to that shithole in DOD there would be fratricide.

Solve that and I'm all in.

Anonymous said...

We should use that tunnel that was just discovered to send them back. Put them down the hole and threaten to shoot anyone trying to come back.

Anonymous said...

so when the pot hole on your commute can't be fixed for ages, just be happy know that Uncle Sugar is fixing one in Honduras, El Salvador and other #shitholes.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Someone's been reading their Kirsanow ;)
I agree with not falling into the idiocy trap of "Bomb 'em!"
What's probably going to happen is the caravans come to the border, ICE arrests them all for attempting to enter the US without the proper immigration documents leading to a perma-ban on them ever obtaining legal papers, and then we all go home and pop open a sweet cold cerveza. Why's everyone getting so worked up over nothing?

Aesop said...

The thing has already blown up; Reuters says 1/3 are staying in Mexico, and 1/3rd going back home. It's cratering before it even gets out of Oaxaca.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I'd be careful of embracing any kind of panacea "solutions"
...most tend to be little more than "Barbie band-aids"