Thursday, October 18, 2018

Vegas Shooting: Still Fishy As Hell

Over a year after the shooting by person or persons still unknown to the public killed and wounded more people than any firearms attack on American soil since the Civil War, and the BS and unanswered questions remain piled higher than the roof of the Mandalay Bay Resort:

"The intelligence report obtained by BLP, part of a series compiled by former high-level United States intelligence officers, confirms that Paddock was at his home in Mesquite when the noise complaints were made:
The report mentions this fact in passing. It mainly focuses on Google searches made from one of Paddock’s laptops that was in room 32-135 at the time.
Who specifically made the noise complaints remains a mystery.  
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has concluded that Paddock acted alone, and no information about guests in his suite has ever been released despite a bevy of evidence that there were multiple people there before, and potentially even during the shooting."
Yet again:

Paddock was a patsy, and was probably the first person shot, and before the subsequent volleys of gunfire raked the attendees at the concert grounds across the street.

If unknown persons were staying in the suite overnight, and making multiple noise complaints, at times when Paddock was 100 miles away, one would expect they were likely suspects in the shootings, and the reason he was found dead, rather than fairytales about his mysterious involvement in something he'd expressed no desire to accomplish, and his lack of resistance to the police entering the suite.

All of which, along with missing computer drives and such, is instantly unraveled by additional persons in the suite doing the shooting, as has always been suspected. But if you unveil that truth, the go-to made up fairytale story crumbles into dust.

And the FBI probably has an excellent idea of exactly who was involved, but it's either their own people, and their op gone sideways, or the CIAs (Paddock's "gf" was a listed FBI employee, a fact the FBI probably knew at the time of the shooting or within minutes afterwards), and is being smothered in the crib to avoid official embarrassment on the magnitude of the Fast & Furious scandal. 


Anonymous said...

"Industrial grade bullshit by the metric fuckton" AYE. Frank Drebin could not be reached for comment.
Folks (even myself) have had so many travesties to watch in the ensuing time that this has sorta dropped off the screen; thanks for the reminder. Merely ONE MORE (and admittedly HUGE) thing we've been lied to about - with no "truth" apparently forthcoming; except the truth we can surmise.
Boat Guy

RDB said...

I've read in 'reputable' sources that 400+ people were wounded. Not injured due to falls, trampling, or whatever, but actually wounded. I don't buy that for a second. This whole thing is rotten.

Aesop said...

Rethink what you "buy".
You're wrong, and one local hospital ER handled 200+ GSWs that night.

I have no interest in counter-factual narratives, from any source.

Anonymous said...

train observer police officer seen gunman in the window at +1 min. radio'd dispatch. two train observers on 31st floor radio'd dispatch they have confirm shots on 32nd floor. SWAT still staged down the block. one my local ER nurses and her husband were on the ground that night. i attended a local event where the staff on the ground at two LV trauma centers spoke about what happen, work and failed that night. I question it all when the sheriff is lie'n thru his teeth. good info:

Lee Van Queef II said...

Whether it was a Bolshie "mistake" or deliberately delivered makes no difference to the 58 KIA/851 WIA. Since the authorities are idiots, dupes, fellow travelers and psychotic murderers, we will never know the full conspiracy.

It also makes no difference to the message: the medium is the message. Of all the firearms and ammo in the room how many were staged and how many were actually used in the shooting?

Therefore the first of three message is reiteration of the demon "assault rifle" meme being too dangerous for Joe Citizen.

Second message was the victim demographic. Conservative white people are no longer safe.

Third message is the coverup: we can get away with it anytime, any place.

The shooters are probably decomposing in desert hole outside Las Vegas. Any orders were never written. Forensic evidence will come up a big fat zero or tossed.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be want to hide/protect something/someone. That is the only possible explanation to what we see and hear.

Anonymous said...


It's public information that the FBI did not turn over the firearms from the suite until April of this year to ATF (Long after they began the "bump-stock" ban/rule/etc.).

ATF was prevented from examining the firearms on site (ATF flew out tech branch personal overnight) the next morning by FBI.

FBI is hiding something....

Something like using a former IRS agent to launder millions of dirty money (ISIS Oil) for a member of Saudi Royal family.

The FBI, it's informant (who got nervous and sent his girlfriend outside conus)set up a impromptu gun show in the suite for the their trap not knowing that all along the Saudi Family had made them and their trap and wanted to send a message to the FBI: "Don't screw with the House of Saud".

The FBI had to bury the truth as the DOJ would be ultimately responsible for the death and carnage for staging a gun sting next to a concert venue with live ammo.

There is footage of this family member leaving the Mandalay Bay at street level, through the casino with his security detail.

Funny part is this was all discovered by accident while investigating why the government would ban a stupid range toy not used by any known criminals, police force, or military ever.

