Sunday, October 14, 2018


From elsewhere in the blogosphere, regarding this post:
"Mr. Aesop you make a number of good points. What are your thoughts if the republicans put a stomping on the left next month and conversely if the democrats give the republicans a drubbing? My uninformed guess is that both alternatives will embolden the left."

My 2¢:

The Kavanaugh debacle cost the Dems any chance of taking the Senate this November.

Barring a financial meltdown, or the president in a kiddie porn video, Trump is re-elected in 2020 in a walkaway.

All that leaves is the House.

The conventional wisdom and polling data say the Dems are going to pick up 10 House seats for sure next month, but whether they can flip the majority (23+ seats) is still an open question.

If they do, it's all impeachment and investigation, all the time.
Which will almost certainly lose them the House again in 2020.
(And FWIW, I consider trying to undo 2016 by impeaching Pres. Trump, like trying to undo the 2nd Amendment, to be an actual revolution-inducing act, in a kill-them-all-and-let-God-sort-them-out way. And not metaphorically. YMMV.)

If they don't get the House in the mid-terms, they've already turned the crazy up to "11", and they have nowhere left to go there, except actual, regular, political violence. I expect them to do that, because
a) they're really that stupid
b) they have no other choice
c) they lack the common sense or insight to recognize the result of that course of action beforehand, and lack the self control among their idiot minions to stop it anyway even if they wanted to.

That will be an extinction event for them, because the Right will declare open season on them, and the Moderates will sit back and watch approvingly.

Because once you yell "Play ball!" on killing your political opponents as a viable course of action, Americans have a long and distinguished history of shoving that bat right up your ass. And then, going after your family for good measure.

And both sides know that after the first killing, all the rest are effectively free, so this promises to be a short but ugly spasm of violence. To start.

After that, any bets or prognostications enter a fogbank of epic proportions, because once you uncork that genie, things will get out of hand and we'll all be lucky to live through this, as Fred Thompson warned us.

That's it in a nutshell.

The Leftards have lost their minds.
Before they can regain their senses, you're going to have to get their attention first.
The only thing that will do that, amounts to large numbers (Antietam/Gettysburg-large, not 9/11-large) of them stacked up like cordwood, or hanging from lamp posts.

And those who receive exactly that will be the most confused and surprised at the sudden change of fortune.

But I think we've gone beyond the point where anything lesser will avail.

They don't have the sense to back off, and they have too much momentum to back down. Even if the lemmings at the front of the pack stop, the ones in the back will just slam into the herd until they all go over the cliff anyways.

Plan for that, but hope I'm totally wrong, and the Lefttards suddenly discover how to suck it up and deal with reality.

(Personally, if I miss this by a country mile - in a good way - I couldn't be happier.)

Your wild-ass guesses, no matter how outlandish, are welcome in Comments.
Zombies and space aliens are off limits, but pretty much anything else can be argued into play.

(Oh, the Masthead Title? Chinese curse: "May you live in ___________ _____.")


15Fixer said...

I saw a meme recently (FreeZoxee?) that said if you want to make a point with those anarchy chowderheads, the punishment they suffer cannot be small. Anything less than catastrophe of biblical proportions such that people still talk about it a thousand years later, would be a useless gesture. As they saay in Vegas, "go big or go home."

Domo said...

"c) the lack the common sense or insight to recognize the result of that course of action beforehand, and lack the self control among their idiot minions to stop it anyway even if they wanted to."

That's the problem with fanning extremism, someone can always out extreme you
Historically, its been hard to get the message out, newspaper, radio, tv, all controlled by someone specific who can turn access on and off, if you went off message, they shut you down.

But now, anyone can be a twitter/facebook/snapchat/istagram/youtibe baron, the "moderate" Dems couldnt save Joe Crowley, it wont cost them the 14th district, but voters in Montana and Utah, or even New York State, might decide they want nothing to do with that sort of Democrat party.

And the only way to get rid of Cortez, is to go even more extreme, or to suffer a defeat so extreme, even she loses her seat, a 100 year old fiefdom.

Divemedic said...

