Wednesday, October 17, 2018

1024: National Fake Ancestry Day

Boys and Girls, a week from today is October 24th.
I.e., 10/24.

And in honor of Sen. Eliabeth Warren's 1/1024 sort-of-mestizo non-Indian DNA, and of her standing as the fakest non-Indian to ever spin a line of malarkey, I hereby declare next Wednesday, 10/24

National Fake Ancestry Day

There have been many, many varieties of fake ancestry:
the Jewish extras in western movies in days of yore from the Schmohawk Tribe;
Iron Eyes Cody, a full-blooded Italian redskin;
Rachel Dolezal's fake black narrative:
and of course, we've all known millions of male lesbians: men who love women, but are trapped living in a man's body.

But they all pale(face) into obscurity compared to the current reigning Indian Princess from Taxachussetts, who hasn't learned the lesson of Mike Dukakis:

Voters don't elect dumbass pretenders from the Bay State as president anymore.

So next Wednesday, bring out the memes, and honor this unsurpassed fraud, who's not only lied her ass off, but is now trying to double and treble down on the lie, and thinks that it'll actually work for her.

To kick things off, I bring you:

You've got a week's time to make or find even better.
All entries will be judged, and first place winner receives a wooden nickel.
Second place is a wooden nickel autographed by Princess Fullabull.
Honest Injun.

Get out there and have fun with this.
Help me break the in her @$$.


A Texan said...

Chief Gray Beaver of the Fuckowie Tribe (as in "Where da fuckowie?).

Aesop said...

I have one ready in that vein too, but apparently I broke Imgur today, or maxxed out my playtime.

As soon as they cough up the bandwidth, I'll add it to the post.

Anonymous said...

I knew you wouldn't be able to contain yourself.
Is there a picture of Kevin Costner and Fauxcahontas together?

"Dances with morons"


Anonymous said...

Not sure where I saw it yesterday but "lyin'honky" is probably a contender

Anonymous said...

Aesop. you're on a roll today.


Popular Front said...

The whole Warren/Cherokee thing is truly laughable but the Dolezal woman is even better. I was not fooled for an instant; she has NO visible negroid features whatever and looks exactly what she is - a white woman with a bad perm. What I can't figure is why no genuine person of colour called her out about her claim. Was she like Mrs Cleaver in Airplane? "......excuse me stewardess, I speak jive".

FiftycalTX said...

Lieawatha, DNA proven 99.999% PURE WHITE CRACKER!

AuricTech Shipyards said...

What? No Taxagawea?

Anonymous said...

You'll get hit with a #MeSioux hashtag ... you have been warned! (or should that be Warrened?)

Phil B

Borepatch said...

Awesome. I'm in.