Now it makes sense why the FBI SAC was poised over the sheriff ready to pounce and acted like he did. The truth told at the moment it occurred would have lit a fuse of retribution not seen in a while.


"Could be Mistaken"

RDB said...

Rethink what you "buy".
You're wrong, and one local hospital ER handled 200+ GSWs that night.

I have no interest in counter-factual narratives, from any source.

I did not express my point clearly at all. I was reading your post and thinking to myself and not articulating. I am not calling BS on whether or not there were 400+ GSW victims in local hospitals that night. I was calling BS on the 'fact' that one man, apparently not well experienced with guns, no clear agenda, shot that many people from a high-rise window. Maybe he did do it all by himself, I'm skeptical.

Aesop said...

Fair enough.
I'm not skeptical that one man did it, I'm skeptical that the corpse at the scene did it.
And the only mystery about 600 GSWs for a couple of thousand rounds fired was how he managed to miss that crowd 1400 times. ;)

Paul said...

I think it is a cove up. To many "facts" don't align for the public story to be true.

Something happened and we are not supposed to know. but in 20 years we will when it starts to bug someone and they brag or make a clean breast of what they did here.

Deep State act 1.

Eskyman said...

When this outrage was fresh, and lots of videos were appearing from all kinds of sources, I downloaded & checked hundreds of them. I never could find a video that showed shots coming from the 32nd floor. OK, so that can be explained, but I haven't heard any explanation.

Of the measly few photos released of the crime scene room in the Mandalay Bay one showed an ordinary hammer, which media said was used to break out those storm windows; I don't accept that for a minute. Those windows are really tough to break, which is why we don't hear about losing gamblers breaking them & jumping to their death.

There are hundreds more discrepancies between what we've been able to know and what actually happened, and the truth may be out there- but I don't think we'll ever be allowed to know it. The coverup is deep, very deep! I do not doubt that a lot of innocent people got killed & wounded, though.

Like you Aesop, I'm extremely skeptical that Paddock was anything but a patsy.

Anonymous said...

Did Paddock have an FFL? Have any of you heard?

Greg said...

We can dig deep into this murderous event as with a dozen others that a farcical in their narrative, and get bogged down in the details. This is an intended part of the psy-op.

The details and even the events don't really matter anymore. The laser like focus must be on the destruction of the state, all it's institutions and all it's apparatchiks. It cannot be reformed, repaired or re-legitimized at this point. There is no voting your way out. God help us.

Robehr Orinsky said...

Just as in Ohio back in April 2016 when the whole Rhoden family was murdered and there have been no arrests or convictions . Deep state actors pressing their agenda to disarm the people . No clues ? No videos ? No suspects ? I fully expect that some poor mentally disabled kid to get the blame as soon as the authorities get him his free prescription of Xanax .

Delinquent Truth said...

Here's the thing, sports fans. The American/uname-it intelligence cooperative has established unequivocally that Americans are just do damn stupid and lazy to give a shit about their gov't or it's escapades in enslaving them by wrapping them in doughnut dough from birth to death. We, mostly we, have figured out that LHO did not kill JFK and was probably unaware of the plot. Since that day the ''intelligence'' community has literally run roughshod over the laws of the U.S. with NO kickback from the public.
All those draft protesters in the 60's were right all along. VN was a rich man's war to make them richer, PERIOD. It was a lie from the beginning and became such a successful lie that had it not been for the resistance in the U.S. that war might have reached the 17+year mark that the U.S. has gloriously achieved in the middle east. The doughnut dough is thicker and sweeter now and those same protester's grand kids are now the cannon fodder for the Izzy's and the NeoCons that have complete control of the U.S. GOV.COM
SgtMaj Canley's sacrifices and pain and all those who suffered in that ridiculous hellhole of VN did so for no reason...that's right NO GODDAMN REASON AT ALL except to make some rich bastard richer and it's no different now. 9/11 was a setup of the U.S. Israeli and Saudi gov't entities and cooperating individuals who made billions and trillions of tax dollars disappear!! and no body gives enough of a rat's ass to as much as hold a goddamn sign in front of the Fed Reserve stating: ''HERE ARE THE INSTIGATORS OF 9/11'' Y'all worship the goddamn police and military all you want but they will be the ones that stand a bunch of you against a wall and shoot you because some political commissar told them to............and they are just following orders.

Reg T said...

Did Peter Strzok have an alibi for that night?

Anonymous said...

Believe it was a setup by the demo-rats, for President Hillary, to usher in total gun confiscation. FBI, other left wing lunatics were involved. Somebody made sure Paddock didn't talk.

Anonymous said...

No question about it ...It Was Staged! America cannot be taken until the 2nd Amendment has been dismantled. Those who fear the Constitution, live in in the underworld of crime.
Beware of those Politicians.