There are 33 Senate seats up for grabs. 23 of them are currently held by Dems, 8 by Republicans. Of the two remaining, one is Bernie Sanders. The other is Angus King of Maine. What this means is that the Dems will (at most) pick up two seats, giving them a 52 seat majority. That is not enough to remove Kavanaugh or Trump from office, which requires a 2/3 majority.

If the Dems lose, I see them losing it. There WILL be far more violence than we have yet seen. Right now, the violence on both sides is being carried out by extremists. Eventually, middle Americans will be pulled in. Once that happens, things will go pear shaped.

The second civil war will see police departments take sides. In some places (likle Portland) that will mean that they are with the left. CW2 will be a VERY bloody affair.

Aesop said...


You're kidding me, right?
*I* made that meme early Saturday morning, from a quote on Camp Of The Saints' website:

You're the first poster on the thread...

Eagles Dare said...

Aesop, et Al,

We (brothers and sisters of arms and minds in the Redoubt) appreciate the passion and fire of your perspectives.

Articulate verbal acid attacks to the opposition is still preferable until the
Armies of Dem Darkness go "London Style" and start tossing real acid in the faces of the brave Americans on the front lines.
See: Portland as the lead example when the street Satanists go after the Christian-Patriots behind the loving left-handed, dark winged arms of the Portland police.

Proud Boys and Girls to the front please.

The rant style is one that I prefer at this point. Roast them in their own rhetoric.

We are living in the twilight zone between the upcoming polar shift and death match of planetary Good vs. Evil.
Yea, it was the right thing to cue up the original Ghostbusters clip--
"Real Old Testament stuff, fire and brimstone,human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. Human sacrifice, indeed.

I would only take issue with your equating the protesting students of late 60's and 70's with the current crop of rainbow wuzzies brainwashed on the Marxist, Howard Zinn's version of American history and decades of toxic demonic culture via the big and little screens that surround our lives.

The image of the famous Kent State photo was off base with the overlaid comments by a significant measure.
Since I was hunkered down behind a Don Drum Cor-ten Steel sculpture 20 yards to the left of Jeffery Millers congealing blood pool on asphalt; I can speak in 1st person to that event and the subsequent events that preceded and followed that pivotal event.
I will do that in an article and send it out to any blogs that think it worthy of a guest blast from the past with pertinent points to the current gathering storm.

Stay vigilant, stock up, and train,


Aesop said...

The Dems won't be picking up Senate seats. Net, they probably lose Senate seats this year.

The House is another story.

Aesop said...


I won't refight the VN war with you.
Zero fucks given for draft-deferred college students in Ohio dying at the hands of the sons of connected folks who could get their kids into the ONG instead of an Army rifle company bound for RVN, while the college kids were protesting a war they knew nothing about, while my older brother was freshly back from sitting on some shithole firebase in I Corps sweating out sappers and incoming NVA rockets, and I watched my parents age visibly in front of the TV set each night for 13 long months.

You wanna protest The Man, and he brings guns and tells you to knock that shit right off, but you ignore it, what happens at that point is your tough luck.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

You have the right to peaceably assemble.
Once it's a riot, you're out of bounds, and the consequences entirely on your own head after that if you linger.
Bunch of pampered prima donnas tried to tear the country apart, and failed.
That it was by a bunch of scared guardsmen is tragic, and worse that the victims were largely passersby, not the mob leaders nor participants just emphasizes not to hang anywhere around stupid people doing stupid things, but oh well.
Same lesson as was learned in Boston circa 1770, IIRC.
If your ass isn't bulletproof, best not to fuck with armed (and scared) troops.

Shit getting real in Ohio in 1970 probably saved lives all around, and definitely increased the IQs of a lot of supposedly smart people.
And the best way not to get shot in a riot is not to be around one.
Mr. Bullet is not your friend once he leaves Mr. Muzzle if you're not holding the gun.

Popular Front said...

'.....interesting times'.

Eagles Dare said...

Hey Aesop,

There is no time to refight the Vietnam era war and the anti-war protest movement but there are still important lessons to be learned.
In reference to your response to the Kenny's comments regarding Bryan Burroughs book "The Days of Rage"; it does makes a lot of sense to read that book and others that gives you a more detailed look at the social-political-cultural war around the Vietnam war.
As we certainly lost not just the physical ground war (on purpose) but also the other previous mentioned "wars". The invisible wars from the Dark Invisible Empire.

