Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Government, Being Itself

h/t IOTW Report

IOW, being fascist fucktards who can't read the US Constitution.

If you plan to attend the Boo Bash in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park on Halloween, you can be a ghost, goblin, zombie, vampire or any other character that you wish, but you can’t be a clown.
City officials have banned clown costumes because they are too scary.
The annual Boo Bash is held at the city’s community center. The city’s public invitation invites people to “enjoy cider and donuts” at the trick-or-treating event. Kids are invited to wear their favorite costume, but the invitation says “clown costumes are not allowed.”
Newsflash, jackholes: If you're holding a public event, to which costumes are allowed for adults, you don't get to specify the ones you allow, any more than you can dictate what other forms of expression you'll allow at a public meeting. Shocking as it may seem to the D- student h.s. grads who tend to occupy government jobs coast to coast, even in MI, the First Amendment still applies, as it does in the other 57 states, courtesy of incorporation to the states under the Fourteenth Amendment. This means that when they f**k with someone who shows up as a clown, they will get a curb-stomping in court, and the taxpayers will get anally raped, if necessary all the way to SCOTUS, for the ensuing legal bills and civil damage award. Freedom of speech is like that. Welcome to America.

If I lived 2000 miles closer, I'd go dressed as Bozo, with the mayor's name across my shoulders, and sit back and wait for the scholarship and retirement fund to be fully funded, courtesy of both the ACLU and the city government. If 200 such individuals respond thusly, they have my full blessing. They're going to win a legal windfall over this.

Well played, sh*t-for-brains city government minions.


Anonymous said...

"Boo Bash? In Detroit? Sounds wacist.

The Gray Man said...

I would enjoy this article a lot more if I actually thought the people sitting in a conference room making these idiotic decisions were awake enough to realize just HOW idiotic it is. I mean, how much paper was printed making this decision? How many meetings was it discussed in? How many phone calls and inter-office emails? People actually went to their stuffed suit cubicle career and used brain power on this.

And if they realized the magnitude of that, I'd enjoy it more. But they don't. They probably think they saved the fucking world.