Thursday, October 25, 2018

Live From Bomb Central:

Dear Leftards:

You'll know when the Right sends bombs: they'll go off.

Love and kisses,

- the basket of Deplorables

Reality check:

It's the LEFT that's been almost every bomber, for over a century.
It's one of their favorite things.

Nominal right-wing bombers in the same era, you could pretty much count on your thumbs.


Sim1776 said...

We like death squads and helicopter rides...bombs are for sissies.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Norm the Normie, Joe Football Man!, Johnny Lunchpail and Suzy The Tattooed Walrus Mudshark even know plastic, sand filled fake bombs are fishy.

This is #1 on the Hit Parade of Retarded False Flags. It beats the "artist" painting nazi graffiti on a RNC office and waiting for his CNN interview to deny he did it.

It is Homer Simpson as a slip-and-fall artist.

It's desperation.

Anonymous said...

If this was a "real" bomb scare, the feds would have already found the perpetrator.
Instead, like the Vegas shooting, they're tripping over themselves trying to do nothing.
I just hope when the FBI lunabomber gets revealed, they don't try to display a white male Trump supporter stereotype. It would be funny as hell if Wasserman "I know nothing" Schultz had dirt under her fingernails.

elysianfield said...

Jim Kunstler in his bi-weekly blog gives evidence that it definitely was not the Russians who sent them;

"Their bombs work"

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

You got your wish. Suspect Mr. Sayoc is in custody. Florida man appears Latin in origin and Republican.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Well, you can't win 'em all. Latino Republican did the deed this time.

Aesop said...

Only proof of "Republican" was social media listing, changeable at will.
All the Trump stickers on his FL molester van are 5 minutes old, no sun-fade, and escaped getting his van torched by understanding libtards in Dade county.

Fake bombs, fake news, fake suspect, the latter supplied by Central Casting.

No sale.
Better luck next time.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Maybe he decided to stop by the Trump store five minutes before they got him. Who can say? The bombs may have been fake but his rap sheet certainly wasn't. He's fake bombed before, he'll fake bomb again!
Also, I think his voting record showed Republican in the last couple elections. Don't trust social media, but voting's usually a good indicator. Unless he fake voted! Layers upon layers, folks. Stay informed.

RandyGC said...

Where I live (and the many places I've lived over the years) the "voting record" is nothing more than what party you told the poll worker during the primaries. I don't believe any jurisdiction has records that matches your actual vote to your name.

I've been listed as several parties as well as non-partisan over the years depending on which party's primary had someone I really wanted to vote against. I've known people that registered with a party in order to blend in with the local prevailing sentiment and avoid confrontation and social unpleasantness.

StarNinja, you may be right. All I'm saying is that "his voting record showed Republican" doesn't mean what I think you meant.

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

You're probably right, my friend. Voting isn't a clear and simple thing in most parts of the country and the honor system makes as much sense as anything else at this point. Thanks for sharing.