Our current hovering at the edges of "Civil War II" plan is now being forced on the Americans is based on the foundations of this high treason and globalist master plan started in the late 40's. It is the same Communist stealth plan to take over the US and it is running with even the same 70's players now embedded in the highest levels of government (Bill Ayers, Bernadette Devlin, Killary Klinton, Eric Holder and young mocha apprentice Obama.....) and they are still using the Russian KGB plan and the street level playbook of Saul Alinsky. See Dave Hodges recent "Common Sense Show" blog for details.

The point is-- all of the US involved wars were engineered by the global-bank military industrial complex for profit and control of the world's resources and populations.
False flags and war rallying jingoism by the media have always been used to strategically push our "Patriot or Fear buttons". Gulf of Tonkin false flag to get us in Vietnam, the hype of CIA trained boogeyman Sadaam Hussein and the WMD's that were never there for gulf war 1 & 2, 9-11 false flag engineered by the secret rogue government,intelligence agencies,FBI and various other state bad actors for the war on terror that can never be defined or won and Patriot Act police state infrastructure of Homeland Security.
Now we are awaiting the next big or series of strategic false flags so that the Left can finally have their Final Solution to planetary totalitarian full spectrum dominance of the species by bringing down this country.
Why give them what they want?
Don't be fooled by the "staked Goats" of rainbow soy boys, dykes,and college kid Kommies. This is just to sucker the Americans into fighting the first wave of "useful idiots" they are just cannon fodder. The real actors are all hardened black ops pros working the shadows for the hidden agenda and making sure the patsies are in place with the proper cover story. See the recent NY Luciferian bomber ready to go full Leftist Jihad suicide bomber on election day on the DC Mall! His hope was to blame the Republicans because he believed the GOP were going to stage false flags to blame the Demon-crats. Expect more "true believer" leftist killer crap coming in waves, maybe to a town near you.
Also knowing that Marxist Communism and stealth Socialism is just a easy template to apply to the Technocracy of Hell. The big difference is that this effort unlike the 60-s/70's has trillions to work with and the NWO Pyramid of Planetary Power to work from at almost all levels of society.
Their veil of secrecy has been blown but the media and technocracy titans of Kali-fornia have been activated for world mute mode of the freedom loving humans.

We are all enemies of the state, why fight for it unless your life and your families lives are on the line. They are now. Fight against it. The war has come home.
Remember don't let the vampires convince you to let them in your house or your head.


RM said...

"May you live in interesting times." Not you Aesop, the Left though sadly we'll all be dragged along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

I'll try. It starts with cities mainly and lots of the same as what's happening in Portland, but with more actual violence and gunfire involved.

Cries for "Law and Order" will be heard from everywhere, National Guard called in. Martial Law in some cities at that point. Yes, that's even in cities where the mayor is a little waif, like Portland. They will be ORDERED to call in the National Guard by their governors. If the governors refuse, well, they've tangled with the Fed government before and that didn't go well for them (Brown v. Board, Faubus being overruled, Federalizing of the National Guard, etc.).

The MSM will attempt to blame the right even if it's Antifa shooting first in large numbers. Unfortunately for them, the MSM no longer controls the message, and Facebook, Twitter, and Google can't either. If Antifa shoots first (the most likely scenario), then ANY patience the American public has for the left goes away, and the Democrat party disappears with a whimper, with "moderate" Dems forming their own party.

If our side shoots first (unlikely and would be in self defense), then it's all on, and it won't stop until the left has been eradicated as the media starts REALLY pounding away on gun control, calling everyone racists, I mean like now, but x10. Piss off nearly every serviceman in the U.S., both current and former, and come at them with mace and a couple of times at the range. See how that goes, Antifa. Not well for you. The U.S. Government will realize that they've trained these people and have to back them, because history teaches us what happens when your own military turns on you (not pretty). Long, protracted, but the left will lose by attrition.

