Saturday, October 6, 2018

Monthly Checkup

Good News:

Ebola 2018 in the Congo is just "hanging out", with virtually the same number of active cases as two months ago. Yes, more deaths since mid-September, but not that many, and no blossoming, either of cases nor contacts, as per the previous normal.

IOW, local isolation and vaccination, and the experimental vaccine, are whipping this thing - in the areas they can get to.

Bad News:

They can't get everywhere, because the Usual Local Fucktards shooting the neighborhood up, so contacts can't be traced, clinics cannot be established, and people around the outbreaks cannot be vaccinated.

And there's the usual pre-literate jackhole superstition thing, demonstrating that all Africa needs to do to improve is to join the current century, which has only been true every day of the past 10,000 years.

So the outbreak isn't over either, instead hovering pretty much exactly where it was two months ago.

And every day it's not wiped out is another day a case could get to a big city, and blossom like a malignant tumor overnight.

Not good, but not threatening all life on earth either.

And last month's dire doom-and-gloomery from a couple of official jacktards wasn't helping. This outbreak is essentially contained, so far, but like a brushfire that isn't out, it might get put out, or it might experience a week of high winds, blossom into incandescence, and wipe out tens of thousands or millions.

So still a thing, but no more and no less than when we first reported on it in August.

For the time being, go on about your business, and don't worry about it. Just know it ain't completely over, and the fat lady hasn't even warmed up.


Allison said...

Keep an eye on Uganda

Aesop said...

Noted. Thanks for the input.

RDB said...

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it.