Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Great News, Bad News

The Great News:

Thirty-five days out from the mid-terms, Gateway Pundit has issued this call:

Election 2018
Here is our prediction for the mid-terms:  Republicans will pick up at least 5 and possibly 6 or 7 or more seats in the Senate and Republicans will maintain leadership in the House.  Below is our support for this prediction.
TL;DR: Because Trump, bigly.


The Kavanaugh confirmation shenanigans are catalyzing this, as two senate candidates, including one sitting senator, have plummeted 10 points overnight with word they'd oppose President Trump's mud-smeared SCOTUS nominee. Not only are the Deplorables not buying the b.s., neither apparently is anyone else.

Well-played, Fineswine et al. Wiping yourselves out in the Senate would be a great way to go out.

It's just one prediction, and worth exactly what you paid for it, but it's encouraging.
We can only hope GP is as correct next month as they were in 2016.

The Bad News:

The forecast starting November 7th is for a deluge of Liberal Tears.
We're talking rain amounts closer to the Amazon rainforest than to Seattle.
Expect diaper-sagging amounts of pants-wetting, coupled with poo flinging, breath-holding, and full-on Wal-Mart toddler levels of public tantrums.


Getting another steel-toed boot right to the battery housing group is going to knock the bubbles on the Leftard bubbleheads so far out of whack they may never level out.

And two years is three lifetimes in politics, but at that point, the only thing that might stop a bigger win for Trump in 2020 would be an act of god.

So why Bad News?

These aren't adults we're working with on the other side (as they keep proving).

These are toddlers with car keys and iPhones.
They'll totally lose their shit.

In ways that are ugly, and far beyond just hilarious.

Or, they could all go to their safe rooms with a blankie, their teddy bear, and some JuicyJuice, and have a good thumb-sucking cry for a few months. No telling.

It also means the last gasp of a sea change in Congress will evaporate for the Deep State.

The worst thing to finish off is a cornered, wounded animal.
If Sessions gets eased out later this year in favor of someone who'll, y'know, actually do the gorram job of Attorney General, the next batch of subpoenas, indictments, and round-ups may go out along with the annual Christmas cards this year. 

Short of setting themselves on fire on live TV, I can't imagine what more CNN and MSNBC will do if a Red Tsunami comes to pass, but I can hope. The first can of high octane body wash is my treat. Because I'm a giver. And it would be worth it to see Sarah Sanders yank Jim Acosta's press pass, and give his seat to someone from The National Enquirer, and then tell Jake Tapper to tap out.

So if this isn't a normal mid-term, keep your rain gear handy.
Along with your kevlar, and a hard hat.

This might be just wishful thinking, and we'll get exactly the sh*tshow we've been expecting all along.

Stay frosty, and plan for all contingencies.

Including streamers, balloons, and cake.
There's always  room for cake.


Anonymous said...

My fear is an economic black swan event. The Drooling Masses would blame the party in power at the time, and not the weasels who actually brought it about. _revjen45

Aesop said...

Agreed, but if that rolls out the way I expect, who's in charge in DC at that point is the least of our worries.

Allen said...

I'm kind of stuck though. I can't imagine who the democrats will blame for their loss this time if it happens. Maybe collusion with the Norwegians. They sure won't find any fault with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the "blame" will be for several generations downstream to assess if we as a semi-country are so fortunate as to be able to last that long.
I'm thinking we're gonna see "Days of Rage" ( as in the excellent book ) to some extent if the leftards lose bigly as I pray, plan and work to make same happen. Stay frosty aye.
Gonna plan on some cake too but won't even begin to bake till the 9th. We do have some libations that can be opened before that though

Anonymous said...

The tears and stupidity of the Left. When I read this morning that Kavanaugh had decided not to teach at Harvard School of Law because of the students protests, I wondered if these students had read that pesky tenet somewhere in one of their books - INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY rang a bell. If these students are law students, their professors should be ashamed - they are doing a lousy job.

June J said...

I hope Gateway Pundit's predictions are correct.

It so, I predict some additional leftists are going to go over the edge and start pulling triggers on weapons pointed at any available targets on the right. I hope I'm wrong but when there are so many on the left calling for the death of those on the right, eventually one or more leftists are going to take up the call. When Mad Maxine called for getting in the faces of their opponents wherever encountered, people answered the call getting all frothy mouthed in restaurants, etc.
An additional slapdown on Nov 6 may very well push the unhindged leftists to move beyond screaming. Especially since they are already talking about employing "guerrilla tactics."

Badger said...

I think the former Emperor M'Bogo Obama channeled his American vernacular & called that "a shellacking" - so he can rest eternal (soon please) on something he got right that Skorzeny's pathfinders in the Ardennes didn't quite, in terms of Jargon-101 (the other efforts were mixed).

MMinWA said...

Seen this?


When you're already at 11, where do you go? When they start open warfare, what's gonna be the response? Anyone thinking these guys are all soyboys hasn't been paying attention. I'll tell you one thing, I'm not seeing many people on our side who think REgressives will be a pushover, taking batons to the head.

Popular Front said...

Down Here in Australia we are watching the buildup to your Mid-Term elections with keen interest. The consensus amongst conservatives here - of which I am one - is that your Democrats have really stepped waaaay over the line with their dirty tricks and are going to be punished for it - and hard.

Welcome Black Carter said...

"I'm kind of stuck though. I can't imagine who the democrats will blame for their loss this time if it happens. Maybe collusion with the Norwegians. They sure won't find any fault with themselves."

The Obama administration turned 1000 seats across this nation from blue to red. Democrats blamed it on "anti-incumbent sentiment". Let the excuses begin... I need a new video of Madcow crying.

T-Rav said...

I can't say I find Hoft's post that convincing, in and of itself. It strikes me more as "reasons why Republicans should win," rather than "reasons why Republicans will win."

I don't think he's totally off-base, though. All politics may be (usually) local, but when the NJ Senate race is a statistical tie, and Heitkamp in ND drops 10 points overnight, I think it's safe to conclude this Kavanaugh fiasco *may* have some GOP voters hacked off.

FWIW, the Right just won Quebec elections for the first time in 15 years. This ain't Canada, but if you want to see a trend happening....

George True said...

As if the Commies hadn't pushed things way too far with the Kavanaugh shit show, now they have decided it is entirely appropriate to accost right wing politicians and officials in restaurants. This will not end well.....for the Commies.

I have been praying to God that they try that in ANY restaurant where I happen to be dining out. I will absolutely not tolerate MY dining experience being affected by these morons. Before they can say George Soros, I will grab the nearest one by the scruff of the neck and give him/her the bum's rush to the nearest exit, being sure to open the door with his head. Then I will go back and do likewise with the next one, and the next one.....

I do not care all that much who they came there to harass or why. The point is, I will simply not put up with MY meal at said restaurant being disrupted.

Aesop said...

D'accord, mon ami.