If Russia or China are stupid enough to stick their noses in and support Antifa, Martial Law nationwide will be immediately imposed and anyone disobeying curfew will be shot on sight. The government will then use all of their nifty data collection that they've done over the years and round up every single terrorist in the country - as Antifa and their types will be immediately CALLED terrorists and traitors and treated like such. Again - the left loses.

There is no scenario I see where the left can win here... they've overplayed their hand and they're becoming more stupid daily (if that's even possible). They've also pissed off the majority middle - the silent people going back and forth to work every day, living lawfully, etc. People wonder how Nixon got elected in the middle of the shitty Hippie times? That's how.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aesop;

Good post btw. My take will be that the Antifa and other of their kind will be given political cover by local mayors and some blue state governors. This will push the "Racist" and "Gun Control" angle and the average American will get tired of getting pushed into a corner and push back, rather violently. It will get really bad not so much at the 2018 midterms, but when Trump wins in 2020, the crying and gnashing of teeth will reach a crescendo and the temper tantrum will be truly epic, that will be when they will totally lose it and really start attacking their political opponents physically and people will start dying. I don't underestimate the Antifa, excluding the soyboys, and vegans and other fodder, there is the hardcore center that will bycyclelock people and assassinate people and political opponents of their ideology. They will justify it to themselves by calling us "Nazi's and they are the "Ubermench" and we are subhuman and deserve whatever bad things happen to us.

Goose said...

The first thing I would say is "be careful what you wish for as you might get it" in the sense of all of the genie in the bottle and the wishes stories that always have twisted endings. Second, as the general population in Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, Nola and other locations have learned. The police are likely not your friend if TSHTF (see Western Rifle Shooters blog)including your home town and guys you may know. Third, DJT has surrounded himself with military people both active and retired. So it is a safe bet he knows things I do not and the military will follow his directions at least in the short term. Even in the event of some general uprising the military has to continue to face outwards stopping the zombies from coming over their berm. lastly every guy driving a truck, running a train or maintaining a city anything remembers what happened to Reginol Denny in the Watts Riots and will stop going into danger zones. If the "troubles" occur in multiple cities over several weeks they will quickly come to collapse and FEMA will not be there as what they do only works with a generally co-operative populace and few locations. Not enough police, EMT, fire and guard to chase flash mobs who hit and run. At night the rats and ghouls will emerge. How long before the mob chases out the guard who will decide they do not wish to die for the Elites in their high rise buildings by facing the street savages.

So do not smile with glee as you lube your zombie stopper and hope that when the voting dust clears sanity prevails. That should not stop anyone from prep as what I think will not be anywhere close to what will actually happen.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Dystopias = cannibalism, not zombies. Conspiracies = space aliens, and of course JOOOS (Archquloids). CW2 against LARPing trannies requires neither.

What we require is Norm the Normie to get that special feeling that events might affect him and his kin. It can be subconscious like maybe connecting his teenage boy that's rubbing three or four out a day may get his life ruined by some Pod People cunt for staring at her tits too long or using the wrong pronoun with a ladyboy or dropping the word "nigger" with electing more Demonicrats. Belong to the NRA Normie? No more Los Angleworms city contracts for you.

Talking to you Normie. Wake up and wire your head and ass together.

Dan said...

Win or lose come November....and NEVER forget the GOP has to overcome a significant
"margin of cheat" to win EVERY seat in either house....the left has turned the crazy up to 11 and it's going to stay there. As long as Trump is in the White House they can't run amok doing what they want. Under the fence turtle Obozo they pretty much did what they wanted with or WITHOUT congressional approval. In those 8 short years they got used to having essentially complete control and few things are as addictive as POWER. So expect anything, everything and even things we might not be able to imagine to be on the table for the left in their efforts to retake complete control. And if they do succeed they aren't going to make the same mistake again of allowing a renegade like Trump to EVER threaten their hold on power. As John Milton opined " I (they) would rather rule in hell then serve in heaven. If they can't be in charge of America they will gladly demolish it ( as if their quest for socialism wouldn't accomplish that goal).

Anonymous said...

What about zombie space aliens?;)

Anonymous said...

The next presidential election will be Stormy Daniels vs. Oprah. It's just like that Olympic figure skating scandal. You have the dark-haired woman who is classy and fair-minded, and the light-haired woman who will do anything to anybody for attention. The elected officials don't control much, they're just PR agents. The national strategic policies of Nixon didn't differ materially from those of his predecessors Hoover, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, or LBJ.

When they're actually placed at risk, police departments take their own side. We didn't see them going house to house to impose additional gun registration in Connecticut in 2014 or California in 2018. What I actually expect to see during anything CW2-ish is the police union representative solemnly intoning grave doubts about the constitutionality of X, and they will respectfully wait on the sidelines until the supreme court anoints the winner.

Wxtwxtr said...

Anonymous - The MSM will attempt to blame the right ...

Wouldn't the first or second or especially third application of Rule 308 to any cameraman, newschopper or talking head drive them back to their studios to talk about the "riots" with no coverage or credibility? Isn't the much vaunted (movie) "courage" of reporters or "war correspondents" much overrated when they become the targets, instead of the anonymous soldiers they cover? Isn't one of the optimum war strategies to blind the enemy early and often?

MrGarabaldi: "... political cover by local mayors and some blue state governors..." Won't the first application of Rule 308 for blue mayors or governors scare them straight? And after all, they just want to be loved. Ironically, this is called "Clinton Rules" - it's okay to assassinate rulers. They can't afford, or have "presidential" protection.

Goose: "... flash mobs who hit and run..." Bracken has it covered.
Page down a dozen times to "A SAMPLE SNIPER AMBUSH SCENARIO"

George True said...

I am reminded of Gary Aldrich, whose career as a Secret Service agent spanned the Reagan, Bush 41, and WJ Clinton white houses. Prior to that he was a patrolman with the District of Columbia police department. Once when he was telling one of his fellow officers from his police dept days about all the degenerates that Clinton had brought into the white house, his friend said to him: "Gary, don't you recognize these people? They are literally the same people that were out there trying to kill us during the Vietnam anti-war riots. They shouted 'kill the pigs', meaning us. Now they are running the government."

These so-called Antifa thugs are the children and grand children of the people Gary Aldrich wrote about. They are Red Doper Diaper Babies. They have been steeped in Marxism for their entire lives. While the mob street violence is no doubt being orchestrated by professional agitators being funded by the likes of Soros et al, the mobsters themselves are their willing young Marxist foot soldiers. And until our government is willing to go scorched earth on the big players and the financiers and provocateurs behind the scenes, we will not get any of this under control, because there will be no shortage of zombie foot soldiers to do their bidding.

I am also reminded of what Bracken said about what should be done about the lying MSM, who are the de facto propaganda arm of this Marxist movement that is attempting to abolish our Republic: "If the media lies, the media dies. If you take a side, you are along for the ride". Rule 308, in living color, on live TV.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

"There is no scenario where the left can win here"

Heh. Hehe. Hahaha! Win? There are no winners when it comes to this. America has long since passed the time when it can Civil War in "peace" so to speak. The rest of the world is damn near done with us and if a shooting war descends upon our good country it will end with no more country. See Balkanization.
It may sound impossible, or at the very least improbable, but in it's old age, America can't really handle another big war on it's shores. Rome could handle a civil war in the time of Ceasar. By the time we get to Alaric, Rome in the West is no more. A crisis like the ones you describe will lead to the UN, backed by Russia and China, writing up a partition treaty and five new American nations being born. Impossible you say! America has weathered worse and besides, it's just a bit of house cleaning! The French felt the same way in 1792 and it took a Napoleon to get them to knock it off. We may not be so "lucky".

Anonymous said...

Hey Aesop,

How about this for a WAG?

In the 2018 elections, Democrats do not gain control of the House. What's more, enough Democrat incumbents lose Senate races that there are now 60 Republican (at least in name) Senators.

Left wing crazy will have to be recalibrated at that point. What has previously been thought of as "11" will be rescaled to "8" and we will then go to "10" on the new scale.

At least one Republican Senator will be targeted with a real assassination attempt before the end of 2019. Sending a "suspicious letter" to a Senator's residence in Bangor, Maine won't count - unless it blows up when opened and burns down the Senator's house.

I'd write more but I've depressed myself too much.

Opie Odd